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Busy Day - Husband flipped out

March 31st, 2010 at 01:39 pm

Yesterday I requested the documents from a divorce lawyer. I finished completing them today. All I need to do is collect the last two years tax statements.
After completing the parenting plan today what do I see that my husband posted on Facebook:

I found this on Facebook
XXXXXXXXXXXX 's kitchen table is a coupon clipping nightmare. really? what great organizational skills you have. now i cant find the gift card for Papa Johns to have a pizza. if it is not one thing it is the next. when will it end. i know when it will end, but if i say it then people will say i am suicidal. and you know how everyone is looking out for everybody but them selves. MIND YOUR OWN F$%^ING BUSINES.

So I did it; I called and made the appointment. I meet with the lawyer on the 6th at 1:30pm.

Last Night I found he posted this on his Facebook:

XXXXXXXXXXXX the new age of me begins tonite.

When I got home his car was in the garage but he was not home and he would not answer his phone. Then later that night when he got home he was mean and was avoiding me. Was thinking he found out about me talking to a lawyer or he was still mad about the spliting of the bills thing, but I am guessing from the post this morning he did not find out about the lawyer because technically he would not have to deal with me, thus is frustration with me would have ended.

I am really shaky about starting this but I dont think I have much of a choice, after he came home from the last long term out of state job he had anger issues and this round they seem worse so I need to get out and get out now.

On a financial front I have two checks to clear before I can close the joint checking account. Then that leave the house, truck and his car in both our names.

I also called and left a message with a realtor I would like to use about calling me so that I can list our house. I plan to move any of my and my sons extra things into my grandmothers basement to clear out the house for listing. I am planning a rummage sale for the 17th but depending on how it goes with the realtor I might skip it and just plan a rummage sale for later.

Am I Crazy - Child Support Question- please help!

March 30th, 2010 at 08:44 am

I showed my husband the spreadsheet I have made to split out our bills.

I has a collumn with our bills and the average amount, then a column with a space for the actual amount and columns for both him and me so we can track who paid what and how much.

Anyway he is not happy. His complaint is that I listed his Child Support payments under him only. I put his car gas, repairs under him and the dental for his daughter under him. Under my I listed the landline phone and the newspaper and my car gas and my car repairs.

I figured it would be easier to just pay our own car gas and oil changes and repairs rather than trying to split that. Is this wrong? How would you do it if you had to split bills?

I figured the child support for his two daughter should come out of his paycheck, They are not my Children and so I am not sure why he would thinks I would do okay with splitting his child support? Is it not his responciblity to make enough money to pay his child support, or as his wife as I suppose to be paying half his child support payments in addition to spliting the bills of our son together.

Help I need to know am I wrong, should I be paying the child support to his two children (pre-marriage).

*** Edit*** We have been married for 8 years, prior to this (ME as the primary income provider) I was paying the majority of his child support or he was paying his child support and nothing to our family how ever you want to look at it.

House Value Down :o(

March 29th, 2010 at 11:33 am

I was looking over a real estate magazine this weekend.

I wanted to see if I could find some houses to compare to our so I could get a rough guess of the value.

I was thinking and hoping for $209K since we decided to sell. My husband swears the value is $259K. After looking at the magazine I think we are actually closer to 199K. I would really like 209K but I think 199K is probubly much more likely.

Sadly I am not going to want to hear what my husband says to the realtor when she says 199K or lower since he is so sure the house is worth 259K and going to sell within days.

Me I was thinking 209K and possibly taking months. I just wanted it sold before August.

We will see once we list. I want to have the house in listing condition before we contact the realtor but of course my husband is antzy so as soon as the broken countertop is replaced we will call.

Okay Correction I will call.

Need to have a rummage sale NEXT weekend

March 29th, 2010 at 10:52 am

Well My husband had a fit again this morning wondering when I was going to call a realtor. So I told him not until the countertop is installed.

His answer was I had Thursday off last week why didnt I do it then. I did not say a word. Last Thursday for one the Tax rebate had not been deposited yet, Plus he was donating plasma and with friends. He is the one home during the day so he needs to be with to make sure I dont make an appointment that will not work for him. I also really dont want to list the house before all the odds and end little touch ups are done but he is getting mad because the to do list keeps getting longer. Actually it is not getting longer it is just that he is not making any progress on them. I would do them but then he gets mad.

Oh did I say I spent thursday cleaning the house and getting things ready for the rummage sale. So I was working on things that need to be done to sell the house but no good girl points for me.

I was planning a Rummage Sale the 28-29 of May but with him wanting the Realtor here already I am going to need to try to hold one earlier which leaves me with three options. Yes over the next 3 Months or 12 weeks I only have 3 weekends were I dont work or have some commitment. I am thinking of holding one on Saturday next weekend and then depending on how that goes the next free weekend I have which is a month later.

I need to sell some of the things we have cluttering up the house before we try to list the house. Also the door in the hallway is still not up because We just ordered it.

I started putting together my online ad, I will post it later I just wanted to get it started. I also printed off some papers I want to use to make some Sale Signs to post on our street and on the house.

I will need to get Cash, I will need to find the grocery bags I have hidden all around the house and find some boxes for stuff that would be better boxed. I also should remind myself to keep the newspaper for packing glass items.

My little boy sounds like a frog, he does not have a fever and only started having a cough this morning so we need to take him into the dr tonight after school. This evening I think we will be knocking out ordering the countertop.

My husband went to job service today and hopefully will figure out what he wants to do soon. I was hoping he would go in and talk to his old employer about getting his part time job back at least until something else comes along but so far other things have come up of course.


March 26th, 2010 at 12:50 pm

Yesterday the hubster went to a construction job fair. Yeah??? He claims he is so handy yet for the basement we had to have a handyman come in and finish because he got too stressed out trying to do simple things. I could have done the work but it upset him to watch me do it becuase he should be capable.

He had a few people at the job fair say they would call next week, BUT the problem is it is out of town work, which means added daycare costs and he would need to be responsible for his hotel room and food. Also depending on how often he could return here would depend on if he blew the whole paycheck on junk before he could pay his bills and a split of the household bills...Can you tell I am not to excited about this idea.

Last week he applied at a old employeer (so little retraining required), and he called them today and basically they said no thank you; you have to have a flexable schedule and we were looking at Mon-Fri 9-5 to minimize Daycare. Plus my husband said point blank he was NOT working nights a month or so ago. After this I told him that working opposite my shift might work so that we would need no daycare, but he did not want to go there since he did not think he could sleep if our son was being loud. Also it is a all nights or all days thing we cant plan daycare willy nilly, so not sure IF they would even go for that.

So he plans to visit job service next week and see what they have that is mon-fri 9-5 and maybe in the mean time take a part time job he has last year working 5pm-9pm. I figure the part time job is a good start until something better comes along or if something better doesn't come along it is a building point. Plus it meets the absolute miniumim requirements he needs to bring in to be able to split bills 50/50.

I want use to split bills 50/50 so that he can learn to pay bills and be a contributing member to this family after being underemployed for years.

The drama to continue.....

Truck runs which means time to WORK!

March 26th, 2010 at 11:50 am

The truck starts, told Hubby to let it run then turn it off and restart it to check if it is the silonoid. He says it is fine.

I have my fingers crossed BUT I am going to load up the back with the leftover sheetrock scraps and the wood that is garbage and finish cleaning up the rest of the basement.

Now that we have a working truck I am going to have to keep an eye out for deals on river rock so we can finish the border around the house. (Free or cheap is good for me)

Hopefully hubby can figure out an easy way to get rid of the large rock/boulders that are in in yard. I want them removed and am willing to rent a bobcat but hubby doesnt like that idea because he would have to load the rocks into the truck then take the bobcat with to unload them. (Sorry it is not that difficult to drive a bobcat off a trailer then unhook a trailer then use bobcat, hook up trailer then load bobcat); it is not like I am asking him to move them by hand.

As for the large boulder I need to find someone with a jack hammer, hubby says you cant rent one because it has to have a generater to run it. I guess I figured they made gas ones or at least rented them. We will see.

Also now that the truck is running hubby needs to take his car in to be looked at, he says it is making straige noises having to do with wheels. I hope it is not too spendy as I was going to start having us split bills on the 1st of May and I am not sure if he is going to go for paying for the repair all by himself. I was planning on having repairs for the truck split but repairs to our own cars being the responsibility of the driver.

I AM a battery Snob!!

March 26th, 2010 at 07:32 am

I am...

I do not see the point in spending the time and money putting a cheap short life battery in a car or truck.

We bought a truck 3 years ago, to which the seller proudly proclaimed the battery was put in less than a year ago. So silly us when we had battery problems that first winter 6 months later we took it back to the battery company and had it looked at and they said the battery was fine just a little low...Fast forward to now.

DH is going to go in today to buy a REAL battery. The NEW battery the prior owner installed was the lowest of the line, the guy that tried to charge the battery said that he was surprised it lasted 4 years like it did since it is a 2 year battery. Yes 2 years, I did not even know they made 2 year batteries.

So instead of spending $40 to put in another 2 year battery we are spending an extra $30 and getting a POWER battery that has a 6 year warrenty.

Now the top of the line battery is $104 and normally I would buy top of the line BUT we are planning on selling our house this summer and once the house is sold and we are moved into the Apartment we will have no need for the truck and will be selling it (So yes we could save $30 and put in the cheapy battery BUT It sucked all these battery issues since we thought we had a NEW battery so I am not do that to someone else). Besides I want the Amps on the bigger/better battery until we are done using it.

Spending, Spending, Spending

March 24th, 2010 at 07:58 am

Well, after the hubster tried to poly the door we got to replace the one upstairs it got white specks in spots (this was with a 4 day dry time). So I have given up. I know at this rate it will take a month to get this door up.

My husband is super busying playing Xbox 360 so to have one side of a door have 2 coats of stain and one coat of poly it has taken 10 days, it still needs the sides and the back done.

I called the place that provided the doors to the builder and am having one prestained. I will then have our handy man come back put in the knob hole, install the knob and put in the hinge holes and hinges and hang it. Two weeks from now my special order door will be DONE!! $80 for the door I just ordered

I am waiting for them to call me back with information so that I can order some siding, when the sprinkler system guy put in the system he got too close to the siding and melted two pieces and the corner piece. I need to have the handy man come over and tell me how many pieces total he thinks we will need to order.

Truck, needs a new starter...Hubster was planning on getting a used one, and installing it himself. Went to see if it would start at all and nothing. So he went to the battery place.

The battery was so low that the battery place is going to try to charge it and then they will test it tommorrow after they see IF they can charge it.

Battery or not IT needs a new starter, there is a problem with the sioloniod on the starter (it is one piece with the starter on this model and not seperate) that allows the vehicle to restart after the vehicle is warm. Anyway now my husband thinks it is just the battery; I HATE this (cuss word here) truck.

Anyway either we will be paying for a battery and a starter. Or a battery now and a starter later. But that is tomorrow.

We need to have the truck running in two weeks time so we can pick up the door and also have it to use for other jobs we need to get done to get the house ready for sell.

I should have just called the repair shop and had them tow it in and fix it BUT I thought it would be easier to do once the hubster was home; but I forgot how EVERYTHING is an arguement over who is right with him and that he takes 5X longer than most people to get around to doing something and 10X longer than most people to finishing it.

On a Positive note..A old friend looked me up and they are so workout crazy that it has motivated me to get off my duff and yesterday I got a workout in (6 mile walk in my reebok tone fit shoes). And this morning I took my diet pills. I need to lose 20 pounds my June 1st I should lose 40 pounds but need to lose 20 for work.

The hubster called and his daughter is in town and she wants him to take her out to dinner. He wanted ideas on where to take her, something not expensive but at the same time enjoyable for her age. It is nice now that he has his own spending money because he is alot more aware of his spending and he is trying to make it last. So that is smile worthy.

Work and Bills

March 20th, 2010 at 07:42 am

Well been out of town for two evenings so far. Before I left I sat down with the husband and told him what he would need to pay, nothing major just his child support payments and sending lunch money for our son. Everything else is on autopayment out of my checking account.

So he is going to get a little taste of paying bills and buying groceries etc.

Not sure how long I will be out of town. We are at a very nice hotel, my only complaint is that this hotel has the worst insolation. Every night at like midnight the people upstairs come in. We can here them walking to the window to turn on the heat then back to the bathroom then back to the bed; then the second one enters the room and goes to the window/bed then to the bathroom and back to the bed.

They are not stomping but they sure are walking heavy heeled. Nothing like having stomp stomp stomp awaken you out of sleep and then having to wait like a half hour for them to stop walking around so we can go back to sleep.

I am currently on the 7am until 7pm shift, as of Monday I will probubly be switching to 7pm until 7am which will be a pain since my roomie is one at 7am until 7pm and will be staying that shift.

I cant wait to get home after this to see how the husband handled the bills and get everything finally totally seperated. Depending on if his checks come in he might have to do some transfering from one account to another so it should be a good learning experience for him.

PLUS he is having to be fulltime daddy and housekeeper only thing to make it better would be if he had to work also (then he would know what my life is like).

I will post if I can later.

Planning a Rummage Sale

March 16th, 2010 at 07:06 am

Well last night the contractor came to get all his tools out of our basement and remove the extra sheetrock and mud (we sold him).

It is so nice to have that done, of course there are still little fixes here and there and clean up. I also came across more stuff that needs to be returned. We bought a bunch of tape and painting paper. I need to return the unopened stuff.

I have learned that we cant save it for use later. What ends up happening is we save it, then cant find it when we are ready for it, then end up buying more; then of course find the stuff we had saved.

Soon I will be able to go through stuff and put it back where it belongs. My plan for what was my sons playroom is to put his boxed up books in the closet in that room and then use the rest of the closet for rummage sale stuff.

I need to vaccum the rug in that room then I will set up half as a playroom and half as Mommys get ready for rummage sale space. This will work because he gets lonely, if I am spending time in the room getting stuff tagged than put into boxes/totes until the sale it is win win. I also plan on trying to list stuff online until the sale in May. Those online item I plan to put in the office closet.

I am planning to hold a sale the first weekend after school lets out. Friday May 28th is the first day of no school, and then Saturday the 29th. This will then give me Sunday and Monday (Memorial day) to clean up/relax.

These days also overlap with the weekend my husband will be out of town for his concert.

I would like to have it earlier but you can NEVER tell with the weather and I would like to do it after school is out for the summer.

Worst case if I have everything ready and we sell the house before that; I can always have a rummage sale at my grandmothers house that weekend. The stuff will just get taken to my grandmothers house and I will put it in her(unfinished) basement.

Paid the Contractor

March 15th, 2010 at 10:54 am


My transfer from Savings went through today. Okay it is in a pending status but online it shows it available for useage.

Paid the contractor, came in under budget $400 because he gave us a quote then said he would take off some if we helped with some things. Well we did then he bought some supplies Out of Pocket and we had some supplies left over that we cant return that he is taking off our hands so in the end we came in under budget AND dont have to figure out what to do with all the left over sheetrock and mud which he bought from us.

The best part was that because of it coming under budget that much the savings transfer amount was almost perfect. I can actually use the money from todays paycheck that was going to be the difference between the transfer and the cost to apply to the new countertops.

Was talking to the contractor and he said some things to me that got me thinking and so I relaid those things to my husband (without saying they came from contractor) that will result in much LESS work for him and a much faster finish. Did this to prevent the whole bruised ego thing whenever the contractor suggests stuff, so contractor tells me; then I tell my husband I googled it or someone ELSE said something and then he goes for it with no hurt ego.

The contractors opinion matched mine but I was just going to let my husband do his thing but the contractor saying the doors really did not need another cost of poly is going to save days of work for the hubster.

College Tour in May Concert, Job and pondering summer daycare?

March 15th, 2010 at 09:18 am

The Hubster mentioned that before he goes out of town for the concert in May, we need to order a replacement tent pole.

Long Story Short He broke the tent pole on another concert trip about two years ago. So he better believe it is coming out of the money I have already saved for him for the trip. It will not be coming out of household funds.

He told me that weekend he has to go down a day early, he plans to take a tour of the campus that he wants to attend this September.

He talked of applying for work at the place he worked back in 2003. The reason is if he is hired here; then moves there, there is a chance they would transfer him and he would then have a job right away without having to locate one once he is settled in.

Depending on when and what kind of hours he works will determine what kind of daycare we need and if our son will be going to the free half day summer school program or not.

Whatever happens we will see, I just have to sit and wait.

Big jobs done now just the little stuff

March 15th, 2010 at 06:44 am

Last night the handiman finished the projects, we had hired him for. Oh man does the kitchen look so much nicer, now with the filler in between the stove and the cabinets and the trim back up against the cabinent bases.

I cant wait to order the NEW countertop. Maybe that will happen tonight or this week. Since my husband needs to be with to schedule the home measurements I cant go without him.

The bad thing is I think I am going to have to ask about countertop removal prices. We asked before but decided to do it ourselves, but now that I think about it, it would be better to just have the people installing do the removal as we then would be without a kitchen counter for less days. (Thinking what if they reschedule). Also what if we damage the counters in the process of removing the countertops. My husband is so not handy, I do a better job, BUT he cant stand me doing it while he is around because it hurts his pride.

Last night as the handy man was fixing some of the jobs my husband had done, I realized it is sometimes so not worth saving $100 or $200 when spending that extra saves alot of work, stress and the finished product is BETTER.

We need to take measurements to get all the heat vent covers. We need to buy a light switch cover or a solid switch cover or possibly both. My Cousin the electrician moved a light switch for us (big happy smile).

We need to caulk the ceilings and do painting upstairs. We can call the RE Agent as soon as the countertop is installed and hopefully the vent covers will be in place. I dont care about the painting and the caulking as I am SURE as she walks around she will come up with other TO DO things but I just want to get started.

Of course the closet doors all need to be sanded and have another coat of poly applied. The hallway door for upstairs NEED everything including sanding to get some flaws out of it before staining. The list of little things is long BUT I am not going to wait on those to get in touch with a RE Agent.

Tonight I need to return some unneeded supplies to the store and then I am going to do 15 minutes of cleaning (washing/folding laundry) and hopefully sweeping and mopping the floors downstairs so we can start cleaning and organizing!

8 Days until 8 year Wedding Anniversery

March 12th, 2010 at 10:32 am

Well it is so hard to believe it has been that long. Funny how sometimes people are scared of change so they dont do anything and later look back and it has been YEARS of just going with the flow.

Over the last 8 years we were living different placed for jobs a total of 2 years and 9 months so does that mean it is more like a 5 year 3 month Anniversery?

I bought my husband the Micro HCSD card he wanted for his Cell phone, that and a new trackball mouse. He has already gotten these things. I never was one for waiting.

To Do:
Call Lawyer so next year I am not posting a 9 day to 9 year post.

Good news, Bad news, Taxes Drama & craziness PS a little rant

March 12th, 2010 at 07:03 am

Last night I finished my Taxes! Yea for me, It took hours and finally after all we went for marriage filing jointly one last time. I ran through everything for itemization then at the end it said standard was better so then I figured I would run the information again as if we both were planning to file seperately. Well because of the child credits I desided to just go ahead one last time filing jointly. Next year hopefully I should be filing Single-Head of Household!

The deposit should be in our joint checking account before the end of the month. The good news is this means I should be able to close the joint checking account faster.

I decided to close the account before the house sells and worst case then we will open a joint checking/savings account just for that, deposit the money, withdraw the money, then close the account.

The tax return is close to $5,000 when you combine both federal and state. State we will get 100% of what we paid in back. Federal we got 16% more than we paid in back, never did understate Turbo Taxes tax liability calculations.

We also ended up using the standard deductions, so all the $ and clothing/household goods donations were for nothing except for KARMA points. Oh well at least I got some stuff out of my house AND now I know for this year to just try to sell the extra stuff I dont want to move to an apartment.

Good News: the handiman is coming on Sunday to finish the work, he should finish Monday at the Lastest. The Bad news is this has Pissed off my husband because he thinks this has ruined his long weekend because now instead of (spending qualitiy time - HA) playing computer games with our son he has to be working (staining the doors that are going to be installed.

My husband is SUCH a drama Queen also he is so lazy, I cant wait for this to be done!!! He is in a tizzy and told me to tell our handiman that he works for us and not the otherway around and He is going to have to do it later. Yeah right, the handiman knows my husband and knows you have to light a fire under his bottom to get him to move. Also if we reschedule we are putting finishing off the house for another month or so. NO I am not about to piss off the handiman so that he quits then we are up a creak trying to find someone else to come in a finsh these small project and charging us 10X as much.

PS did I mention that the handiman is doing this as a favor to me because he knows I am a hard worker and that we (okay I) am trying to sell the house BEFORE the divorce so that is one less thing to fight over. My husband will not let me have the house free and clear and I will not take on this Mortgage if I have to pay him a share of the escrow. You never really know what a house is worth until it sells so we will sell it and split the profits then that is one less thing to pay the lawyers to iron out. I think the house might be worth 209K he thinks it is worth 259K (large difference in escrow value).

Today I need to transfer the money from the joint savings account to the joint checking so I can pay the handiman come Sunday. So I get to close that account also! Whooot Whooot!!

Transfered the funds (but since I did it online they need to wait 24 hours before they can close the account to Make sure the $ gets to the new account. (Saturday afternoon I could do this but I think I will just wait until Monday)

My husband called he is going to the hardware store and going to buy a set of saw horses like I suggested then get cracking on the staining so it is done in time and QUOTE "Blank can come do the job and then I never have to see him in my house again!" (My husband is all worked up over nothing) He wants to make donuts and play computer games with our Son, it takes maybe 30 minutes to apply the stain then you have to wait to recoat; there will be plenty of time for him to play computer games and cook donuts.

Presidents day and Daylights Savings.

March 11th, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Do you know what they have in common? My mental status or lack of sanity.

This Friday my Son is home from school for a teachers day, so he and daddy (unemployed) get to chill out and play computer games while I will be working.

This sucks but I figured no biggy Presidents day is Monday so I get a shorter longer weekend too. Monday is a teachers thing besides I did mention that Monday was Presidents Day right. Well that is what I have been thinking for this whole week. Yep get through this work crazy week so I can enjoy the Monday off.

Only at this point are you saying to your self (Presidents Day???) isnt that in February? If you are your mental health is better then mine because Presidents day IS in fact in February as I realized when I went to the chart of holidays in the office.

The Story of my dilusion gets better, as I tell my facebook friends I made this mistake (ha ha me - but sad no holiday) one was so kind as to point out it was Daylights savings this weekend (he says isnt that like a holiday). Yeah so not only do I not get my Monday off I am now losing an hour of Sleep this weekend.

The world is trying to drive me crazy; that is my story and I am sticken to it!

House is getting closer. Storage Unit Question.

March 11th, 2010 at 08:11 am

The night before last, our handyman came over and installed the shelving and hanger rods in the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

Today he might be back (waiting on my husband to finish staining) to trim out the closets.

It is getting closer. Once he is done with the things we hired him to do we need to.
#1 Caulk the ceilings
#2 Paint over the caulking
#3 Paint the walls
#4 Have the countertop installed
#5 Fill nail holes in the trim downstairs
Then I think we are ready to clean and list the house.

I do not want to rent an apartment until the house is sold (we can move in temporarily with family if need be). I also have found three apartments that sound like I would be happy with, I have bookmarked the listings but have not seen them as it seems pointless to see them until we atleast list the house.

Now since I do not want to pay rent on an apartment until the house sells. Should I rent a storage unit, so I can go through things and sort into his/mine and start trying to sell stuff we no longer need (three TVs when DH wants a NEW flatscreen HGTV).

Right now the house is way too messy to list and I feel a rental would be a way to go but then I feel it is such a waste since we are downsizing maybe we should be able to get everything packed up nicely and stored in our house. Once the two bedroom closets are done downstairs we could put stuff in those closets. Would it sell better empty of stored things or would storing them in a storeage unit besides costing money make it look too empty? We do have a Storage room (Without shelving).

Changed his mind

March 9th, 2010 at 06:39 am

Last night the hubster got a call at the house. He had requested an email for information from a college and was not expecting a call from them.

Seems the hubster has been looking at attending a couple of colleges out of state. It is a 12 hour drive from where we live and I work (as long as there is not an accident which can cause hour delays, or it being peak driving hours). Once the can of worms was opened while talking about the college he also mentioned looking into housing.

My husband KNOW I will not move to the city these colleges are located in as it is a HUGE city and I hate driving in cities where if you break down on the highway you have to get out of your car ASAP and get to the shoulder or your are going to get creamed by the next car. I have a 6 year old still in a booster seat, that is not an easy task.

I did not hear the whole story; I was upstairs and my husband is hard of hearing so he tends to talk LOUD but I did catch him asking since he would have to put in some time to the part time job in our town that would pay part of the cost he asked if it would be a problem him coming home every four weeks or so.

My husband had been going to college for computers, well he was first going for a certificate BUT after two semesters of classes that will not transfer he realized it would be better to go the degree route and started over, well now 3 and a half years from a degree he wants to be a cheif and intern in Spain or France. All I can say is I saw this coming and he never sees anything through so I am not sure if I can support him in this dream.

Well if he thinks I am going to do all the household stuff and pay for him to try for a third time to go to school he has another thing coming. I have to work the job I have in order for him to be able to attend school without working and he knows it so I know he had no intention of asking us to go with. It is not possible when you look at the fact it would take me a full day to drive from there to work and back and that includes no work time.

It is time to start tracking down a lawyer. Why is it so scary to make the first step? I am tired of supporting him and I think he is tired of my high expectation of him that he cant meet. It is just not in his nature to work a full time job, he gets the most pleasure out of life working just enough to get by and then spending all remaining time with Friends or on computers or video games.

Shaking my head -

March 8th, 2010 at 06:58 am

Hoping to shake loose the cobwebs.

I am so tired from working this weekend. I am also hungry; I would love to treat myself to a McDonalds breakfast.

I know that is so bad to think I deserve a $4 Breakfast meal as a treat on the MONDAY after pulling a 62 hour week last week and two more days until I can take a day off.

My fingers are crossed on getting Wednesday off because we are about to get crazy busy working 12 hour days with no days off. PS did I mention I am salery. So all this extra time is FREE for my employer.

I do get paid VERY WELL for what I do even if once every month or so I have to pull 65 hour weeks. And occasionally have to pull 12 hour days without a day off. Like I said I work with Emergency Services so it is not like it is not an Emergency causing me to have work these shifts....LOL little office humor.

My Husband posted an ad for our Entertainment Center. I hope it sells!! Tonight I need to clear off MY 6 foot folding table and move it into the basment and put plastic over it. I want to let my husband use it as a work space so he can do more staining at one time. Staining is a long process since you have to let it dry between coats and some need 3 or 4 coats of stain before poly. So if I could get more work space for him it would cut down on how long it would take before the contracter can come back and install the wood and shelves.

Slooooooow Day

March 7th, 2010 at 10:39 am

I had to work today, was suppose to work at 8am which I was really excited but that got changed to 7am at 10pm last night.

Today was slow, not boring slow a I am so beat cramming in extra stuff chicken cut off head crazy busy, that you look at your watch and want to cry because it is only 9:30am and it feels like it should be 5pm already.

So tired, I will be taking a nap which is going to turn into a went to bed early evening.

I best go as lunch is almost over, and more crazy business to do!

Yesterday was a No Spend Day even though I was SOOOO tempted to pick up Subway for dinner while at work last night, but I did not. SO there is my $ piece of the post.

I gave up...

March 6th, 2010 at 01:49 pm

I did not want to spend hours looking through boxes looking for a tiny safe key or a debit card....

So I gave DH the ten dollars it would cost him to order a new debit card, well actually 9 dollars (3 one dollar bills, 5.75 in quaters, 2 dimes and 5 pennies) since that was all I had cash on me and in the house (can you say laundry money).

Well then he says really it is NO big deal. HUMMM it was a big enough deal that you repeatedly texted me in a rage at work but now it is NO BIG deal???

He would rather we spend $12 and order a new safe key....I know this is going to end up costing me 22 dollars because when the card is not in the safe I am still going to have to pony up the $10 to keep the peace.

Whatever, I had a headache; have to work all weekend and I just have no patients for his BS lately. It is like he is bipolar but really it is his PTSD. But after 3 years of dealing with the rage and bipolar type swings I really think I am getting to my limit.

Stressing over $20 - My Rant

March 5th, 2010 at 10:44 am

My husband donated plasma this morning. They pay $20 per donation.

Last night we were looking for his debit card that they send the money to, could not find it. I think I might have put it in the safe, but of course with the house in shambles as the contractor finishes the basement I have missplaced the safe keys.

Now the card may not be in the safe but it could be. To order a replacement card it is $10. It is approxamitely $12 to have a locksmith cut a new key. So I would like to help him out and look through the mess that is our livingroom and see if we can find the safe key and or the card.

Last night he said NO worries he would let the balance sit and rise and IF once he had say $300 if we still had not found the card he would order a new card.

Well this afternoon; it is my fault that I moved/lost the card that he does not even know where he left it when he left for working out of state for the last year.

All this for $20, yes $20 is life and death because he would like to deposit the $ into his new checking account. Seriously it is things like this that make me want our accounts seperated years ago AND us have our own living spaces so he cant blame me for moving his things.

Seriously I think he left it in his wallet that he throw on the table 13 months ago right before he left the house saying he was not going to need that anytime soon, am I suppose to leave a wallet on a table for 13 months. IF I would have left it on the table I would have gotten in trouble when our son spilled something on it....some times I cant win.

CC canceled and joint savings pondered

March 5th, 2010 at 06:31 am

Yesterday I found the hubsters two credit cards.

The Capital one card that I have been wanting him to cancel and the other one with a rewards balance on it.

He canceled the Capital One Card....Wahoo one more thing done on the split the finances checklist and he activated the other CC.

I had planned to cancel the joint saving account after the house is sold BUT I am thinking that it is kind of pointless. Yes it is nice to have the repairs money in a savings account but I am thinking that at the start of next month I am going to cancel the savings account and just move the money into the joint checking but move it to the back of the register so it is in there to pay the bills as they come due BUT they are not in there to be spent willy nilly If you get what I mean.

The reason for next month is that is when he no longer gets income from his former employer so we will need to start using that savings money anyway.

Morning Madness A Forgery Found! Roth IRA

March 4th, 2010 at 06:31 am

This morning I am getting ready to leave the house, I am leaving a bit early because I need to stop and gas on the way to work.

As I am putting my sons folder in his back pack; I notice the blue hippo webkinz inside (it is show and share day), and a crumpled orange slip. I look at the slip and what is it, a slip from the teacher with a tick mark on it. Which means he got talked to again yesterday about needing to get to the task at hand. The bottom of the note has writing- My husbands name and my name, misspelled but there.

This leads to a long discussion about forgery. My son cant write cursive so it was not even close. I left the forgery on the note and signed above. We talked to him and we are not going to hide the fact he tried to pull a fast one, not a very good fast one but one none the less.

Do you ever feel like sabatoging yourself? See that sidebar over there with the money I have saved to get us through my husbands ELECTED unemployment until a new full time job opens in Septemebr. I soooooooo want to take that money and fund a Roth IRA for last year. I have been running my retirement number and need to start maxing the Roth yearly. I put nothing in for last year and am oh so tempted to then when money gets tight the hubster will either have to get a job or I will be forced to get creative with spending. I wonder if funding the roth IRA was why I have not filed my taxes yet!

What would you do????

15 minutes of cleaning

March 3rd, 2010 at 07:17 am

Yesterday I cleaned...I set my telephone to chime at 6:30pm since we would be done with dinner and just doing whatever.

I had the hubster sign the dental form, which I faxed this morning! Wahoo I am adding that to my passive income - extra income page because it is saving $45 per month for 6 months.

I then completed the order form for his checks, he will mail today!

I then set the microwave timer for fifteen minutes and cleaned!! I got one box packed up that was in the livingroom and put away some gift bags. Then I went downstairs and mopped the floor in the family room. It was not so bad because once I started I really did not feel like I had to stop. It is getting started.

I plan to set my phone for 6:30pm again today and I will clean for 15 minutes, if I want to stop after 15 minutes I will stop but if I want to keep going I will. Today I need to fold and put away the clean laundry! I might stop after 15 minutes because I hate laundry!

When I was done cleaning I was thinking of this blog because it was where I got the 15 minute suggestion and so I started going through my mypoints, and the two pay for reading ads email accounts. I had like 600 waiting for my in my polls/email earning email account so I need to do some more tonight.

What to do with $38,719.20

March 2nd, 2010 at 10:09 am

Okay I now I am putting the cart before the horse. I just like to plan ahead instead of looking back and saying I should have done that. The Story is if we sell the house for what the insurance value is then my share of the profit would be $38,719.20. We could get more but then we could get less. But better to plan lots of good things and make a few happen and be left with future saving goals then to not plan and to SPEND.

The amount referenced takes into effect the off the top deduction of money going to our sons college fund. See when I first went back to work after having our son my aunt babysat for us for FREE; the deal was we would use the money to save for our sons future, sons college, pay off our debt or save for a house down payment.

We had NO debt so we saved as much of the saved amount as we could part of it for our son and part for the house down payment. Once we got to the house closing we barrowed that money from our son since technically she did say house down payment.

Well now that the house is being sold and we are going to rent for a while, the first cut of the profits goes to repaying the Aunty Daycare saved $ into a college 529 account.

Then the remainder will be split between the husbter and I. My share should be $38,719.20.

I am planning:
$5000 Roth IRA Me
$6000 CD for Braces for SON
$5000 Money for 529 (want to pay in full now a 4yr community college cost then let ride until college so the gains are basically the cost of college increases)
$18,000 Emergency Fund
??? $4719.20 ???

If you were debt free and came across this Money how would you spend it.

Forgot to have the hubster sign the form.

March 2nd, 2010 at 07:46 am

Yep, forgot to have the hubster sign the dental form. Oh well it just has to be done by the 20th of the month. I just want to get it done now so I can count it as done. Plus if I dilly dally too long it will cost me $45 per month to drag my feet. $45 per month is the water/waste bill.

I also forgot to complete to order form for the checks for his new Checking account.

I just like to get home and relax. So it did not get done. I am SOOOOOO burnt out it is not even funny. I NEED for the house to get cleaned up, yeah like it is going to clean itself.

The house has to get clean so we can call the RE agent to sell our house so we can get the mortgage payment from hanging over our heads. Also need to sell stuff and clean stuff to list it BUT I feel it needs to be clean so I have some where to work to list things. Catch 22 huh.

Right now I dont want to do any cleaning because the house is a huge mess, everything is on the main floor and a huge pile of mess because the basement is being worked on, all that mess stresses me out then I dont want to clean.

Payday is Today So I

March 1st, 2010 at 12:57 pm

wrote a check for the hubster to cash to deposit into his checking account for spending money.

He got his spending money, gas money and $10 so I can order him some checks for his new account. (To Do - Order Checks)

Giving him the gas money is working Awesome. He said it is no big deal on the amount of gas money he is getting as he is telling his buddies if they want rides they have to pony up money for gas. Funny how before, when he used up all his gas he just asked for more $, now IF he is frugle at the end of the month any extra gas money could be spending money. So Win Win, he is no longer giving his buddies free unlimited rides and I can budget a certain amount for gas money. I was going to give him more this month but when I asked about how much driving he had ahead of him for the month he said the same (went into the speach about telling his friends they would have to contribute gas $), so no reason to give him more if he did not say last month was tight.

Gave Son a check for lunch for the 1st through the 15th. He tends to like to add ala carte items and run out of $, so if I am only paying until the next payday I can keep a better eye on that. And IF the extra spending continues I am going to start looking into ways to send him healthy cold lunchs for less than $1.50 per day. I have done the math before and I always came out spending more per lunch.

Completed the form needed to remove StepDaughter #1 from dental plan. I need to have Hubster sign it tonight so I can fax it tomorrow. The rate is about to spike so we are removing #1 but leaving StepDaughter #2 on for 6 more months as she is in the middle of braces treatment. Removing #1 will save $46 per month; as the cost to insure just #2 is about to be what we were paying for both before.

The last time the hubster was unemployed for a while I hated it because he just sat in front of his computer and the TV all day long. This time it is not so bad, he is getting house stuff done, he is cooking, and since we have no TV he is actually getting alot of stuff done. We will see if that changes once the family room is set back up.

I really like the NO Tv, it is helpful for the entire family. It is such a Time Waster.