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Emergency Fund

March 25th, 2011 at 11:56 am

Today I saw what I will get paid on the 31st of March. I still have not seen my Electric and Gas bill for what gets pulled on the 4th. I hope it is lower since the weather except for that snow storm the other day it has been warmer.

My Highest Electric and Gas bills are the Feb Bill which is for Jan. I noticed July is my lowest month. The bill goes up from July until Feb then it goes down until July. Well It already went down last month so I hope it goes down more.

I was looking over my savings accounts, I really really want to make some progress. I have desided to have BF watch my son after he gets off work so I can start donating plasma again. It is part time pay but I only have to put in two hours a week or so.

It has been a few years since I did it. But I am getting gazelle intense.

I was looking over my Daycare Savings....Man I hope everything falls into place. If I do not need that money then it would finish my Emergency Fund and all I would have left is Baby step 3 for the Mortgage and Escrow. The Escrow is projected to be fully funded Sept 15th IF I continue the saving as I am and not put any extra into it.

I put in a leave slip so I can be in line on April 1st at 10am when the summer daycare applications are taken.

I also was told that I am the secondary Primary inputer for flood duty. We got a new tracking and pay program and the person who enters it cant certify it so we have two inputers (me secondary) and two certifiers. I was also told I am to focus on inprocessing the others, so With those JOBS they are both in town jobs. YEAH, so if I dont actually have to leave town I will not need my saved money and I can put it to EF.

I talked to my daycare, I thought my last monthly daycare payment would have been this month (this paycheck) so next month that money could be used for the Mortgage and Escrow EF BUT I think she is going to draw out a payment in May (for the last month I will be home before shipping off to Mob Station). That way ALL I have to pay is a few days in fees for August.

So all in all, what a good day.

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