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Weekend Spending, bills plan.

April 11th, 2011 at 06:42 am

This weekend was good. I only spent $10 on daycare, we were let out a little early Friday Night because of whatever reason the class/speaker we were having could not make it, so they cut friday night early, so that if we had to add the briefing in on Saturday or Sunday those days did not seem so long.

I am ALWAYS beat after a Friday-Saturday-Sunday drill. I spent the evenings of Saturday and Sunday falling asleep AKA taking naps.

On Friday I filled gas, $40.02. But Saturday and Sunday were no spend days.

This weekend we were issued our tough boxes. As far as I know this box will be going directly from here to the final deployment destination so I am thinking long and hard about what to put in it.

I am planning on just leaving it at work (it fits in my office) and slowly bring stuff to work to fill it. The box is too big for my car, so if I take it home I need to coordinate how to get it home then once it is filled coordinate how to get it back to work, SOOO it is staying here and I will fill it as I figure out what I can live without until I get to the final destination.

So far I have 9 months worth of SOME toliterys inside. I got the toliteries free or cheap when I used to CVS shop so I took then stuff out of the boxes and bags and put them into gallon zip lock bags (less air and extra waterproof layer). I have the space since I don't plan on bringing stuff like Video games etc.

I figure that 9 months is a good amount, that way I am not packing more than I will use but I am packing enough that I will not be spending money on that kind of stuff right from the beginning. If I do not already have the tolietry items at home (purchased free or cheap) I will make sure I have one of the item in my hygiene bag and a spare in one of my duffles (incase the one in my hygiene kit gets lost or stolen) and I will just buy what I need as I go.

This weekend we had our supply showdown, and our Admin Records Review. There is two new forms for the family care plan. Now to make sure I can explain to my Ex-husband the forms so he signs them without giving me much lip.

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