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Going to look into Weight Loss Surgery

April 8th, 2010 at 09:55 am

After reading a post another blogger said about Tricare paying for liposuction, I did a little research.

Generally in most cases tricare will deny the surgery BUT not always. So I am desided to put that on my to do list! I want to see IF they will pay for it. If not then I will pay for it myself.

I make 50,312.04 per year and basically when I do my taxes I get all my money back so my net take home is VERY good for my area. Average Salery here 15K-18K.

I need to get down to 34% and stay there, in the past I have paid 3K+ to join a weight loss center and I did lose the weight but after I got tired of popping all the pills and monthly detoxafing fasts the weight came back. The weight was off for a year (while husband was out of state for work- but when he got back the weight came back). I was popping 24 fiber pills, a multivitamin, 3 evening primrose oil pills, 2 calcium, 2 cleanse, 2 detox, 6 appitite supressors, and 3 cell-u-rid. I just cant do it, tooooo many pills.

I want to get lipo to my inner thighs, my tummy, and outer thighs. This is where my weight problems are. Even when I was at 143 pounds and skinny I still had fat on my upper inner thighs I did not like. If I get lipo to these areas I can pass the tape test. My waist is fine (averages between 26-29 inches), so need to tackle the lower half which exercise does not always target one area.

I am not sure how much it will cost BUT if it means I pass tape and can extend for 6 more years that is 201,248.16+ in income over the 6 year contrat I would have gotten because I got it done!!

Tuesday seems to be a good day for me, maybe I should plan it for Tuesday!

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