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Getting the Emergency Fund actually Funded; Pondering Savings moves

May 26th, 2010 at 09:04 pm

Well today I opened a NEW savings account.

It is online and it is my Emergency Fund. It is for the first 3 months of Emergency. I plan to do the rest of it in CDs.

I guess there is some rule about transfering money from one Savings account to another, so I had to transfer the money from one savings account to my checking then once it clears, transfer it to the Emergency Fund Savings. (This could be faster but it is not because it is THREE seperate companys).

I was going to transfer the FULL 3 Months from the Savings account that feeds my Mortgage BUT there is a daily limit so I tranfered $4,580 and tomorrow I will transfer the remaining $2,000 to my checking. The remaining $500 came out of Checking which I used to open the account.

I left enough in my *pay the mortgage autodraft account* to pay the Mortgage through the end of August. Hopefully it will sell before that and then I can roll the remainder into CDs I am creating for the rest of my Emergency Fund. My thought is that I will need a place to temporarily hold the money from the sell of the house until I can open the CDs and that is what this saving account will serve as. If it does not sell prior to that then I will need to start putting money back into the account.

The CDs are going to be open with this company because there CDs pay higher then the other two.

The online account that my EF is in is earning .45 MORE than my Mortgage account is so that is why it will not be my Emergency Fund. I am sort of rethinking having my Slush fund through my Checking account Bank because that is really bad for interest, EF savings is 1.0 Higher. I might turn Mortgage Autopay into the slush fund later (once it is not longer being a Mortgage Autopay) then close the Slush Fund Savings.

The thing I have noticed is there is a limit to how much money you can transfer online each day and the CD's I want to create are larger than that amount SO It will take me 6 business days to transfer the money plus clearing time.

My Car Repair and Replacement Savings is with ING.
My Emergency Fund is with ING.
Both are more out of sight out of mind because car repairs are few and far between and the replacement is quite a few years off, and the EF well that is Emergency Only.

My Mortgage Autopay Savings is also the Bank I have my Credit Card through, that is why I am thinking that would make a better home for the slush fund. The Slush fund is for non-reguler expenses such as auto insurance and Car Tags which I tend to pay online using my Credit card so having the slush fund savings there would make paying the bill faster.
My Sons Braces account is at that same company BUT I am thinking maybe it is time to close the account there and open it at ING so it grows faster.

Well Tomorrow is another day....

One last note Spent $20. I registered for a 5K Run. My FIRST offical 5K Run. It is on Sept 18. I am pretty excited about it. I registered early so I could save on the registration fee. It goes up by $5 every month until Race and I registered online so I saved an additional $5. I get a Long Sleeve T shirt for finishing so basically I bought a $20 T Shirt that says "I ROCK" okay it does not actually say that I just think I rock for doing this!

A Pet??? Guinea Pig

May 25th, 2010 at 02:38 pm

My XH thinks I should get our son a pet, basically a gerbil or hamster as a pet so that he can have a snuggly friend and learn to take care of things.

Of course I am not happy about this because I think they stink, to which my XH says Not if you take care of them.

I actually think a guinea pig would be nice. I went online and did some research. I guess I have to look into the towns animal rescue and see if they have any. I do not want to buy a pet from a pet store when there are always pets that need to be rescued.

I have two issues #1 that they do cost money, I would rather spend the $ putting the money in the bank for savings goals (but in this case $ is BUYING love). And #2 I am not sure how long you can leave them alone for.

I think on the few weekends per year that I go out of town if I make sure the cage is cleaned BEFORE I leave town and if I put fresh water and food out that in the 24-48 hours I am gone it would be fine.

Now the issue comes up what if I have to go out of town for an extended period. I know every summer I end up going out of town for 1 week to 2 weeks. I am pretty sure that would be way too long to leave it alone even with water bottle and or some sort of automatic feeder.

Worst case is if I would have to go out of town for an extended period. Last spring I was told I was going to be out of town for 3 days and then the POOP hit the fan and I was out of town for 5 weeks. I just think a pet would be too much in addition to all the changes that are already going on in DS and my life already.

I live in a city that when you combine the city next to it there is a total population of 70,000 people. I am pretty sure there is NOT a company that will come into your house and clean your pets cage and water/feed your pet for you while you are out of town so that you dont have to board it. I am not sure if they even have boarding options for pets that are not cats/dogs.

Boarding = $$$ but if I am going to get a pet I have to make sure I am aware of this things as I will need to board from time to time.

I dont want to talk myself out of getting a guinea pig (male and neutered) Because I would love for my son to have a pet; he LOVES animals but on the other hand I think I am LAZY. I think I like to keep things as easy as possible, meaning if I have to go out of town I dont want to have to get a pet all set up at a sitters in additional to packing up my son and getting him all set up at the sitters in addition to getting the apartment all set so it can be left unoccupied for the time I am gone.

What would you do? Would I be a bad pet owner because I am woried about the care of the pet IF I get very short notice from work about an assignment? Would I be a bad pet owner because I am mentally adding up the cost of the special HAY, food pellets and fresh fruit and vegtables it would eat that would be added to our monthly budget?

Shopping this weekend! $$$

May 24th, 2010 at 05:08 pm

This weekend we went shopping for carpet.

Looking over the instock supplies; XH was set on a certain type and color of carpet the sales lady was suggesting which was $2.29 per SF. I had pointed out that I prefered a totally different type and a mixed color instead of solid one which was $1.19 per sf.

He was stuck on the carpet at $2.29, until we got the quote. $714. He wanted to go to another store or two and so we left and on the way out he said okay maybe we will go with the $1.19 per sf carpet. I truthfully had been hopeing to get the carpet installed and all for around $300 so the $1.19 per sf is much closer to that price than the $2.29 stuff.

I guess it helps that I have purchased carpet with my grandmother many times and know that the price per sf adds up fast!

This is the same place he went to to get the molding for the upstairs bath that he was charged $60 a piece for. Really!!

We had went to my prefered store next. XH and I met with someone and talked about our needs, he suggested not only instock but figured out how much carpet we would needed and suggested a remenet piece. Being XH was about price at this point we picked out an piece and when it was all done it was about $424.

I am not sure the exact price because XH paid for it. Which was nice that he paid since I purchased the replacement garbage disposal and paid the plumber to fixed the water line for the dishwasher the day after we had the countertops installed.

The nice thing is this guy was the real deal, he made sure to ask about all the add ons. We ended up going home and measuring doorways because we needed to fix the transition of the lamenet. Which by the way is $30 there per piece!

We ended up having to go back because XH missed measuring out the landing at the foot of the stairs and he said it was like a foot and I was sure it was more. When we got home the landing was closer to 2 feet. We ended up having to go with a larger piece of remnent but it was an easy process and the price different of going from 12 x 10 to 12 x 14.6 was actually only $29.00.

The first piece was a berbur, the second was a pile but not a cheap pile, the thin little curly q type pile. Actually the store had it in wierd diagnal cuts of different colors at the front of the store so it must be popular. I want to say it reminds me of a shag rug. Maybe it is shag carpet.

Anyway the carpet we got was almost identical to what we had except the type. The carpet on the stairs will be removed and the carpet will be laid down on the stairs and the hallway this friday.

Saturday evening I went shopping, I got propane for the gas grill. I am hopeing that we can grill more so that #1 we will not be using the stove inside (so kitchen stays clean). #2 we can cut back on the number of meals we are eatting out to minimize the mess to the kitchen.

I then went to Wal-Mart, I finally found some shorts. I went in hoping to buy another pair of jeans but they were out of my size and I could not find jean shorts that fit like I wanted. BUT I found workout shorts, I have been looking long and hard. I am picky about my workout shorts...I do not like them too short and I like them to look flattering but it seems like either they are tight like spandex or they are more relaxed and they ballon out below the thigh.

I found 7 pairs of capris that fit just like I wanted and they were on clearance from $11 to $5 each. I bought all seven pairs because when I find something that works I need to stock up and seven pairs is one weeks worth or shorts. I also got a Tank which was regular price $11 but Marked $5 but rang up $1.

Sunday I went shopping with DS I wanted to see if I could find more tanks, I had been looking at the $5 racks after trying it on in the fitting room and after getting home and looking at the reciept I realized I should have been looking at the $1 rack.

Sunday I bought a St. Joseph Statue, I bought DS three sets of shorts and tanks they were $7 each and I bought him a pair of flip flops $4, and a pair of canvas slip on shoes $1 clearance. I found myself another tank but it was $5.

DS might not really have needed the tank/short sets BUT I am not sure. I think his summer stuff is in the tote in his bedroom closet but I might have taken his summer stuff over to the storage unit. Either way the tank and shorts end up $3.50 per piece since they could be worn seperately so for that price it is not bad.

These were the last ones in his size, so If I would not have gotten them they would have been gone when I went back. He wears size 7 slim pants with adjustable waist BUT in shorts wears 4/5 (skinny waist). So I bought them and after I go through the tote in his room and IF he has a ton of clothes for summer I might return them.

So this weekend was alot of spending but not too bad, I did not buy furnature so $1500 less than I planned.


May 21st, 2010 at 03:04 pm

XH is going out of town next week, going to a week long outdoor concert thing. No big deal I work 8-4:30 amd I have after school care already. The only glitche is that on the 28th there is no school so no afterschool care.

I have desided to take the day off work. So I will be using a day of leave. Oh well easiest fix AND little sweet heart and I get to spend the FIRST day of his summer vacation together yea.

Well today I was on Facebook and I noticed XH had a post for a memorial walk on that he had said he was doing. I am thinking in my head he really needs to start watching his calender.

I posted below it, a question on if HIS employer was going to let him do it during work hours (which since it was a memorial for a few coworkers they very well could). I continued with a comment saying I thought you were going to BLANK which basically means he would be out of town during the walk. So I texted him and asked the hours he had to work that weekend, and he said yep no walk, and so I had to ask again what his hours were and His answer was "I dont know". So a third time I asked what are your hours I want to schedule daycare.

So I asked if he wanted to take him to his buddies house or if he wanted me to ask my cousin or our other daycare lady (which days again he deleted her number out of his phone saying "dont need THAT number anymore"). His answer was to say DS does not like to stay at his friends house. Truthfully I dont like when XH takes him there BUT I just suggested it because it might be easier for him and cheaper. I told him once I got a yes I would tell him who, location and projected cost at pickup.

See I will be out of town, when XH can pick DS up. We need daycare from 8am-4:30p on Friday then Sat 8am until XH picks him up either LATE Sunday or first thing Monday. So I figure worest case it is 3 days or $180. Yeah XH is going to LOVE that. Oh well I am not home so he will have to pay for daycare.

I say worst case because if something changes I might just need to have DS stay overnight Friday so I dont have to drop off early Saturday. Plus XH will not give me time to what LATE means so if DS is with Sitter we have to pay until the time I reserved which would be until 7:30am Monday.

I hope he remembers his checkbook when he goes to pick him up, even with reminders the last time he needed to pay a daycare provider (out of joint checking) he forgot to bring the checkbook and had to turn around half way there to go get it.

Oh well even IF I end up having to repay XH for the Daycare bill it is less than I normally pay for a month (as long as he does not skip town prior to the end of the month).

Bought Rugs and Flowers

May 20th, 2010 at 03:55 pm

Last Night I bought two rugs...

7.5 feet by 9.5 feet was $62.00
5 feet by 8 feet was $50.00

The large one is now upstairs, we are going to be moving the loveseat and automan from the basement onto it and then making a little reading/lounging area. The LARGE rug brings out the size of the room. I guess the realtor told XH we needed a rug with a bold design to draw people to the rug but I was not told that and I got one that has a pattern but it is a solid color. The Rug is huge, so it draws the eye, and brings out the size of the room while still reducing the vastness of the laminent floors.

The second rug is a very nice pattern and it is downstairs infront of the sliding door. I would have loved it if I could have gotten it in a bigger size but the huge rugs were either solid or they had one multicolor which I actually thought looked Cheap so I went with the solid.

I moved the rugs that were in front of the washer/dryer and the sliding door and put them in the hall. So I dont need to buy any more rugs!

So Saturday we will just move furnature and order carpet for that stairs and the hallway. Much Cheaper than buying a livingroom set.
I bought flowers....$56.00

I planted voilas infront of the front steps, then DS picked out two planters for the front steps.

The planters have a Large pink/redish garanimum in them and some drappy blue flowers. They are really nice (he has a thing for garanimums), I dont like garagniums but I do like this planter setting. They came with nice sqaure pots that are a complementary color for the house and were only $8 each.

I then bought 4 pink lilies that were starting to open, and 3 purple lisper (I think that is what they are called). I alternated them in front of the front windows, so now the blooming flowers are in front and the tiger lilies that are returning from last year which are not popping flowers up yet are behind it adding a little green.

I worked some more on the rock boarder, XH plans to take DS fishing Saturday after the carpet is ordered. I plan to work tonight, tomorrow night and then finish the rock border on Saturday. It will be alot of work BUT I want to finish so I can post a picture on here so you can see the improvements.

I also want to shampoo the carpet on saturday, we have another open house on Sunday.

Had an unoffical showing last night. An older couple was crusing around while I was working on the flowers and they asked about the house. I think they were scoping out the site for the open house this Sunday. I offered to let them look and I walked them through. They liked the house and his wife LOVED our kitchen but we dont have a upstairs laundry.

I need to take some measurements. I know our washer and dryer can be stacked and could be installed in our master walk-in. (The closet is right over the mechanical room, and it could be vented out through the attich, but that would cut down on Master Bedroom closet space.
Option #2 would be putting it in the closet off the entry. I have to measure but I think the closet could be slightly extended out into the entry. Or the closet could be deepend by extending the closet by doing a little add on.

Of course option #1 would be by far the cheapest. Plus the house as tons of closets plus the storage in the basement so I think the small loss of space by putting an additional stacked washer/dryer in the master closet would be minimal. Also if it was an smaller washer/dryer on the main floor (the regular on the basement for big stuff or visitors) I think it could work.

I will definately take some measurements and get some quotes so that we could put that out as an option IF we keep getting the older couples that want laundry on the main floor.

The Saturday shopping adds up more....

May 19th, 2010 at 05:16 pm

So now we have another open house this Sunday, so besides the rug I had planned to purchase to cover the floor in the upstairs family room, I was told I should purchase a rug for the downstairs floor and a runner for the hallway until we put down the carpet.

I am thinking of taking the rug in front of the basement sliding door and putting that back up stairs into the entry way walkway. I was thinking since I had two that match that I could put in the hallway downstairs BUT I think we need one long Heavy runner. We will see once I take some measurements and see what I can find that is HEAVY!

I really do not want to buy a ton of rugs since I will not need them one we move. My realtor has one we could barrow BUT I am I would prefer not too since if it does get messed up (showings are while we are gone) then I would feel required to replace it. I am not sure the retail but I would prefer buying something in my price range.

So far Saturday is:
Couch $597
Chair $398
Automan $272
Rug 8 x 10 or larger
Rug 8 x 10 or larger
Large Runner ??? (for hallway) or a small runner (infront of washer/dryer) take current w/d rug to pair with matching one in front of sliding door place in hallway

Carpet (for stairs and hallway plus installation)

Then since we have a showing sunday but carpet will not be fixed I need to shampoo carpet before Sunday.

Wish I could pass some of these expenses onto XH But of course he has NO money, he NEEDs to look for a job so that if the house does not sell before school starts he can still put down on a down payment of course he is not thinking about that. Not sure why I am worrying about it. If he is not willing to get a job now he will have to make due. If we have to buy three rugs to sell our house he should buy atleast one. Maybe he can use it in his new apartment. I will think about having him buy one.

The floors are clean but still have a few streaks...$$$$

May 18th, 2010 at 07:07 pm

so the cleaning lady suggested we buy an area rug and put a chair up in the living room upstairs so that people will not just be staring at the floor instead they will be seeing the chair/rug and visualizing the space.

I am going to go a step farther since I dont want them thinking we just slapped down a rug to cover a defeat (which we are not doing). So Saturday after we get the carpet ordered for the stairs and hallway we are going to the furnature store.

I will be buying a new couch, chair with automan and a rug for the upstairs livingroom. After we sell the house if it will not all fit in my new apartment livingroom, I plan to put the chair and automan in my bedroom as a reading relaxing space just for me.

The couch is apartment sized so A. it will fit in my new apartment and B. it will make the house livingroom look Larger since the size is scaled back. I might even move one of the bookcases upstairs so that I can put some books up in the livingroom then I will have a reading area since I do not want to put a TV up there. If we had a flat screen that would be one story but I am not going to purchase that since I am a no TV person and XH cant buy the flatscreen he wants UNTIL the house sells and he wants to go BIG.

I got all three of the non-flat screen TVs in the divorce which I plan to sell two of them in a rummage sale leaving the third for DVDs and Wii, So I will not buy a flat screen TV just to sell this house. The Livingroom upstairs can be a reading area which will be staged so they can see that they will have room for a tv if they wanted.

The never ending to do list $$$$

May 18th, 2010 at 02:31 pm

Talked to the realtor yesterday about the results of the open house this weekend.

The result - the realtor is sending her cleaning lady over to clean our floors. Everyone keeps saying the floors are dirty. Well I clean them it is just when the sun hits the floors they look streaky and dusty. Whatever, the cleaning lady is going to clean them and if they are unstreaky XH is suppose to ask what product she used on the floor and where she purchased it so we can start using that product.

Guess my swiffer wetjet is going to have to go away for now since it leaves streaks that bother others. Truthfully the streaks used to bug XH too but I have enough to deal with keeping the house going without worring about streaky floors that are just going to be walked over when DS and XH walk through with their shoes on to get a drink of water.

They also complained that the carpet on the stairs is dirty. We have desided just to replace it and then to carpet the basment hallway. We have lamentent in the hallway BUT due to code the basement floor slopes for drainage and of course the low spot is down the center of the hallway so unless we put a subfloor down the lament in the hall tends to give as you walk down it (since the middle of the hall is lower than the sides). People were starting to think structural issues when it is a code thing and well we should have put a subfloor down in the hall but at this point since people are complaining about the streaky lament we are going to carpet the hallway. Better to just put carpet down and fix the issue then pay for an inspector $$ to come in say oh they need a subfloor and it is good. Then still have to either put a subfloor down $$ or put an allowance for them hire someone to do it $$.

So this weekend we have to go look at carpet and arrange for a installation date. We also have to find out IF they put the floor molding back on after they are done or if we have to put it back on and just put it the correct height from the floor. Then we have to remove the carpet from the stairs and remove the lament from the hallway.

XH said to me that if the house does not sell in two weeks that he wants to go down in price and gave me a price....I hope he realizes what the list price he stated would actually bring in after the realtor fee and the deck allowance.

The funny thing is I am sure we will not have a offer in the next two weeks as we still need to finish the rock border, Mow the grass and weed and feed, stain the front porch, paint the upstairs walls, fill trim wood holes, and order and have the carpet installed, and XH is not doing any of that at this time....He is currently out Fishing with his buddy.

Another BIG issue we are having is that there is one house in the cul-de-sac that looks bad. The house is PAINTED a faded baby blue color and the rest of the cul-de-sac is nautrals in either vinyl or steal siding. They also have a ton of vehicles in there driveway, and they have at least two trailers (horse or motorcycle like transport type) parked on the grass to the side of the house and in the back yard. They have a blazer parked on the grass in the front yard. They do daycare so there are alot of cars coming and going to that house and because they are super busy their yard looks kind of Wild, they have a flower bed upfront of there house near the front sidewalk that is laid out like a vegtable garden.

Their yard just looks trashy and tacky....Sadly I think it is going to cost us some money to entice someone to overlook the eyesore.

Another Showing....

May 13th, 2010 at 07:51 pm

Really hoping it goes well, but I think it is going to Tank. I just feel bad telling people from Out of town that sorry the house is not presentable yet.

The house is kind of messy since tonight I need to pack to go out of town and we are in the process of painting. The paper and plastic is still hanging on the walls and the light covers are OFF of the wall XH painted today.

Yeah sounds bad, XH left the paper up for me to take down once the paint on the paper and tape was dry. Well after he left the house he got a call asking if someone could view it.

I hope at least he bothered to put away the dirty laundry....Oh gosh I think the laundry I was going to wash for the trip is hanging out in the upstairs hallway waiting for me to do something with. I doubt he put the stuff away since he left the house Before the call.

Also I need to email the realtor new pictures of the house since she has not been able to come out to take them, I also noticed the website is still listing our basement as having a 3/4 bath in the basement instead of a full and the allowance for the deck is not listed.

I think we should just unlist our house for a week or so until we are done with the painting and cleaning and yard work BUT then again Maybe someone could over look that stuff.


I want an offer so bad!

House price drop...Sort of; and house work

May 12th, 2010 at 01:44 pm

So yesterday XH painted the stairwell and the banister. There are only two days left until we leave town for his work thing so once I mentioned that to him he realized today he has to do a bit more painting today then he got done yesterday.

The good news is the new paint in the stairwell and banster REALLY make the house look so much cleaner. We still have to paint more areas but I am hoping getting the really smuggy spots done will help with the (It needs to be cleaned comments). We had all the stuff me needed to do except for threee rolls of paper and we barrowed a painting paper roller from a coworker so the painting job so far has only cost $12. And IF we dont use all the rolls any unopenned rolls of paper can be returned.


Talked to the realtor last night, she hasn't heard back from the realtor who looked at our house on Saturday yet so I am thinking that means they are not going to be making an offer on the house. Knew we probubly should not have showed it before the stairwell got painted BUT they lived out of state.

The realtor called around and got three quotes on what a deck would cost, 2 said 4k one said 6k. Which is in line with what we had gotten for quotes back when we were looking to add a deck. So we went middle of the road and have now included a 5K allowance for the buyer to build a deck with. So technically the price has not gone down for the buyer but because 5K of the purchase price is being held for them to buy a deck with our profit went down by 5k.

Part of me would like to just pay for the deck and enjoy it now that summer is almost here until the house sells; BUT I dont want to spend 4K and then the buyer not like the deck because they would have chosen a different stain or composite decking or a much larger deck instead.


I am working on the rock border, yesterday I got the front of the house by the front door done, and I got the side of the garage done. Tonight I will be working on the side of the house by the front door. That way if you are in the front yard everywhere you see the rock border will be done. My back is so sore, but oh well Tonight is that last night I have to work on it because tomorrow night is the road trip.


Tonight is Subway so that I can keep working on the rock border and not stop to deal with dinner....$7.17.

On a kiddo note, since we have three bathrooms in our house I staged the two upstairs and cleaned them superwell and the towels are pinned in place so that they are perfect. I figure we can use the downstairs one and then that is two less things I need to be cleaning daily to keep the house show worthy. We told Little Love of my Life to only use the main bathroom IF it was an Emergency and he could not get to the bathroom down stairs.

Well last night as I am working in the rock garden what does he do? He calls me to come quick I need to look at the bathroom, After asking him a bunch of questions to figure out the EMERGENCY, I go inside. In the process of trying to get cleaned up enough to enter the house, I get MUD tracks all over the newly cleaned rugs by the front door. So I go to the bathroom and the Emergency is......... He has made me a smiley face out of WET Toliet Paper and put it on the Mirror in the Show Bathroom!

I also noticed this morning that he got the NEW bathroom rugs dirty in the process of making the smiley face because he did not take off his shoes before entering the house like I asked.

I am ready to sell the house so I can laugh and appreciate stuff like this instead of just thinking about the mess made.

I just opened my slush fund. It is a goal savings so the amount of my slush fund will automatically get transfer from checking into the slush fund. This is for those bills/events that are once or twice a year. It is with my brick and morter bank that has my checking account so as needed I can transfer the funds from savings to the checking account.

I would like to open a seperate savings account with ING for my car repair/replacement stuff but I am going to wait a few days to see if I can get one of the $25 bonus referal links. My car rarely goes into the shop for repairs and the replacement is a while off so I want to get higher interest on it and the three day transfer time is not a biggy.

I am Divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 11th, 2010 at 03:38 pm

Have been waiting for the paperwork and desided to check the public records for the state.

On the afternoon of the 4th I turned the signed documents into my lawyer she was out of the office and would mail them on the 5th.

On the 6th of May the documents were filed and on the 7th of May the judgement/order was entered and the case was closed!!!!!!

So now I just have to wait for the stamped/filed documents so I can make some changes to insurance and that kind of thing BUT. It is done!!!

Start to finish it could have taken a week IF I would have had my act together.

Yesterday MY EX HUSBAND, heheheheh; found out that there was a mistake with his school housing and now instead of the $500 rate he is going to have to rent an apartment. He thought he was getting his own room but sharing a commons cooking/living area. Found out when he was filling out the housing forms that he would have been sharing a room. I suppose that is unexceptable for a 41 year old male. So now as soon as the house sells he is going to be moving so he can get an apartment lined up asap. Which of course means I am left figuring out daycare for this summer. It is too late for the school program BUT I think that everything will work out. Maybe Little guy is meant to switch day care provider now, It is sometimes easier to keep what you have BUT there is a different program that is more expensive than I am paying now BUT I think I like that it is more flexable and I believe it would be available for no school days.

Who knows maybe we will not sell the house until right before school starts or not until next summer and I will not have to worry about summer school. (XH cant move until house sells or school starts because he doesn't he needs the proceeds or financial aid to pay for housing).

So tired of house business....

May 10th, 2010 at 02:50 pm

I took three days off last week so I could clean the house. I cleaned quite a bit but of course there is still more to do. I am wondering IF we should just move out so the house can be completely clean, and all I would have to do is once a week go over and touch up clean and mow the grass. The problem would be that it would be empty looking.

We need to get the following done ASAP.
#1. Paint the upper level.
#2. Clean the rocks in the driveway and move them to the rock border.
#3. Clean/Clear out garage.
#4. Fill Nail holes in the trim in basement.
#5. Clean clutter off entertainment center.

I was extremely frustrated because STBX was home the whole time last week that I took off from work and did not do anything to assist me. He was on facebook playing bejeweled blitz or watching movies. Sadly on Wednesday I thought we got our divorce papers BUT it was just the copies of everything that was prepared and a copy of the letter they sent to the court requesting it be filed and a copy of the final papers be returned to the lawyers office.

STBX did not go to work Friday because he was SO worked up about everything going on in his life and that the house is taking so long to sell he had to go see a pyschotrist. Then of course he got done with seeing her and instead of going to work he went to the BAR to relax. So I spent all night cleaning for the showing the next morning.

The next morning he woke me up at 745 am in a rage because I throw away his netflick envelope (Because I thought it was trash). That day he was driving 105 miles out of town to help a old friend move. So instead of making progress on the things that need to be addressed to sell our house he is just doing nothing and complaining.

Our realtor said people were saying our house was overpriced for not having a deck, and after doing some listing searches I think we are going to have to come down AND add an allowance for the deck. I think we are going to have to come down to the price I originally had in my mind to list it at.

I want the house sold so I can stop spending HOURS cleaning and keeping it clean. Every weekend I spend more time trying to get to look more clean, more organized. I am ready to relax.

My only complaint is that STBX is not paying anything towards any of the house bills, or repairs. So if I and my little boy move out so that the house stays cleaner then I am paying rent AND a house payment.

Even though STBX said he would watch DS this summer he is talking of moving in with a friend and staying on his couch (after house sells but before school starts). So not sure how that is going to work for daycare, I am going to need to work that out. Plus part of me is thinking maybe if STBX moved out now the house would stay cleaner as it is his stuff in the livingroom that is a cluttered mess.

Hopefully things will improve soon.

Basement Pictures...Help

May 4th, 2010 at 03:26 pm

Okay here is the last photos of the listing.

They are the basement and backyard photos.

Family Room:

Yard Photo:

The yard is greener now, Yesterday I tested the sprinkler system and I programed the system. I am thinking though since we are retaking photos on friday I MIGHT go in and add another program to it so it is watering EVERY day until then so it greens up faster.

Yes this is all the photos of the basement even though there is a storage room behind the door you see to right of the TV, a Large Laundry Room a full bathroom and two bedrooms on this level.

If you were house looking would you want more photos or would that be photo overkill?

What do you suggest?

Inside Pictures....Please Comment on ways to improve

May 4th, 2010 at 03:08 pm

This is the blurb from the ad...Skip to the bottom is that kind of thing does not interest you, but if you have questions about the pictures or lack of photos for some feature please refer to the listing.

NO SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS - SELLER PAID IN FULL!!! Keep your monthly payments lower! Ranch style home 2x6 const. built in 2006 in a quiet cul-de-sac with walkout lower level. 3 car heated garage, insulated, sheetrocked, hot & cold water & floor drain. This spacious home features an open floor plan with a large kitchen & oak cabinets. There is a total of three ovens (gas range with oven plus double wall ovens). The dining area has a patio sliding door to the large backyard with sprinkler system. Enjoy the hardwood laminate flooring & numerous recessed lights throughout this home. There are four bedrooms & three bathrooms including a master suite with private bathroom & walk-in closet. The lower level is totally finished with insulated walls, 6 panel solid oak doors, a large laundry room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, family room & rec room. All of the bedrooms & garage are wired for internet, phone, cable plus a wireless router. There is a high efficiency furnace w/ central air & humidifier.

*** I desided to list them by level so due to photo number limits****


*** I have since cleaned all clutter off of counters except the Kitchenaid Mixture in the corner and the countertops are being replaced.


Livingroom (two pictures I guess to picture size)

Master bedroom

* Yes those totes of clothes are still there and NEED to be taken care of before new pictures friday.

This is the main floor, bottom floor pictures to follow. Do you have any staging ideas or cleaning suggestions, also what do you feel about the lack of photos of walkin closet or bathroom for the master or lack of photos for the second bedroom and main bathroom. If you were a buyer would you want to see these things?

Thank you for all your help.