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Home > 5.4 pounds down since Friday AM 32.8 to go!!!

5.4 pounds down since Friday AM 32.8 to go!!!

April 27th, 2010 at 10:15 am

Okay realistically I dont know if I will get down to 143. I technically need to get to 149 in order to avoid being taped to see if I am under 34% body fat.

2008 July I was about 150-155 pounds and toned (lots of swimming) I would like to be there again. I have until Dec 5th to make this happen. Once this happens I an extending my Job contract for 6 years.

Yep Job security for me and my son for 6 years, So worth a little discomfort now. I have been good and drinking 10-11 glasses of water a day, taking my diet pills and counting calories.

I have desided I am going to bite the bullet and buy more benefiber drink mix (keeps me full) even though I have some raspberry tea flavor at home. The raspberry tea flavor makes me gag. The cost of it as as a diet aid is worth it when you consider it is helping me keep a 50K job a year in a 18K a year average area. Just wish I could find my coupon file since I am sure I had some benefiber coupons in there.

House Update
Door is to be installed tonight. Countertops sometime this week (the counter is at the store with the install team - just need install team to call to set up a time).

Laywer - no news yet.


Three days until payday. Need to balance the checkbook. Bought my son some jeans on clearance that I need to return to the store. They are "Rocker" style AKA basically skinny cut jeans for men. I figured they would not be bad as he normally wears slim jeans. HA the butt looks like he is wearing a diaper and the tightness in the legs/length looks like he should be a host on that show "Q--- eye for the straight guy".

Oh well I am hopeing to get a trip into Once upon a child so I can see if I can get him some bigger jeans. It is hard finding him SALE/Clearance/Used jeans because he needs an adjustable waist (needs a belt because he is super skinny; but cant wear a belt due to medical issues) and he wears slims while Short and HUSKY is the standard wear I live. If he wears nonslim jeans the waist does not get tight enough with the adjustable waist and when he jumps etc the jeans fall down to his shoes.

Have a great day!!

2 Responses to “5.4 pounds down since Friday AM 32.8 to go!!!”

  1. A Concerned Lurker Says:

    Dumb question, but what kind of job checks you for body fat... and offers a 6 year guarantee??? I'm shocked by this!

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    It is a contract which I am promising to work for them for the time stipulated. The Contract has a weight/fitness requirement in it.

    I am not going to spell out exactly what the job is to keep my profile a bit more private, but I am sure if you read past entries you would be able to figure it out.

    I just find in my line of work there are supporters and there are HATERS, So I try to minimize that by not coming right out with it.

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