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Two projects done....4? to go

September 6th, 2011 at 01:25 pm

Today the Sprinkler guy came to fix the head that popped up from the ground. He also (main reason) fixed the cut line from the post hole auger. He also adjusted some heads so they were not hitting the fence. $60

This afternoon the AC/furnace guy came. He blew out the AC drain, put some gel tab thingys in and poured water down drain. He also let some Freeon out ( I guess we had a bit too much in). Hopefully those things fixed the leak. He could not find a reason for the leak so it could have been the tooo much freeon which was causing the coils to freeze then thaw and when thawing leaking under the unit. Waiting on the bill. I did ask him to please rush the bill since I was leaving in two weeks. Some times it takes them a while to bill.

I am still on hold for someone to come out and fix the window.

I have a dentist appointment for DS tomorrow after school.

I have my car going into the shop for a bunch of little things on Friday, so I took that day off.

I then have a Doctors appointment for DS on Monday the 12th.

I think that is all of my to do list. Sadly not wanting to see the bills from all these projects but no choice since I do not have a magic pay the bills fairy.

Tomorrow my stuff will be loaded into the conex and I will be done with my deployment stuff.

Tonight I plan to mow the grass, BF did not do it this weekend and I forgot my grass stained yardwork shoes at work so I did not do it. I wanted to do it since BF is going to have to do it every week once I am gone. Not sure why BF did not do it this weekend BUT I think he is starting to be bummed out that it is getting close to time for me to leave.

DS is getting a bit more hyper, not sure if it is because I am leaving or the fact that we have TV again. I saw a decrease in his hyperness when I disconnected the TV years ago. Then I saw another decrease in hyperness when BF moved in. I hope it is just DS's way of reacting to my soon departure. That way once I am gone he can calm down. My cousins have even MORE cable channels than we do, so I am hoping it is not the cable.

Getting it done = spending money, but getting deals

June 15th, 2011 at 07:15 am

I am working on getting my to do list done.

The day before yesterday I ordered new glasses. I was going to just order new lenses for my glasses so I could save money on the frames since the frames I have have clip on sunglasses and they are $225.

Well as part of my Total Medical Exam this weekend we were seen by a eye doctor. The military will order us one decent pair of regualar glasses, one pair that is ugly AKA the Birth Control Glasses, and the inserts for our gas mask.

The eye doctor gave me a copy of my prescription with PD so I could get the lenses in my glasses replaced (scratched during Annual Training) by my normal doctor with out having to sit through an exam.

After much thought, I took that prescription and went to zennioptical.com and ordered three pair of glasses with the extra cost anti-glare coating and the total cost was half of what I normally pay for just one pair of glasses IF I go with their budget package.

The cost to replace the lenses in my glasses would be about $80 because I always get sucked into the these special lens material is thinner, and this coating will help with scratching and glare sales talk. I have learned the reason I do not like my decent military normal glasses is they do not polish the edges and at my doctors office that is an extra $10. So it gets spendy, at least when I am sitting in front of a computer I can think of what I really need without the polite BUT hard sell.

I figure if I do not like the glasses I bought, it is NO big deal, I will wear them on my deployment then when I get home go back to my doctor. BUT I think I will be happy, my cousin has used them and she was extremely happy with them. I bought three pairs and after shipping they cost $13.55, $16.55, and $19.55.

I even saw on their website a pair I almost bought a year ago....I might go back for them next year they would cost $35 if I only bought one pair of glasses. The shipping in a flat rate. At my doctors office I think the frame only price of those same glasses was $175.00 which is a huge markup.


I also ordered my kindle. They were having a 20% sale on the covers for fathers day along with free two day shipping. I was going to order the cover but then I thought maybe I do not really need it so that saved me $40 and the free two day shipping means I will get it tomorrow, just in time to start sorting my books and download a few free games, right before I report for another couple flood duty overnight shifts.

I Got my Passport.....Okay I got my photo for my passport taken yesterday and turned in my application and paid my fee. So my March Goal is MET!!!!!

I was really thinking of not getting one but at drill we were given the high pressure sales pitch. Seems the passport makes it easier to travel even if your are traveling as a group of military Soldiers.

BUT the point of the sales pitch when I said OKAY was when they said there was a chance we would get a 4 day pass on the way to our final destination and we possibly have a chance of having a Greece mini-vacation. So I got my passport!

I saved $10 on my passport because I went to our work photograph studio and had them take my photo. My son was not impressed with my photo because the lens of one of my glasses produced a glare. LOL, he is so funny.


I then went shopping, I returned two items and then I bought medicine. Dayquil, NiteQuil, Pain Releaver, Alergy Meds etc. I either had a coupon for my name brand product, or I bought generic. I do not want to go to sick call for every little ache and pain so I am making myself a portable medicine bag. I am slowly adding to my kit as I think of products I want.

I need to find a bag that will hold full size shampoo and conditioner bottles, etc. I want one bag for shower items and then I will have my med bag for hanging in my locker.

Today is payday, so I need to balance my checkbook and see where to move money around to.

Decluttering Weekend

May 31st, 2011 at 07:24 am

This weekend was productive, besides catching up on some much need sleep, I got some cleaning done.

I cleaned the basement family room. It still needs a bit of work (It should only take 15 minutes but realistically it WILL TAKE ME 1 hour because paper sorting takes me longer than it should) but it is a vast improvement. I got 5 boxes and two bags of things ready to go to the thrift store. Half is in my garage, stacked by my car. I had it in the trunk but then we had to go get groceries. I took it out and I don't plan to put it back in until I am ready to drop it off. I don't want to waste the gas.

I just need to record two boxes of stuff into the excell document, I wrote it down on a piece of paper for the time being. But the table that the stuff was piled up on is now 90% cleared so it is so nice. The remaining stuff is papers I need to go through.

I also super spring cleaned my sons bathroom. So I am proud that I got that off my to do list.

I bought two blankets at Kohl's to take with on my deployment; they were on clearance for $3.99 and I had a 15% coupon plus I got $10 Kohl's cash to use later because I spent just over $50. I purchased shoes for my son in addition to the blankets.

Part of the cleanup at the house was rolling the comforter and sheets that I took with to Annual Training so I could repack them into the tuff box I have at my office. I also took some other stuff from the house to pack into my tuff box. So slowly I am getting the things I will take on my deployment out of my house and packed up. :0)

I also washed the Master Bedroom Bedding, I then packed it and put it into a vaccum seal space bag (So it would take up less room) but mostly so it would not get all full of doggy hair before I need it next. It is a cold spring or summer here, Kinda wish I had only packed away one blanket BUT I have other blankets that we can use on the bed until it gets tooo hot for blankets.

My goal for this week is to continue boxing up stuff for the thrift store and clearing out the storage room. The storage room needs to be cleared out and then organized. I need to go through the stuff with an open mind and donate stuff I will not use, Toss stuff that is not donate-able and organize all things I want to keep.

My daily declutter plan.

April 14th, 2011 at 07:01 am

Okay first I spent ALOT of money yesterday.

I purchased:
A blower/Vac for the yard 97.00
A large bag of Fertilizer with Crabgrass preventer 53.94
Garlic Bread $1.34 (reduced to quick sale)
Giant Pet Lint Roller 4.98

Total Spent $166.62

I tried to borrow a blower BUT no one I know has one, and since I still have a 7 foot high snow bank on half my boulivard I will need it more than once. Anyway it is one of those things I need every spring so it was time to just suck it up and buy it.

The Fertilizer is a need, it has to have crab grass preventer in it because that is my BIG yard issue. I also sprang for the Scotts brand because it is not suppose to burn the grass, and it is suppose to be timed release. BUT truthfully the main reason in addition to the above reasons, I spent a little more on the scotts over the generic was because the Scotts is suppose to be pet/child safe as soon as the dust settles where as the others NOT SO MUCH.

The declutter plan, I cleared a bunch of things out of my garage and put them on the sidewalk for spring cleanup week on friday. Wonder how much of it will be gone by the time I get home tonight? Anyway it took up alot of room in my garage. It was stuff I was going to put in my garage sale for super cheap. I just wanted a little money, but I decided not to have a yard sale.

It is amazing how mentally tough it is to see clutter and hold onto clutter in the hopes to make a few bucks. Yes I might have made a few bucks at a rummage sale, but with all the things that are out of my control in my life right now, I want the control of discarding those things and getting my garage to a point where I can start organizing it.

I want to have a yard sale but I just am not going to have the time (My days are pretty busy with extra training to prep for the deployment) Plus I want to spend time with my son, not spend time preping for a sale and hosting a sale, and I really want to start on the process of getting my garage user friendly. It was so functional until I moved that stuff into the garage so it was out of the way until the garage sale. But it seems like when I have a garage sale the garage and house gets MORE messy before it gets cleaner because I am moving stuff around to make shopping easier and in my case I am moving all flat surfaces (desks, end tables, coffee table, etc) to the garage to put stuff on because I don't have enough tables.

The stuff I put onto the curb was not good enough for the thrift store to be willing to pick up, and I am not going to store it in my garage for weeks in the hope someone sees the $5 ad and wants it. There are still three items in the garage, two items I will post online, the third I will be adding to the pile outside. I always put the stuff outside a few days before spring cleanup because once I do that it frees up space in my mind (mental to do list) and I start to remember other things that can go.

Anyway.....I have a plan. Starting Yesterday Everyday I want to declutter atleast one item. I have approx 160 days left until I deploy so that is 160 items I would declutter out of my house before I leave.

I will count items I throw away, and I will count things I donate. The things I throw away I get credit right away for, the things I donate I only get credit for them when they are recorded onto my donation spread sheet and placed neatly in a box to go to the drop off point. I will donate the stuff IF I have it recorded on the excell sheet. The big push is to get it on the excell sheet. Usually once I get about 3 or 4 boxes of stuff onto the spreadsheet I get in a hurry to donate it to clear the space.

If I am taking stuff to resale I do not get credit for it until I actually take it into the store. The reason for this is because I tend to sometimes put those things in my car and then it takes me a few days to actually take the things in.

I also have another thing, I have things at my home that are going to deploy with me, such as sheets etc. If it is a deployment item I get credit for getting it out of my house IF it is an item that is going into my tough box. And then I only get credit for it once it is in neatly packed into the tough box.

Yesterday I took some items into my favorite childrens resale shop. I made $10 then realized that they are still taking out of season stuff and so I took another bag of items in and got another $17. So Yesterday was a big day of decluttering.

Expensive Monday.

September 29th, 2010 at 07:04 am

Monday Sept 27, 2010 was a no school day, so I took off work so I would not have to figure out daycare for my son. I did a few errands.

I needed an over due oil change on my car, also I knew a few other things were going to need to be done because they were mentioned at my last oil change. I dont know what happened this time, normally I get an oil change every 5,000 miles but I could not seem to make time and well I was actually closer to 10,000 miles this time, oops.

My car is now at a little over 120,000 miles.

So basically my car NEEDED everything flushed, it also had 6 burnt out light bulbs including one in the window break-light. I also needed new tires as the old ones were over 60,000 miles and one was showing the wear bar, the other three might have had another 5,000 miles on them BUT With Winter coming up it was easier just to do EVERYTHING at one time and be done and only have to leave my car at the service place for one day (four hours) instead of for hours each time I desided to do a service.

When all was done, including taking my car through the car wash. I had spent $830.00. But the good news is that everything should be good for another 60,000 miles. I figured out yesterday that my car is just over 11 years old and so I am averaging about 10,000 miles per year. So I should have another 6 years until I have another big service bill like this.

It is getting close to Christmas, My son asked if we were going to leave Santa Milk and Cookies this year in the car on the way to school. I told him we would leave Santa a glass and he could fill it with whatever beverage he wanted since leaving milk out until he gets there is not good since it should be left in the fridge. Santa knows he can help himself. I also said yep we should probubly pick up cookies as last year leaving him Brownies was kind of a flop.

I wonder what brought it on, but I did ask some leading questions. I did not want him thinking that just because his father was not here this year that we would not be celebrating Christmas or that Santa would not be coming. Last year his father was not home for Christmas and so we had a very small low key Christmas. This Christmas being it is just us we are going to have to figure out some new traditions. I want non-present traditions (My son is too young to shop alone and We have no one that can help him shop for me even if I gave him money to spend).

Buy Low Sell High.

September 10th, 2010 at 08:18 am

That is the principle involved with the stock market, so why do I have such a hard time doing this. Right now we are low, so I should be buying buying buying. But no I look at my statement and see the price went down again and instead of being happy about the reduced price so I can buy more shares I feel like I am throwing good money after bad.

I am looking at the returns on the investments and wonder how long it will be until the stock market starts showing good returns again. Dave Ramsey uses a 12% average return for a lot of his compound interest calculations and instead I see the market with 5% currently.

I have not been following Dave Ramsey s advice to the letter and so yesterday I made a commitment. I am going to start following his advice. You see I was saving saving saving for retirement but a call weeks ago from a financial evaluator got me thinking. I should really get to a point where I am investing my money and not all of it into retirement based accounts (401K and Roth IRA s). Her point was I should be fully funding the Roth IRA before my 401K since I donít get a match and other reasons (which yes that is true). But it is a head game. Just like Dave Ramsey says pay the smallest balance because you need to see progress, instead of going in order of interest rate. I like being backwards and funding my 401K first before my Roth because I fear if I was not getting it pulled first I would not be dedicated and put it towards my Roth I would pay bills (Mortgage or something) instead .

Right now my and I am sure others also retirement accounts are making around 4-5% per 12 month period. My Mortgage is 4.35% so I have reduced my retirement account savings and am going to start paying down my mortgage. If I reduce my retirement saving to 15% of my income that leaves me money to apply to My NEW PLAN.

A review of Dave Ramsey s Baby steps I am sitting as follows:
#1 Baby step 1K Emergency Fund: DONE
#2 Baby Step Pay off all Debt with the debt snowball: I have a revolving CC bill but I am going to Pay it in Full with my next paycheck and just call it done. I will still use my CC for things such as my online purchases but I think I am going to pay my CC bill in Full once a week. That way I stay ahead of the CC bill but at the same time I am using it for the CC rewards.
#3 Baby step 3 to 6 months Emergency Fund: I have 3 months DONE and will have an extra 1 month bills in my checkbook thanks to the NEW plan step 1. I have a secure job and if things change I will address the issue but for now the 3 month EF is fine.
#4 Baby Step invest 15% of income into Roth IRAs and Pre-retirement accounts: DONE I was currently doing above and beyond this. I have reduced this to apply to new plan.
#5 Baby Step College Fund: I saved a little for my son BUT I am calling this DONE. I have an option that I just have to wait out. I will be able to provide my son with a pretty nice option BUT it either requires some contract rewriting or an out of country work location. I have 11 years for one of these to happen so I am not stressing.
#6 Baby Step Pay off Home Early: Main New Plan issue
#7 Baby Step Build Wealth and give (I was already doing this by the extra retirement savings but the bad side was that it was restricted to retirement so adjusting this in new plan.

My thinking, the only blip on the horizon for my pay is in Dec. So this is my new plan:
#1. Save one month expenses in checkbook (so that the auto-funded payments and savings can continue even if for some reason my paycheck(s) are late in December).
#2. Take the extra money that I have each month and thanks to the reduction in retirement savings and apply it to my Mortgage (BS#6) this will mean paying off my house mortgage No Later than Sept 2019. I would really like to make this happen in 6 years BUT nine years is not bad, I think I will do better once some of my bills are able to be reduced. I currently am waiting out a cell phone contract which will free up some money for the next two years. 2 years from now I will need to add another line. But in two years my daycare expenses will drop and I will only need the weekend work sitter not the afterschool care. Then in 5 years my weekend daycare will end and I will only have out of town daycare needs. Also I for some reason always have a tax refund; I have not been able to modify my withholding to minimize this but each year I get better, so extra Tax Return will be applied. Finally my income usually increases by about 2% or more each Jan 1st. So I am aiming for 9 years but think I can do it in much less.
#3. Once the house is paid in full I will apply the extra money to: (for 6 Years)
Maxing the 401K (16,500x6=99,000)
Maxing the Roth IRA (5,000x6=30,000)
Purchasing non-retirement investments (stock portfolio) ????
Building a Deck for my PIF house. ???

I love the idea of a paid in full house because then 14 years from now when I start to pull my pension I very well could live just off my pension until I can start pulling out of my Roth Ira and then my 401K. The money I pull out of my retirement accounts I want to use for elaborate vacation plans. Yep that is how I want to spend my retirement years. I might get a part-time job after age 48 just to have something to do and so that I could continue to save for the future and fund elaborate vacation plans from the age of 48 until I can draw my retirement fund but ideally no job after 48 would ROCK.

Thank you!!!

September 3rd, 2010 at 06:45 am

Thank you all for you advice on the mental issue I was having regarding the lack of deck or fire excape as I was looking at it.

""I honestly don't think Dave Ramsey would say it is okay to borrow money for a deck. However, he might think it a safety issue and a priority. He would tell you to take a second job, sell everything you can and use the cash on hand you have. In other words, everything you can think of doing before you would go into debt further."" (Need to go back later and give credit to the poster)

I wanted to post about what I am thinking of doing to get my EF funded.

First: I have responded to an ad online looking for a roommate. I am thinking that for a while I will rent out a room in my house. This is not nearly as much money as a parttime job but after you deduct all the costs with parttime work it would be about half of what my take home would be, equal to it IF I could rent out two rooms.

I am going to look into seeing if there are any jobs in town that I could work from home. I would like to pick up a second job but because I would have to line up daycare and it would have to be when I am not working my primary job it would make it not super easy to do. I also have to get approval from my employer to work outside my home so I am thinking internet in the evenings. If I can find something internet than even if my job took me out of town as long as I have internet acess I could still pull in work. Or the job would have to be one where I could bring my son along (part-time evening nanny).

I have a few items I could sell, I just had a rummage sale and plan to have another next summer for the small things. I need to put ads out for the few large items I do have to sell to make a little money.

Okay now thirdly the "Use the money you have" The point of an emergency fund is to plan for unexpected events. Truthfully My job is secure I have a contract (just not the orders yet) for a 6 year position. So the Emergency Fund is fine at 3 mths. The Escrow and Mortgage do need to be at 12 Months because the posibility of needing to have then autopaid for extended periods without me being able to oversee it are more likely.

So I am going to buy the 3 rolling ladders
then I am going to continue to work on increasing income
then I am going to save for the Mortgage and Escrow.
then once those are at the 12 months I will save for the Emergency Fund and deck.

The only blip that is going to be on the horizon is in Dec. I NEED to have a months cushion in my checking account at that time as that is when my contract moves from old to new and pay is ALWAYS messed up for atleast one pay period where you end up waiting on the first check to cut.

Temporary Buyers remorse, and Change of Retirement Savings

July 14th, 2010 at 06:51 am

Well I went back to the store and bought the furniture for upstairs. In 1 to 2 weeks I should have furniture for my house. Later that evening as I was thinking of the total bill I started to regret it.

I got a great deal on the furniture, I really do need furniture as it makes it hard to sit down and relax when you only have wood kitchen chairs to sit down in. But being the tight wad that I am I have a hard time spending money on myself.

Truthfully this is the first Me Purchase I have made in well 11 years. The last Me Purchase was my Car in 1999. I guess I am stressing because I charged it to my credit card and unless I want to pull the $ out of savings about half the charge might sit one cycle on the CC. Of course my rate is 8% so that is not bad considering. But as a pay in full credit card person this extra month freaks me out.


I would like to have a fully funded 12 Month EF, truthfully I do not need that much as my job is really secure but it makes me feel better.

Today I reduced my retirement savings from 36% of my pay to 15%. This will bring me about an extra $700 per month into my take home. I plan to use the extra money to fund the Emergency Fund, The House Payment Fund and The Escrow Fund. (Basically I have the Emergency Fund broken down three ways) I figure if something were to happen then why breakup the fund to those three things when I can just break them up now.

Once the Emergency Funds are funded I need to save for the Deck and for a larger house repair fund. The Deck is a Need as it is a safety thing. I have a walk out lower level so without the deck if there was a fire at the front of the house the only way out the top floor would be the two story windows. The house repair fund is currently being fed $100 per month. I would like at least $2000 in the account. The deductible on the homeowners insurance is 1000 and I want to have atleast 1000 for repairs.

Once that all happens then I will raise back my retirement savings. It really hurts to reduce my retirement saving BUT truthfully if I continue how I am saving for retirement I will have $50K per year income and I am currently living off of $29K per year with the mortgage payment so I should not be stressing.


I hope to have a rummage sale this weekend to help pay for the furniture and to also reduce the clutter in my life.

I was trying to think of ways to increase my income. I could get a parttime job (but this would require permission from my employer). I could sell stuff, which is why I am having a rummage sale/sales. Or I could think about having a roommate or two. I am not ready to go the roommate route because I like being able to live my life without having to worry about noise from other. Also if I get a parttime job I would have to line up daycare. So I am not sure what I will do for extra money once I sell everything that I can sell.


Hopefully I will get clearity as time goes on, I just feel so pulled in so many ways.

Cell Phone - ??

July 9th, 2010 at 06:52 am

Okay here is the situation. 6 months ago my now XH had to have a NEW phone so he could text. So after researching new phone prices I desided to extend my cell phone contract to get new phones at a reduced cost.

The cancel early fee is $200 per line but the discount on the phones was $220 each so the lesser of two evils was to extend the contract. My XH now has his own plan but he still has the phone I purchased for him. He has basically given me the $200 cancelation fee in FREE daycare services. But there was a mess up with the Internet bill; I pay the bill but the bill was in his name so when the bill was transfered to my name; he is going to get a refund of MY $$ for about $100. If I get that money returned to me I am good for the phone but if not then really he only gave my $100 for the contract cancelation.

Yeah a complicated mess. Here is the deal. I can cancel the phone now, and pay $200 and save $28 per month which times 5 months is $140 or a total cost of $60.

Or I can just keep the second line and it will cost me $140 more over the next 6 months BUT if I only get the $100 it will only cost me $40. But if for some CRAZY reason he desided to refund me the Internet refund then It would save me $60 to wait out the contract.

What would you do? Would you pay the extra $60 and just be done with the mess and the ties to your XH. Or would you wait out the 5 months then cancel the line to save the $60? At this point I have to wait until the 9th to make any changes. The way my provider works is any change made mid cycle will be prorated and if I make the change before the start of the new cycle I am afraid of overage charged because of the prorate.

Another thing is he said he would give me the phone, if I do not get the other phone back I will cancel the line ASAP. But if I have the phone in hand and know no calls will be going OUT from it I am more willing to keep the line. What to do?

Oh one more thing, I HAVE ALLTEL yep, Alltel. We were suppose to be in the process of being switched to AT&T like 3 years ago. At this point I am wondering if that switch happens before the contract would end would I really have a contract cancel fee as the contract is with Alltel NOT AT&T? The swap is causing me many questions because I am not sure my phone will work with them and If I cant upgrade am I going to have to pay FULL price for a phone to work on the AT&T plan?

Financing my home! The Buy OUT!

June 3rd, 2010 at 07:06 am

Yesterday I spoke with XH and he agree to let me buy him out of the house.

My XH is very self centered and a instant gratification kind of person. (Truthfully he was hoping to list and have an offer in the first week) Even though our house is over the average price for a home in city (169K).

So....I have refinanced the house in my name only. I was approved to refinance anyway. Now I am waiting for the company to Fed-Ex me the paperwork which I will review and sign and return and then THE CLOSER will call me. Due to back log I am told this can take 5 days. But I am locked in on the new rate and it is 1.5% LESS than what I am at now so my total payments will go down $150 per month. Also I will not have an escrow anymore (I will be doing a self-escrow).

Once the house is refianced then I will be paying my XH 10K which is what he would have gotten had we sold the house at the REAL VALUE price AFTER the realtor fees and the portion to Myself and to DSs college fund. We will be doing a Quit Claim Deed to transfer all ownership to myself and to BUY him out. Actually the 10K is $1,500 or 7% more than he should be getting BUT it is what his "I need this amount to move on was".

I would have liked this as an option before we divorced so we could have gotten it taken care of with that instead of having to do a quit claim deed NOW but my XH usually has to be given time to come to realize that I am right.

See he thought our house was worth 260K NO way I was going to pay him 50% of equity of that. I knew it was closer to 206K well we met with a RE Agent and the house is listed at 214 (Big difference in Equity from his minds idea)....NO bites no nibbles. So house is not selling and people complaining about this that and the red neck neighbor with 10 cars three which are parked on the grass and he FINALLY realizes we are going to have to be at a break even point NOT a huge flip that house profit (finished the basement) to sell the house.

So basically we are now both at a house value point that is REAL and because he understands that if we sold to split the profit we would have to pay a realter so that is going to be factored OUT of the equity for both of us. I feel bad that he thinks he should get more than what the market is going to bring him. BUT on the other hand when I called back and told him that I got approved he was releaved. He told me all day after that it was like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

The funny thing is there is still some work for me to iron out, so at times there is still a little stress on my plate. But last night I played outside with my son, we rode his scooter and he rode his bike and then would take a turn on his scooter. It was great and it was all possible because FINALLY I am done spending all my spare time keeping the house OCD clean.

This morning I took a shower in the Master Bathroom. The Main floor bathrooms have been off limits for a while now since I super cleaned them and put out NEW towels and rugs. Last Night I BBQed But if I had wanted to I could have used the kitchen again. We were limiting cooking and doing alot of take out so that we could reduce the cleaning required. SOOOOOO Nice.

Shopping this weekend! $$$

May 24th, 2010 at 10:08 am

This weekend we went shopping for carpet.

Looking over the instock supplies; XH was set on a certain type and color of carpet the sales lady was suggesting which was $2.29 per SF. I had pointed out that I prefered a totally different type and a mixed color instead of solid one which was $1.19 per sf.

He was stuck on the carpet at $2.29, until we got the quote. $714. He wanted to go to another store or two and so we left and on the way out he said okay maybe we will go with the $1.19 per sf carpet. I truthfully had been hopeing to get the carpet installed and all for around $300 so the $1.19 per sf is much closer to that price than the $2.29 stuff.

I guess it helps that I have purchased carpet with my grandmother many times and know that the price per sf adds up fast!

This is the same place he went to to get the molding for the upstairs bath that he was charged $60 a piece for. Really!!

We had went to my prefered store next. XH and I met with someone and talked about our needs, he suggested not only instock but figured out how much carpet we would needed and suggested a remenet piece. Being XH was about price at this point we picked out an piece and when it was all done it was about $424.

I am not sure the exact price because XH paid for it. Which was nice that he paid since I purchased the replacement garbage disposal and paid the plumber to fixed the water line for the dishwasher the day after we had the countertops installed.

The nice thing is this guy was the real deal, he made sure to ask about all the add ons. We ended up going home and measuring doorways because we needed to fix the transition of the lamenet. Which by the way is $30 there per piece!

We ended up having to go back because XH missed measuring out the landing at the foot of the stairs and he said it was like a foot and I was sure it was more. When we got home the landing was closer to 2 feet. We ended up having to go with a larger piece of remnent but it was an easy process and the price different of going from 12 x 10 to 12 x 14.6 was actually only $29.00.

The first piece was a berbur, the second was a pile but not a cheap pile, the thin little curly q type pile. Actually the store had it in wierd diagnal cuts of different colors at the front of the store so it must be popular. I want to say it reminds me of a shag rug. Maybe it is shag carpet.

Anyway the carpet we got was almost identical to what we had except the type. The carpet on the stairs will be removed and the carpet will be laid down on the stairs and the hallway this friday.

Saturday evening I went shopping, I got propane for the gas grill. I am hopeing that we can grill more so that #1 we will not be using the stove inside (so kitchen stays clean). #2 we can cut back on the number of meals we are eatting out to minimize the mess to the kitchen.

I then went to Wal-Mart, I finally found some shorts. I went in hoping to buy another pair of jeans but they were out of my size and I could not find jean shorts that fit like I wanted. BUT I found workout shorts, I have been looking long and hard. I am picky about my workout shorts...I do not like them too short and I like them to look flattering but it seems like either they are tight like spandex or they are more relaxed and they ballon out below the thigh.

I found 7 pairs of capris that fit just like I wanted and they were on clearance from $11 to $5 each. I bought all seven pairs because when I find something that works I need to stock up and seven pairs is one weeks worth or shorts. I also got a Tank which was regular price $11 but Marked $5 but rang up $1.

Sunday I went shopping with DS I wanted to see if I could find more tanks, I had been looking at the $5 racks after trying it on in the fitting room and after getting home and looking at the reciept I realized I should have been looking at the $1 rack.

Sunday I bought a St. Joseph Statue, I bought DS three sets of shorts and tanks they were $7 each and I bought him a pair of flip flops $4, and a pair of canvas slip on shoes $1 clearance. I found myself another tank but it was $5.

DS might not really have needed the tank/short sets BUT I am not sure. I think his summer stuff is in the tote in his bedroom closet but I might have taken his summer stuff over to the storage unit. Either way the tank and shorts end up $3.50 per piece since they could be worn seperately so for that price it is not bad.

These were the last ones in his size, so If I would not have gotten them they would have been gone when I went back. He wears size 7 slim pants with adjustable waist BUT in shorts wears 4/5 (skinny waist). So I bought them and after I go through the tote in his room and IF he has a ton of clothes for summer I might return them.

So this weekend was alot of spending but not too bad, I did not buy furnature so $1500 less than I planned.

The never ending to do list $$$$

May 18th, 2010 at 07:31 am

Talked to the realtor yesterday about the results of the open house this weekend.

The result - the realtor is sending her cleaning lady over to clean our floors. Everyone keeps saying the floors are dirty. Well I clean them it is just when the sun hits the floors they look streaky and dusty. Whatever, the cleaning lady is going to clean them and if they are unstreaky XH is suppose to ask what product she used on the floor and where she purchased it so we can start using that product.

Guess my swiffer wetjet is going to have to go away for now since it leaves streaks that bother others. Truthfully the streaks used to bug XH too but I have enough to deal with keeping the house going without worring about streaky floors that are just going to be walked over when DS and XH walk through with their shoes on to get a drink of water.

They also complained that the carpet on the stairs is dirty. We have desided just to replace it and then to carpet the basment hallway. We have lamentent in the hallway BUT due to code the basement floor slopes for drainage and of course the low spot is down the center of the hallway so unless we put a subfloor down the lament in the hall tends to give as you walk down it (since the middle of the hall is lower than the sides). People were starting to think structural issues when it is a code thing and well we should have put a subfloor down in the hall but at this point since people are complaining about the streaky lament we are going to carpet the hallway. Better to just put carpet down and fix the issue then pay for an inspector $$ to come in say oh they need a subfloor and it is good. Then still have to either put a subfloor down $$ or put an allowance for them hire someone to do it $$.

So this weekend we have to go look at carpet and arrange for a installation date. We also have to find out IF they put the floor molding back on after they are done or if we have to put it back on and just put it the correct height from the floor. Then we have to remove the carpet from the stairs and remove the lament from the hallway.

XH said to me that if the house does not sell in two weeks that he wants to go down in price and gave me a price....I hope he realizes what the list price he stated would actually bring in after the realtor fee and the deck allowance.

The funny thing is I am sure we will not have a offer in the next two weeks as we still need to finish the rock border, Mow the grass and weed and feed, stain the front porch, paint the upstairs walls, fill trim wood holes, and order and have the carpet installed, and XH is not doing any of that at this time....He is currently out Fishing with his buddy.

Another BIG issue we are having is that there is one house in the cul-de-sac that looks bad. The house is PAINTED a faded baby blue color and the rest of the cul-de-sac is nautrals in either vinyl or steal siding. They also have a ton of vehicles in there driveway, and they have at least two trailers (horse or motorcycle like transport type) parked on the grass to the side of the house and in the back yard. They have a blazer parked on the grass in the front yard. They do daycare so there are alot of cars coming and going to that house and because they are super busy their yard looks kind of Wild, they have a flower bed upfront of there house near the front sidewalk that is laid out like a vegtable garden.

Their yard just looks trashy and tacky....Sadly I think it is going to cost us some money to entice someone to overlook the eyesore.

So tired of house business....

May 10th, 2010 at 07:50 am

I took three days off last week so I could clean the house. I cleaned quite a bit but of course there is still more to do. I am wondering IF we should just move out so the house can be completely clean, and all I would have to do is once a week go over and touch up clean and mow the grass. The problem would be that it would be empty looking.

We need to get the following done ASAP.
#1. Paint the upper level.
#2. Clean the rocks in the driveway and move them to the rock border.
#3. Clean/Clear out garage.
#4. Fill Nail holes in the trim in basement.
#5. Clean clutter off entertainment center.

I was extremely frustrated because STBX was home the whole time last week that I took off from work and did not do anything to assist me. He was on facebook playing bejeweled blitz or watching movies. Sadly on Wednesday I thought we got our divorce papers BUT it was just the copies of everything that was prepared and a copy of the letter they sent to the court requesting it be filed and a copy of the final papers be returned to the lawyers office.

STBX did not go to work Friday because he was SO worked up about everything going on in his life and that the house is taking so long to sell he had to go see a pyschotrist. Then of course he got done with seeing her and instead of going to work he went to the BAR to relax. So I spent all night cleaning for the showing the next morning.

The next morning he woke me up at 745 am in a rage because I throw away his netflick envelope (Because I thought it was trash). That day he was driving 105 miles out of town to help a old friend move. So instead of making progress on the things that need to be addressed to sell our house he is just doing nothing and complaining.

Our realtor said people were saying our house was overpriced for not having a deck, and after doing some listing searches I think we are going to have to come down AND add an allowance for the deck. I think we are going to have to come down to the price I originally had in my mind to list it at.

I want the house sold so I can stop spending HOURS cleaning and keeping it clean. Every weekend I spend more time trying to get to look more clean, more organized. I am ready to relax.

My only complaint is that STBX is not paying anything towards any of the house bills, or repairs. So if I and my little boy move out so that the house stays cleaner then I am paying rent AND a house payment.

Even though STBX said he would watch DS this summer he is talking of moving in with a friend and staying on his couch (after house sells but before school starts). So not sure how that is going to work for daycare, I am going to need to work that out. Plus part of me is thinking maybe if STBX moved out now the house would stay cleaner as it is his stuff in the livingroom that is a cluttered mess.

Hopefully things will improve soon.

Yesterday Sucked, but hopefully a turn around soon..

May 4th, 2010 at 07:47 am

Yesterday STBX went to look for the siding and he was unable to just go in and order it or buy it (stock on hand) as it is no longer being made.

The siding guy suggested another place to locate the siding. So the search continues for either someone who has stock on hand or a really close match by a different company.

If that does not work out they are starting to do two tone siding here. Basically one color on the bottom 3 or 4 feet then one row of white or a accent color then a different color above. We could do this and I think this would be some very nice curb appeal. I would like to do a slightly darker color to the bottom and the white accent color leaving the current color on the top and the extra siding removed from the bottom could be stored for future repairs. BUT for now we are going to look for 2 pieces that are what we have or VERY VERY close or just leave it and if the buyer wants to negotiate that into the offer so be it.


I was super busy yesterday and did not get my papers turned in, actually after all the bad things that happened I did not want to. Sometimes when bad things keep happening it is best not to add to it.


I called the realtor yesterday to bring up the fact she listed our house as having a 3/4 bath in the basement instead of a full. We then talked about the outcome of the open house.

Basically the big things were that people thought it needed to be cleaned. The house was really clean for the open house (except the painting supplies in the laundry room, the garage and the totes of STBX clothes in the Master that are ozzing all over.)So not sure unless they are talking scuffs on the walls that need to be painted. So we may end up painting. I also NEED to take more things to the storage unit, basically things from the garage. Need to have it sparkle.

Also they said that they thought it was overpriced for not having a deck so we are doing a little research into deck prices and going to do a allowance. We are not going to pay the cost of a deck then have them complain it is too small or the wrong material etc...Just doing an allowance.

Wednesday the countertops are being installed and that might have been an issue also that they just could not visiualize the new counters.

Anyway on Friday the realtor is going to do another walk through and hopefully a little staging and LOOK for issues to address, we will discuss and deside on the allowance for the deck. We are also at that time going to take NEW pictures for the website NEW curb appeal and more rooms.

Hopefully we can plan another open house for NEXT weekend.


Shopping, since the countertops are going in tomorrow today STBX is disconnecting the sink. So dinner tonight is Subway and I will be buying some new shower curtains and rugs trying to get a more upscale image for the pictures on Friday. I will also be buying the planters for the front porch and in front of the garage.


Okay going to post the listing phots in a follow up post so I can get suggestions?

As Requested Photos of Front of House.

May 3rd, 2010 at 07:48 am

Here is a picture of the front of our house.

I would love some suggestions on some curb appeal.

Not sure how much you can see but I have put down black rubber edging that starts about 18 inches in front of where the cement walkway meets the front step, curving it around the front porch then around the front window then around the side, back, other side and to the side of the garage going to 18 inches infront of the garage where the driveway is.

I plan to keep filling it with river rock (easier to mow if you do not have to go right up to the house).

I had pansies planted by the front steps and there are Blocks holding down the black film next to the porch (rocks soon?) then infront of the window are two rose bushes and tiger lilies.

The pansies are starting to grow tiny leaves (seeds from last years plants), and the tiger lilies are growing. Not sure if the rose plants made it as I do not see any green growth YET.

The grass is starting to green in patches NOW (this is the picture from our listing April 4th- see snow on grass).

There is some oil stain infront of the single garage BUT I did clean it since this picture, I do need to go over it some more BUT it is better.

Our lot line in front is two sidewalk squares over from the right or three of the lines (between the two mail boxes) and would go in the direction of that first big Pine you see in the rear right of the background. Now our backyard does not go that far back but I wanted to to give you a line to visualize our front yard.

I have removed the stain on the porch and need to restain it as the area that had knots in the wood the stain color lifted. (To Do List)

We are in Zone 5 for planting if your wondering.

What do you think??

The morning gets BETTER.

April 28th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

I got the first draft of my divorce documents.

I say first draft because I needed to make a few changes, I am having the STBX look them over to make sure there is nothing in them he wants changed.

One big point was they messed up the Child Support Amount. I was like WOW when I saw the amount, but then I turned the page and was like WTF when I saw what they had as his per month net pay.

I went to the states website and ran the correct numbers. The amount is the exact same as what StepDaughter#2 Mother gets. The original number was almost double that amount. I told STBX the amount correct amount and of course he flipped out.

I told him we have options, I could either pay him for watching our son this summmer like I originally said I would, and since it is basically double dipping having him pay for Child Support AND half the household bills until he moves we could make an arrangement of one applying to the other. Also I said I am not sure that the CS is automatic or if we have to contact them, and They are always so slow anyway...If we dont do anything it might not happen until School starts (his income jumps once school starts). That calmed him down.

I want the paperwork done, I have no problem letting him mooch off me until School starts because it is best for Our little boy to get to spend time with his daddy and it does help me. Basically I look at it like hiring a nanny.

Man that would be AWESOME if we could get this all ironed out today and emailed back to the lawyer.

I am reading the documents and I think in our state since it is uncontested all that has to be done after it is signed is for it to be entered into record. That would be FREAKEN awesome if this could be done FAST!

Projected Weekend Spending

April 16th, 2010 at 09:33 am

This weekend I plan on tackling some to do items.

I was thinking I needed to get out more, well I meant with people as I have been a little hermit like in my attempt to limit daycare costs since my son was born over 6 years ago. But this weekend I will get out more it is just going to be outside the house instead of indoor to do items.

My To Do List

Post Signs on the Counter and door opening saying that they will be professionally installed by the 25th if not earlier. - No cost signs are Done just need to be hung

Remove the stain from the Front porch - Already have product (Might have to buy a scrub brush and gloves $5) (DONE - NO COST)
Clean the frames of the exterior doors - Have Scraper and sander. (DONE - NO COST)
Clear Coat the front porch - Have product (Might have to buy a paint brush $5)
Prime Entry Doors - Have Product (Might Have to buy a Brush $5)(skipped - NO COST)
Paint Entry Doors - Have Product (Might Have to buy a brush $5)(DONE - NO COST)
BUY and install new Door Bell Button - (DONE - NO COST)
Hang Hose Reel (DONE - NO COST)
Rake Yard
Buy Rocks for Rock Boarder - $2.99 plus per bag
Grass Seed on Sprinkler Lines/overseed - $35 per bag
Bend Metal Stakes to hold edging
Caulk Windows - Have Product
Spray/Wash Driveway - Have Product (Might have to buy a Brush $5)(DONE - NO COST)
Stack Bricks holding down edging to Garage

The Big expenses will be the Rocks at $2.99 a bag and the huge bag of grass seed that is $35 and possibly the door bell button.

I wish I could plant some flowers/plants to increase curb appeal BUT the risk of frost is here until the 20th of May so need to hold off even though I really wish I could add some color.

****I update the list with the done items, NO cost at all but not everything got done. Just felt relaxing on Sat & Sun.

Emergency FUND

April 15th, 2010 at 10:40 am

Well I had question marks next the the Emergency Fund instead of amounts because I did not know what to put there.

If we cant sell and we need to pay for the house then it is $2360.00 a month. If we sell and we rent an apartment it will be less.

I have desided to list the emergency fund as if I will pay for the house payment and then if it sells I will redo the amounts to match my NEW expenses.

3MTH is 7,080.
6MTH is 14,160
9MTH is 21,240
12MTH is 28,320

*** Today is payday, I NEED to balance my checkbook and see what I have to as a ballpark for EF. It will just be a ballpark since until the divorce is final the STBX could turn around and say he wants more.

****** Got a email back from the lawyer and it said that she wanted me to know that unforquently she is super busy with court cases this week she is not going to be able to get to my paperwork until next week. Hurry Up and wait (I am used to this so no biggy). So now I will sit here and wonder if the paperwork gets done next week and mailed out and signed and returned how long is the process from then on? I should have probubly just got some guts and sat down with the STBX last week but I think it would have been a bit much for both me and STBX.

Emailed the information and paid part of the bill

April 15th, 2010 at 09:52 am

Yesterday I sat down with STBX and we went over the list of marital assests that I made.

Also we answered the questions on the parenting plan guidance, at least I hope we answered them well enough.

He agreed to still watch our son this summer. I offered to pay him, which he turned down. He asked when I wanted him to move out, to which I brought up him just moving into the basement.

So yesterday we bought a new mattress and box spring for our son. We set it up on a frame and put it in the basement, it is what STBX will sleep on until he moves out of state for school or we sell the house which ever comes sooner. Once the house sells we will discard the 15-17 yearold mattress that is on my sons bed and he will get the new one. Until then we will keep the extra furnature to fill up the house.

The bed in the extra room makes the house more inviting instead of an empty room it is now a room with furnature to see what size it is.

The good thing about him in the basement is that it means our son will be able to just be a kid this summer with no real bed time and waking up when he wants to. Also he can continue to drop our son off at school.

I am thinking if we still have not sold the house when our divorce is final I might go buy the couch and automan I want for my new apartment and put it upstairs in the livingroom to help fill out the house better.

Since we completed the papers we have been getting along real well. When he raises his voice about something I dont take it personal anymore. I remind myself there are a few benefits to putting up with it.

He has also been better, instead of yelling every hour or so about something minor he is maybe yelling once or twice a day.

Yesterday we even went out for lunch and he paid. It was nice. For once I was just living life instead of hating him because I was allowing him to treat me badly and thinking I had no way out.


This morning I re did the marital list so that it was grouped into things like accounts, then the house, then into his and then mine. I hope this makes it easier to understand.

I then called the laywers office and got the info to email the lawyer and paid the first part so they can do up the paperwork.

I asked how long it normally takes, did not get a real answer. If nothing needs to be changed and all parties still agree it goes rather quickly. WHAT is Quickly?

Today the 15th of April I submitted the information to the lawyer with a partial payment, lets see what quickly is....

A little of this and that!

April 6th, 2010 at 07:30 am

Last night was a night of doing alot of little things. Today is the realtors walk through and pictures. The house is as clean as it is going to get for the time being.

I spent 61 hours cleaning over the last four days and I am burnt out. I still have some things I want to do but I have to stop. I need to relax and recharge and just focus on getting up earlier each morning so I can touch up all the rooms before I leave for work. The only area left that I would consider a disaster is the garage; everything else is clean I just would like to get it more organized as the month progresses.

I have to work this weekend but I have next weekend off and will work on it then. As far as until that weekend my misson is to just keep the clutter from forming.

Last night I through all my clean clothes into bags and put them in my car, which is currently at work. Yep my solution to the laundry I did not have time to fold and put away was to put it in my car (sort of a mobile suitcase).

Wish me luck, hopeing to sell before April 31st - That would give the buyer the tax credit. And that would give us a very quick sell.
Today I go to see the lawyer, I am as ready as I am going to be. I wonder if she is going to advise me to wait until the STBX has the job situation ironed out and the house is sold?

Tuesday April 6th is a BIG day!!!

April 5th, 2010 at 10:18 am

We signed our realtor and so I have been cleaning the house since Thursday Night, I have been putting in 12-14 hours a day cleaning.

Tuesday the realtor will be stopping by with the big sign for the front yard, the lock box for the key, and to take pictures for publication and of course to have the first realtor tours!!!!

Our list price is 214,900. She said 210-220 is where we should be and asked if we had a favorite/lucky number and well the 14th is the day my son was born. so 214,900 it is. My husband was fine with it I guess me quoting 205K, 209K, 199K for weeks as things came up (new tax value, rebuild insurance amount, magazine guess) that he realized 259K was a bit high and even 205K brings in a nice profit.

I need to sweep out the garage and spray the winter sand out of it. I need to move the truck to the street so that the garage looks BIGGER! I also need to reclean the kitchen and touch up the bathrooms. I have a ton laundry to fold BUT due to time constrants I am going to pack up my clean laundry in garbage bags and fill my car (mobile suitcase).

As I packed up I located all the manuals for the appliances so I have created a 3 ring binder of the manuals in those clear sleeves.


Tuesday while this is going down I have my appointment with the laywer. I have my info packet completed, the tax returns for the last two years, and the most resent pay statement to show year to date earnings. I even started the parenting plan. I cant wait to not be at the receiving end of his rage.


After failing to find other work my husband finally is going to ask for his old job back; today at 12:30. I have my fingers crossed as he has waited a long time. So I should know soon!

Need to have a rummage sale NEXT weekend

March 29th, 2010 at 10:52 am

Well My husband had a fit again this morning wondering when I was going to call a realtor. So I told him not until the countertop is installed.

His answer was I had Thursday off last week why didnt I do it then. I did not say a word. Last Thursday for one the Tax rebate had not been deposited yet, Plus he was donating plasma and with friends. He is the one home during the day so he needs to be with to make sure I dont make an appointment that will not work for him. I also really dont want to list the house before all the odds and end little touch ups are done but he is getting mad because the to do list keeps getting longer. Actually it is not getting longer it is just that he is not making any progress on them. I would do them but then he gets mad.

Oh did I say I spent thursday cleaning the house and getting things ready for the rummage sale. So I was working on things that need to be done to sell the house but no good girl points for me.

I was planning a Rummage Sale the 28-29 of May but with him wanting the Realtor here already I am going to need to try to hold one earlier which leaves me with three options. Yes over the next 3 Months or 12 weeks I only have 3 weekends were I dont work or have some commitment. I am thinking of holding one on Saturday next weekend and then depending on how that goes the next free weekend I have which is a month later.

I need to sell some of the things we have cluttering up the house before we try to list the house. Also the door in the hallway is still not up because We just ordered it.

I started putting together my online ad, I will post it later I just wanted to get it started. I also printed off some papers I want to use to make some Sale Signs to post on our street and on the house.

I will need to get Cash, I will need to find the grocery bags I have hidden all around the house and find some boxes for stuff that would be better boxed. I also should remind myself to keep the newspaper for packing glass items.

My little boy sounds like a frog, he does not have a fever and only started having a cough this morning so we need to take him into the dr tonight after school. This evening I think we will be knocking out ordering the countertop.

My husband went to job service today and hopefully will figure out what he wants to do soon. I was hoping he would go in and talk to his old employer about getting his part time job back at least until something else comes along but so far other things have come up of course.

Spending, Spending, Spending

March 24th, 2010 at 07:58 am

Well, after the hubster tried to poly the door we got to replace the one upstairs it got white specks in spots (this was with a 4 day dry time). So I have given up. I know at this rate it will take a month to get this door up.

My husband is super busying playing Xbox 360 so to have one side of a door have 2 coats of stain and one coat of poly it has taken 10 days, it still needs the sides and the back done.

I called the place that provided the doors to the builder and am having one prestained. I will then have our handy man come back put in the knob hole, install the knob and put in the hinge holes and hinges and hang it. Two weeks from now my special order door will be DONE!! $80 for the door I just ordered

I am waiting for them to call me back with information so that I can order some siding, when the sprinkler system guy put in the system he got too close to the siding and melted two pieces and the corner piece. I need to have the handy man come over and tell me how many pieces total he thinks we will need to order.

Truck, needs a new starter...Hubster was planning on getting a used one, and installing it himself. Went to see if it would start at all and nothing. So he went to the battery place.

The battery was so low that the battery place is going to try to charge it and then they will test it tommorrow after they see IF they can charge it.

Battery or not IT needs a new starter, there is a problem with the sioloniod on the starter (it is one piece with the starter on this model and not seperate) that allows the vehicle to restart after the vehicle is warm. Anyway now my husband thinks it is just the battery; I HATE this (cuss word here) truck.

Anyway either we will be paying for a battery and a starter. Or a battery now and a starter later. But that is tomorrow.

We need to have the truck running in two weeks time so we can pick up the door and also have it to use for other jobs we need to get done to get the house ready for sell.

I should have just called the repair shop and had them tow it in and fix it BUT I thought it would be easier to do once the hubster was home; but I forgot how EVERYTHING is an arguement over who is right with him and that he takes 5X longer than most people to get around to doing something and 10X longer than most people to finishing it.

On a Positive note..A old friend looked me up and they are so workout crazy that it has motivated me to get off my duff and yesterday I got a workout in (6 mile walk in my reebok tone fit shoes). And this morning I took my diet pills. I need to lose 20 pounds my June 1st I should lose 40 pounds but need to lose 20 for work.

The hubster called and his daughter is in town and she wants him to take her out to dinner. He wanted ideas on where to take her, something not expensive but at the same time enjoyable for her age. It is nice now that he has his own spending money because he is alot more aware of his spending and he is trying to make it last. So that is smile worthy.

Planning a Rummage Sale

March 16th, 2010 at 07:06 am

Well last night the contractor came to get all his tools out of our basement and remove the extra sheetrock and mud (we sold him).

It is so nice to have that done, of course there are still little fixes here and there and clean up. I also came across more stuff that needs to be returned. We bought a bunch of tape and painting paper. I need to return the unopened stuff.

I have learned that we cant save it for use later. What ends up happening is we save it, then cant find it when we are ready for it, then end up buying more; then of course find the stuff we had saved.

Soon I will be able to go through stuff and put it back where it belongs. My plan for what was my sons playroom is to put his boxed up books in the closet in that room and then use the rest of the closet for rummage sale stuff.

I need to vaccum the rug in that room then I will set up half as a playroom and half as Mommys get ready for rummage sale space. This will work because he gets lonely, if I am spending time in the room getting stuff tagged than put into boxes/totes until the sale it is win win. I also plan on trying to list stuff online until the sale in May. Those online item I plan to put in the office closet.

I am planning to hold a sale the first weekend after school lets out. Friday May 28th is the first day of no school, and then Saturday the 29th. This will then give me Sunday and Monday (Memorial day) to clean up/relax.

These days also overlap with the weekend my husband will be out of town for his concert.

I would like to have it earlier but you can NEVER tell with the weather and I would like to do it after school is out for the summer.

Worst case if I have everything ready and we sell the house before that; I can always have a rummage sale at my grandmothers house that weekend. The stuff will just get taken to my grandmothers house and I will put it in her(unfinished) basement.

Paid the Contractor

March 15th, 2010 at 10:54 am


My transfer from Savings went through today. Okay it is in a pending status but online it shows it available for useage.

Paid the contractor, came in under budget $400 because he gave us a quote then said he would take off some if we helped with some things. Well we did then he bought some supplies Out of Pocket and we had some supplies left over that we cant return that he is taking off our hands so in the end we came in under budget AND dont have to figure out what to do with all the left over sheetrock and mud which he bought from us.

The best part was that because of it coming under budget that much the savings transfer amount was almost perfect. I can actually use the money from todays paycheck that was going to be the difference between the transfer and the cost to apply to the new countertops.

Was talking to the contractor and he said some things to me that got me thinking and so I relaid those things to my husband (without saying they came from contractor) that will result in much LESS work for him and a much faster finish. Did this to prevent the whole bruised ego thing whenever the contractor suggests stuff, so contractor tells me; then I tell my husband I googled it or someone ELSE said something and then he goes for it with no hurt ego.

The contractors opinion matched mine but I was just going to let my husband do his thing but the contractor saying the doors really did not need another cost of poly is going to save days of work for the hubster.

Big jobs done now just the little stuff

March 15th, 2010 at 06:44 am

Last night the handiman finished the projects, we had hired him for. Oh man does the kitchen look so much nicer, now with the filler in between the stove and the cabinets and the trim back up against the cabinent bases.

I cant wait to order the NEW countertop. Maybe that will happen tonight or this week. Since my husband needs to be with to schedule the home measurements I cant go without him.

The bad thing is I think I am going to have to ask about countertop removal prices. We asked before but decided to do it ourselves, but now that I think about it, it would be better to just have the people installing do the removal as we then would be without a kitchen counter for less days. (Thinking what if they reschedule). Also what if we damage the counters in the process of removing the countertops. My husband is so not handy, I do a better job, BUT he cant stand me doing it while he is around because it hurts his pride.

Last night as the handy man was fixing some of the jobs my husband had done, I realized it is sometimes so not worth saving $100 or $200 when spending that extra saves alot of work, stress and the finished product is BETTER.

We need to take measurements to get all the heat vent covers. We need to buy a light switch cover or a solid switch cover or possibly both. My Cousin the electrician moved a light switch for us (big happy smile).

We need to caulk the ceilings and do painting upstairs. We can call the RE Agent as soon as the countertop is installed and hopefully the vent covers will be in place. I dont care about the painting and the caulking as I am SURE as she walks around she will come up with other TO DO things but I just want to get started.

Of course the closet doors all need to be sanded and have another coat of poly applied. The hallway door for upstairs NEED everything including sanding to get some flaws out of it before staining. The list of little things is long BUT I am not going to wait on those to get in touch with a RE Agent.

Tonight I need to return some unneeded supplies to the store and then I am going to do 15 minutes of cleaning (washing/folding laundry) and hopefully sweeping and mopping the floors downstairs so we can start cleaning and organizing!

8 Days until 8 year Wedding Anniversery

March 12th, 2010 at 10:32 am

Well it is so hard to believe it has been that long. Funny how sometimes people are scared of change so they dont do anything and later look back and it has been YEARS of just going with the flow.

Over the last 8 years we were living different placed for jobs a total of 2 years and 9 months so does that mean it is more like a 5 year 3 month Anniversery?

I bought my husband the Micro HCSD card he wanted for his Cell phone, that and a new trackball mouse. He has already gotten these things. I never was one for waiting.

To Do:
Call Lawyer so next year I am not posting a 9 day to 9 year post.

Good news, Bad news, Taxes Drama & craziness PS a little rant

March 12th, 2010 at 07:03 am

Last night I finished my Taxes! Yea for me, It took hours and finally after all we went for marriage filing jointly one last time. I ran through everything for itemization then at the end it said standard was better so then I figured I would run the information again as if we both were planning to file seperately. Well because of the child credits I desided to just go ahead one last time filing jointly. Next year hopefully I should be filing Single-Head of Household!

The deposit should be in our joint checking account before the end of the month. The good news is this means I should be able to close the joint checking account faster.

I decided to close the account before the house sells and worst case then we will open a joint checking/savings account just for that, deposit the money, withdraw the money, then close the account.

The tax return is close to $5,000 when you combine both federal and state. State we will get 100% of what we paid in back. Federal we got 16% more than we paid in back, never did understate Turbo Taxes tax liability calculations.

We also ended up using the standard deductions, so all the $ and clothing/household goods donations were for nothing except for KARMA points. Oh well at least I got some stuff out of my house AND now I know for this year to just try to sell the extra stuff I dont want to move to an apartment.

Good News: the handiman is coming on Sunday to finish the work, he should finish Monday at the Lastest. The Bad news is this has Pissed off my husband because he thinks this has ruined his long weekend because now instead of (spending qualitiy time - HA) playing computer games with our son he has to be working (staining the doors that are going to be installed.

My husband is SUCH a drama Queen also he is so lazy, I cant wait for this to be done!!! He is in a tizzy and told me to tell our handiman that he works for us and not the otherway around and He is going to have to do it later. Yeah right, the handiman knows my husband and knows you have to light a fire under his bottom to get him to move. Also if we reschedule we are putting finishing off the house for another month or so. NO I am not about to piss off the handiman so that he quits then we are up a creak trying to find someone else to come in a finsh these small project and charging us 10X as much.

PS did I mention that the handiman is doing this as a favor to me because he knows I am a hard worker and that we (okay I) am trying to sell the house BEFORE the divorce so that is one less thing to fight over. My husband will not let me have the house free and clear and I will not take on this Mortgage if I have to pay him a share of the escrow. You never really know what a house is worth until it sells so we will sell it and split the profits then that is one less thing to pay the lawyers to iron out. I think the house might be worth 209K he thinks it is worth 259K (large difference in escrow value).

Today I need to transfer the money from the joint savings account to the joint checking so I can pay the handiman come Sunday. So I get to close that account also! Whooot Whooot!!

Transfered the funds (but since I did it online they need to wait 24 hours before they can close the account to Make sure the $ gets to the new account. (Saturday afternoon I could do this but I think I will just wait until Monday)

My husband called he is going to the hardware store and going to buy a set of saw horses like I suggested then get cracking on the staining so it is done in time and QUOTE "Blank can come do the job and then I never have to see him in my house again!" (My husband is all worked up over nothing) He wants to make donuts and play computer games with our Son, it takes maybe 30 minutes to apply the stain then you have to wait to recoat; there will be plenty of time for him to play computer games and cook donuts.

House is getting closer. Storage Unit Question.

March 11th, 2010 at 08:11 am

The night before last, our handyman came over and installed the shelving and hanger rods in the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

Today he might be back (waiting on my husband to finish staining) to trim out the closets.

It is getting closer. Once he is done with the things we hired him to do we need to.
#1 Caulk the ceilings
#2 Paint over the caulking
#3 Paint the walls
#4 Have the countertop installed
#5 Fill nail holes in the trim downstairs
Then I think we are ready to clean and list the house.

I do not want to rent an apartment until the house is sold (we can move in temporarily with family if need be). I also have found three apartments that sound like I would be happy with, I have bookmarked the listings but have not seen them as it seems pointless to see them until we atleast list the house.

Now since I do not want to pay rent on an apartment until the house sells. Should I rent a storage unit, so I can go through things and sort into his/mine and start trying to sell stuff we no longer need (three TVs when DH wants a NEW flatscreen HGTV).

Right now the house is way too messy to list and I feel a rental would be a way to go but then I feel it is such a waste since we are downsizing maybe we should be able to get everything packed up nicely and stored in our house. Once the two bedroom closets are done downstairs we could put stuff in those closets. Would it sell better empty of stored things or would storing them in a storeage unit besides costing money make it look too empty? We do have a Storage room (Without shelving).

Changed his mind

March 9th, 2010 at 06:39 am

Last night the hubster got a call at the house. He had requested an email for information from a college and was not expecting a call from them.

Seems the hubster has been looking at attending a couple of colleges out of state. It is a 12 hour drive from where we live and I work (as long as there is not an accident which can cause hour delays, or it being peak driving hours). Once the can of worms was opened while talking about the college he also mentioned looking into housing.

My husband KNOW I will not move to the city these colleges are located in as it is a HUGE city and I hate driving in cities where if you break down on the highway you have to get out of your car ASAP and get to the shoulder or your are going to get creamed by the next car. I have a 6 year old still in a booster seat, that is not an easy task.

I did not hear the whole story; I was upstairs and my husband is hard of hearing so he tends to talk LOUD but I did catch him asking since he would have to put in some time to the part time job in our town that would pay part of the cost he asked if it would be a problem him coming home every four weeks or so.

My husband had been going to college for computers, well he was first going for a certificate BUT after two semesters of classes that will not transfer he realized it would be better to go the degree route and started over, well now 3 and a half years from a degree he wants to be a cheif and intern in Spain or France. All I can say is I saw this coming and he never sees anything through so I am not sure if I can support him in this dream.

Well if he thinks I am going to do all the household stuff and pay for him to try for a third time to go to school he has another thing coming. I have to work the job I have in order for him to be able to attend school without working and he knows it so I know he had no intention of asking us to go with. It is not possible when you look at the fact it would take me a full day to drive from there to work and back and that includes no work time.

It is time to start tracking down a lawyer. Why is it so scary to make the first step? I am tired of supporting him and I think he is tired of my high expectation of him that he cant meet. It is just not in his nature to work a full time job, he gets the most pleasure out of life working just enough to get by and then spending all remaining time with Friends or on computers or video games.

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