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Need a Vacation plan for SOON!

May 3rd, 2011 at 10:36 am

Well I just finished Drill Weekend, I am STRESSED!!! I have Annual Training starting on the 9th of May. It lasts 18 days. I am starting to feel crazy.

I have been dieting but that crashed and burned yesterday when I got sick and ate what was on hand in the house. I know I will FAIL the weight body fat percentage on the 24th but part of me is at that point where there is only so much you can do, so I am like ^)*(^&%^ it!!!

The DOG pooooo-ed on the carpet this morning. That was the last straw. I texted a photo of it to BF before I gagged and cleaned it up. Lets say he was not overly happy to get that text photo. Now I am like 10 seconds from a mental break down and rivers of tears flowing.

Yesterday, my computer acted up. It has been acting up and so last night I was trying to fix it and well everything I tried just made it worse. So RIGHT before bed I started reformating the hard drive. Hopefully when I get home this afternoon the computer will be done reinstalling the software and I can just install the printer and link the internet.

Yesterday I ordered my new phone from straight talk. The order before did not process....It was a good thing. Now I paid $20 for a phone BUT!!! I got the phone I had wanted all along.

I am looking forward to my straight talk phone. I transition to AT&T today. I HATE my free replacement phone. It is a knock off like blackberry and I HATE it. The buttons are tiny. It is nothing like my ALLTEL LG Banter with full slider keyboard.

Hopefully I can keep my cool when I go to turn in my AT&T phone, because if they give me any problems I might explode into tears right there at the store.

$$$ I don't CARE. I need to balance my checkbook because I purchased gasoline and I purchased Subway one night after drill when it blizzarded and I was not feeling up to cooking. That is bad that I don't care about money.

I want to go pick up my kiddo from school and just disapear down the road. Maybe we will just keep driving until we get to lego land california.

Here if you kiddo misses more than 6 days of school you get in trouble, So it could be interesting if I just desided I have had enough and hit the road with kiddo in tow.

What will happen is I will pick up DS from after school daycare, take him home spend the night curled up in bed crying because I have too much on my shoulders right now then do it all over again tomorrow.

1 Responses to “Need a Vacation plan for SOON!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) Sounds like you just need some down time. You have a lot going on right now that you are preparing for. Try to relax and imagine things going well.

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