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April 4th Spending

April 5th, 2011 at 06:44 am

I stopped at my diet center. I want to complete a detox because I have been having major sugar and salt cravings. The detox will also help me jump start my diet. I need to lose weight prior to 26 May.

I spent $25 on a bottle of detox and this will last for 5 (3day) detoxes. I also purchased a $25 bottle of appetite appeaser this will also last for 5 (3 day) detoxes. I normally use slimquick when I diet BUT when I detox I don't want to MIX products so I use the diet aid from the same product line.

Spent $54 diet after tax.

I wanted to buy some bannanas to mix into the protein shakes I have been eatting for breakfast. But I realized if I am going to be detoxing for the next three days it can wait until BF gets back to buy groceries. The bannana is mainly to cut down on the taste. I purchased some meal replacement shake powder, and I did not realize they were vanilla creme. I dislike the creme taste. So I have been mixing two different protein meal replacement products to reduce the creme taste. It has been working and a quarter of a bannana will totally wipe out the lingering taste without adding too many calories to my diet.

Monthly Spending:
Diet Aids: $54
DS Allowance $5
BF Trip Cash $5
Groceries $19.60
Medicine $8.23
Deployment Expenses $11.00
Easter Baskets $64.20


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