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Budget - Expenses - SAVINGS???

Mortgage $664.12 per month 4.25% interest rate (refi July 2010)
House Ins $671.15 per YEAR
House Tax $2,900 per YEAR

Electric/Gas (Only one Provider available)
Water/Waste (Only one Provider available)
One Cell Phone Straight Talk -Prepaid $30 per month
Cable Internet $40.23 per month

Medical No Premium
Dental $12.69 per month
Afterschool Care $165 per month / Was Dropped by provider (no longer picking up from son's school)
Next available provider for short-term $182 per month

Car No Payment
Car Tags $66.00 per YEAR
Car Insurance $213 per 6 Months

Life Insurance $400K $29.00 per month (Work)
Life Insurance $250K $32.48 per month


I am making a list of where my money goes so I can reference it and figure out where I am cut back to save more money.