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Retirement Plan

TSP Max 16,500 per year - Currently on Target
Roth IRA Max 5,000 per year - []
House Paid Off (need to reduce 16 years) - []

My Retirement plan is to continue to fully fund my TSP which is like a 401K. If I do not see the money it is so much easier not to spend it, so I always fund this first even though people suggest Roth IRA first if there is no company match. The TSP is for when I am age 65+

I need to start funding my Roth IRA, this is for money need age 48 to 65 above what my pension brings in.

The Pension I need to make no change to, the only condition is I need to keep working Fulltime until 2024.

House Paid off, I will pay off my house Sept 2040 if I make NO extra payments. This is age 64. I would like to have this paid off prior to age 48. Which means cutting 16 years or approx $72,000 in principle from the loan.

*** I plan to retire at the age of 48, to make this happen I must have my mortgage paid off. If the house is not paid off I will have to find a different job as at age 48 (forced retirement) and I will have to continue to defer my retirement until I have paid off my mortgage.****