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My April 1st Spending (during no Spend Challange)

April 1st, 2011 at 11:05 am

Okay first off, I went to the Parks and Rec Program Building this morning to register my son for their Summer Program.

I am glad I did, I was an hour early and the first person in line. By the time you were allowed to register the building had atleast 35 people there. The reason I am glad I did it in person is there was a glitch with the Online Registration and the Credit Card portion was not working right away. Then there was a problem with the payment portion of the Program I wanted to go into (both online and in person). Twenty Five Minutes after the registration officially openned I was the FIRST person to register (due to technicall difficuties).

Yes Yes YES!!!!!! I got my slot. This means I saved $725 minimum this year in summer daycare. There was also some goofy info on the webpage I looked at yesterday and so I am glad I went in because now I know my son is in this progam all day not just half. I wanted him in this program all day if I could because I think this program is going to be more Fun then the half summer school half parks program.

So Spent Money for April $300 BUT I am not counting that in the No spending Challenge because to me Daycare Falls under Necessary Bills. If I can take leave the days in August that I have planned I will save an additional $375 for the summer.

Before this I went to the Capital to get my Birth Certificate and Death Certifiate for my Mother. I am not sure IF I am going to need to get another or if I am going to have to send the other one I have (I DO NOT want to send the other one). See here is the deal, I want to apply for a Passport and one of the new conditions that went into effect this morning is that the FULL name of your parents needs to be on the Birth Certificates that are taken as proof of Identitiy. I have a Certified BC from 30+ years ago and it has my parents full name on it, it has my time of birth and more on it. Well the new one does not, when I brought this to the attention of the Vital Records department they said there head lady would need to call the Passport people because they are not set up to be able to put the middle names for the parents on the BC. I do not want to send my first BC with the passport application because even though they return the birth certificates with your passport things do get lost in the mail.

After the Daycare i went to Wal-Mart. I spent money, I was bad.

I bought a storage tote to put my son's clothes in. I did not want to pack up my son's clothes for his dads place while I am deployed in a garbage bag or a cardboard box. I wanted it in a nice see-through tote, first so I know what is in the box and because I am totally against the garbage bag idea, because my son is not garbage. Yes rationalizing the $11.

I also bought Easter Stuff to fill baskets for 3 humans and 1 dog, I purchased:
3 chocolate easter bunnies $3 each
2 Books $6 &$11
2 packages of rawhide bones $3.62 & $4.50
box of milkbone training snacks $2.50
A basket that after easter is over is going on my dresser to help control the clutter $7
1 Special Flavored Coffee $5.58
Total Easter Basket Spent this trip $49.20

I say spent this trip because I really want to purchase him a stuffed animal to put in the basket. He loves stuffed animals and right now the basket looks kinda empty.

Long Story but I also bought Clothing for my son. I bought him 4 pairs of sweatpants. They were $2 each on sale from $5. I noticed the last time I did laundry that he is down to 6 pair of pants in his current size. The others either got a bit too short or they are REALLY badly beat up. So I purchased him the sweatpants; two different sizes so that he can wear the sweats on the weekend and so I do not have to wash jeans mid week thus making it an extremely small load. So Clothing $8

So April No Spending Month:
Deployment Expenses $11.00
Easter Baskets $49.20
Clothing $8.00

Now I also purchased some items that are not counting towards my expenses.

I purchased a book "Hop the movie - The Chapter Book" for $4.24 this is the Easter Present for 2012. I have a limit of $10 for the holiday presents in a trunk so I came in under budget on that one. I also purchased a book for $10.97 it is a hard cover book it is called "leprechaun in late Winter" It is a Magic Tree House Book this is for St. Patricks day 2012. Now technically I did go over budget and said I would account for that in my spending BUT I figure since Easter was $5.00 under budget I am going to call it even. Also when I said I wanted a treasure chest type box, I had something in mind.

Well I already had a very similar box, it just is oval and not very large. I have desided I will use that box and save myself the expense. Also because it is on the smaller size this will mean I really have to watch the size of the items I purchase for this project. Hopefully that will help keep the budget in line.

2 Responses to “My April 1st Spending (during no Spend Challange)”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    That is GREAT news on the childcare for this summer! I knew you'd get your son in. Smile

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'm glad you managed to get your son into the parks program. I know how much you wanted to be able to save that money.

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