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I hate spending money BUT.......

April 29th, 2011 at 09:42 am

I want to take a vacation.

I am suffering from burn out. I think a vacation would really help. I also want to create some lifetime memories.

DisneySteve would love my idea...Well maybe, since he might question IF I could afford it. If I asked Susie Orman would my idea be "Denied"?

I want to go to DisneyWorld in Florida, Staying either 3 or 4 days, then go to either Busch Gardens or Seaworld for 1 day; staying at the shades of green resort.

I went online and I can get three tickets from HOME to the Nearest Airport to DW for $550 each (non-stop). I am sure this will change a bit but I might actually be able to do much better with some research because I want to go in August and stops do not actually bother me.

I am looking at either the military 3 day hopper tickets for $99 or 4 day hopper tickets for $143 for Disney World. I am not sure IF the Soldier is Free and the Spouse and children at the quoted price or if the price is each (lots of confusing details in internet land but we will either buy one ticket (My Son since BF is a Service member also or three). Either way Max $297 (3 day) or $429 (4 day)

Then I am planning on doing the FREE military 1 day pass to Busche gardens OR Seaworld.

I am planning to stay at Shades of Green Resort, it is either $95 a night standard or $105 a night IF we want the pool side room. They also have some different deals going, I am deploying and they have a OIF/OEF special of 20% off (not sure if it works BEFORE the deployment or just during or after but if it works before that is even Cheaper).

So $2554 if I go max prices, for the 5 days.
$2173 if all discounts are applied for 5 days.
$2053 if all discounts are applied and stay 4 days.

There will be some food costs, but the room has a fridge and so I plan to purchase some food at the AAFES shop on Shades of green. We can buy cereal and milk for breakfast and fruit and bread and make sandwiches for lunch. We could either eat out for dinner or do easy groceries. (BF and I are used to going to the store and stretching our per diem).

I figure we can plan atleast one trip off location (outlet stores) and get our Disney Souveniors and eat atleast one of our non-grocery meals cheaper than if on Disney Property.

The kicker will be IF my BF can get time off work. Right now I am flexible I want either the first or second week of August. I believe by then he sould have some vacation built up since he will have been at his job nearly a year.

I hope I do it, BF says it is more a after Deployment vacation BUT I want to take a Cruise Vacation after the deployment and I am pretty sure it will involve getting DS a passport OR getting a babysitter.

I think if one 2.5K to 3K vacation a year keeps me from burning out and resulting in quiting my job and a loss of 38K income a year, then it is spending money to MAKE money. :0)

What do you think?

5 Responses to “I hate spending money BUT.......”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    If you have the cash, I would definitely do this. I love Disney World. Look on Wednesday mornings for lower airfare rates. It seems you should get something much lower. You might look into stays on Disney Property at the Value Resorts. They may be cheaper than Shades of Green. When we went in 2009, SOG was full for the days we wanted. We did go there to purchase our tickets. Soldier was free and we paid $99 each for 5 days at the time (we only used four and went to a water park, too). We rented a car. I would skip hopper passes if you are there long enough to go to one park per day. It is hard to hop around, even with the transportation. Check out mousesavers.com for lots of deal information. Have fun!!

  2. Merilu Says:

    I would suggest Sea World rather than Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is quite a ways from Disney and Sea World is very close. Sea World is also a fantastic place with lots to see and do. Shades of Green is within walking distance of the tram for Disney and is a very nice hotel.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I think if it TRULY makes you happy - go for it.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Just remember how hot it will be. Probably over 100 degrees every day.

  5. crazyliblady Says:

    If you want to go, go. Not one of us is going to try to deny you a vacation. I definitely need a vacation. The trip I am taking in June was supposed to be a combination business trip for me but taking the husband. Because of a variety of reasons, I will likely be going alone and by bus. No problem there. I don't mind. I know the city I am going to and I love traveling by bus or any other way. But we were really hoping for a little vacay. But you could not pay me to go to Disney. No way. I don't like theme parks, places with crowds, rides, games, or waiting in line to buy terrible and overpriced food.

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