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Question on Property Taxes and credit reports

June 3rd, 2011 at 11:56 am

I have a question....

Do Property Taxes show up on credit reports?

Back Story...
I will be deploying SEP/OCT time frame. My city sends out their property taxes no later than Dec 26th of the year. The property taxes that are paid prior to certain date are given a 5% discount (I believe Febuary). I like to pay my property taxes early to get the discount.

I am not sure I am going to remember to pay it, I am not sure if my BF will be able to tell it is the property taxes in the mail and thus email me a copy of the bill or if it will just be forgotten until I get home or something jogs my mind about it.

I looked online and my city charges a 3% fee on 1 March, an additional 3% fee on 1 May, an additional 3% fee 1 July then and additional 3% fee on Oct 15. Starting 1 Jan of the following year they change to a simple 12% interest rate and IF it goes unpaid until Oct 15 then it is charged an additional 6% fee on the past due bill.

Truthfully getting 3 or 4 three percent fees is not that big of deal money wise IF for some reason I totally space off this, but I wonder if I am late with the property bill will it show up on my credit report. I have a 800+ credit report and do not want to bring it down BUT I also do not want to stress myself out worrying about everything that COULD go wrong.

I checked to see IF they offer an autopay and they do not. The only way to pay the bill without sending a check is to use their telephone system. Sending a check is not a problem it is the not receiving the bill I worry about. They only mail out one bill and do not offer email. Also if I am as busy as I think I will be around that time even if I got an email I might not be able to deal with it.

Sooooo Do late property tax payments show up on your credit report, then secondly IF you could not autopay a bill what would you do to make sure you paid a bill you were afraid you might forget about or were afraid of not getting the bill for?

Thanks for your help.

6 Responses to “Question on Property Taxes and credit reports”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I would guess they only show up once the county starts a collections process. A guess. Do you have a calendar of any type that you could use to remind yourself of taxes due? One that might send an email reminder? Once you remember you could check property tax online site, or send an email to them for the amount.

  2. ironicone Says:

    Can you pay ahead? Have you tried calling and explaining the situation to them? They may be able to email a reminder or something.
    Be safe and thank you for your service!

  3. Single Guy Says:

    Since you are in the military, don't they have a liason that will help you in such a situation? Either to help with the payment, or at least get you in contact with the person responsible in such situations?

    That would be where I would look first.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    It wouldn't hit collections until all their "pay more" deadlines passed - I wouldn't worry about it.

  5. LittleMsMom Says:

    Thank you for your replies....

    I created a google calender and hopefully it is set up correctly and I remember to check it.

    ironicone- Nope, I can't pay ahead because the city does not know what amount is due until they calculate the bill and send it out. The city does at least one annual re-assesment of the property values and then they send out the bills. Also the number of property tax breaks change every year so the tax bill is VERY random. (Was $500 less last year than the year before and my property value increased by 60K).

    SingleGuy- to answer your question...Nope, any finacial assistance is in the form of hardship "advancement of pay", I don't have a difficulty in paying the bill due to lack of funds but due to bill notification. The Military's answer is to have a Power of Attorney to have someone pay your bills. BUT in my opinion handing over access to all my finacial assets to someone else does not guarentee they are going to remember to pay my bills and pay them timely.

  6. zetta Says:

    I don't know how or where you would set this up (especially on short notice), but what about an escrow account?

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