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slacking on the decluttering

April 18th, 2011 at 06:18 am

Last time I did a one item a day declutter it ended up being at least a few items a day thing.

Well this time I am slacking and actually I am managing to do one item a day, but alot of that is paperwork.

Yesterday, It was to go through my coupons and throw away the expired ones. I also went through all my magazines that had coupons in them and cut out the ones that are not expired and then sorted them into what I will use and what will go into the coupon train when I get it.

I did bring 2 sets of sheets, my second pair of running shoes and three toothbruches for my tough box.

I need to do much better, I think I would have done much better but Friday and all weekend it snowed. It is hard to want to spring clean when it is snowing outside.

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