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Are you Average? I am not!

October 5th, 2010 at 06:14 am

I was listening to the John Tesh Radio Show on the way to work. He said the Average person spends $9,000 a year on their car not including their car loan payment. The topic went on to talk about ways to reduce that including car pooling and taking public transportation.

I spend about $2,175 per year

Insurance 112-124 per 6 months = 250 year
Gas 75-80 per month rounded to 100 = 1200 per year
Car Tabs 65 = 65
Oil change 40 x 3times per year = 120
Wiper Blades 40 = 40
Repairs/maintenance 500 = 500

I put 500 in for repairs/maintenance because it seems like every 2 years I have a repair. This year it was new tires and everything flushed because my car hit 120K miles. That cost $830 with Oil change factored in. Two years ago I needed body work after I had a small fender bender which left me needing $1,200 in work. So every two years or so I need 1000 with or work which averages to $500. I do not have to replace my wiper blades EVERY year but it seems like it and with the High Volume of Snow we get here, I tend to buy and put on top of the line wipers.

I live in a area that I am lucky enough that I do not pay toils, I do not pay for parking, I have gotten 2 speeding tickets in my life (knock on wood) the first one was $25, the second was $40. I am trying to think of other car expenses which might drive up the cost of car usage for others but so far none apply to my situation.

So I am $6,825 below average.
Then to top it off I bet I am below average in the fact that I drive a car without a loan.

5 Responses to “Are you Average? I am not!”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yeow. The average is scary. Big Grin

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    $1200 gas + $800 insurance + $200 license/tags + $500 repairs/maintenance = $2700.00. This is the newest car I have ever owned, so more insurance, and ironically, repairs have averaged a bit more. Eats more gas. More taxes/fees. I've gotten by most years spending much less on my car.

    No loan payments, though maybe saving up $1k per year for a replacement car.

    What the heck do people spend $9k on? I can't even imagine.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    I spend less than $500 per year on rental cars, plus about $1000 to $1200 on bus passes. Oh and maybe $100 per year on cabs. So max, $1800 on transportation!

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    Wow! I was going to say I didn't think I wanted to see the numbers, but I just did a quick calculation based on 1 tank of gas @ 35.00 per week = 1820.00 annual. Yes, what ARE they spending that kind of money on?? I drive a lot more miles than the average person.

  5. baselle Says:

    9K? Wow. I spend 0K on cars, so I'm rolling in dough.

    I heard a interesting statistic on the sidewalk yesterday. A friend mentioned that Seattle was getting some 80% of its general fund money from parking tickets. Now that seems a bit high, but if you get parking tickets, that's a car related expense. Smile

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