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Winter Clothing, Ex-Husband ranting, and ?????

March 21st, 2011 at 07:46 am

This weekend I was on the look out for clearance winter clothing for my son. I wanted clothing for next winter and the following. I ended up going to Kohls's, Old Navy, A footwear store I can't think of the name now, TJ Max, Kmart, Once Upon a Child, and Walmart on Saturday.

At Kohl's I found him boots $19.99. This was clearance.

I found my son a quality backpack at TJ Max. I spent $25 but it should last until 7th grade when he will need a larger one to hold more stuff then this one can. He is hard on backpacks and so he was averaging half a year per backpack, and that is even me trying to repair them as much as possible.

At Once upon a Child (A resale shop), I found a pair of snow/ski pants for $6.50.

I did not find anything that I was looking for at any of the other stores. I waited too long to start my buy ahead winter clothing mission.

On Sunday we went to staples, Herburgers, JcPenny, Target, Famous Footwear, Payless Shoes, Childrens ??, and Sears.

At Staples I purchase composition notebooks. They were on sale for $1 each and I had my ink cartrige rebate check. I got 6 for free. I have my sons school supply list so before going out shopping we raided the boxes of household/school supplies and checked what he was going to need for this fall and spring and the start of the 3rd grade. Composiion notebooks were the only NEED. So that is what I purchased with my rewards.

At Sears I ended up buying a coat and a pair of boots. The coat was on clearance for $24.99 and the boots were reg price $29.99. Long story short they had a sale going on. I ended up saving 20% on the Coat and 15% on the boots so the 4 in 1 coat was only $21 and the boots were $25.

I still need to find Size 10 snowpants and a size 8 coat for my son. I checked ebay and nothing. So over the next few weeks I am going to have to hit ALL the thrift stores and see if I can find them.


My Ex called my son for his weekly talk. He talked to me and stated that even though he thought that he had externships locked in for when he graduated he is not so sure now, because the chefs are not returning his calls and emails. So if he does not do his externship he will not get his degree. He also said that since he will not have a job (he wants a job in his degree field), he will definiately have to do something about child support because he can't afford to pay child support if he has no job.

I said "whatever you have to do". I still need to talk with my lawyer so I know my rights etc, so I did not even fight with him about it. I will fight this battle once I have talked to my lawyer and know where I stand.

My son has a facebook account. It is so he can play the games. I have it set so only his friends can see him. I only allow him to be friends with his immediate family and his daycare provider. Well I guess Saturday he accidentally hit one of those spam ads on the side, so he liked a BAD link on his wall. His father told me about it so when I got home I removed it and reviewed his wall to make sure there was nothing else he accidentally liked etc that was bad. Well as I was reviewing it I came across a post by my ex-husband. The post on my sons wall below the bad link was a post by ex-husband about how he quit his job the day before.

It really burns me. I am going to have to make it clear to my lawyer that I need to CMA, because I think he is planning on doing a unemployment application once school is over so that he can get more child support out of me while I am deployed just because he does not want to work.

I wish I did not have to have him as part of my life, I know a child is should have their parents as part of their life.....But what about those cases where the parent is not a good role model? I mean a guy that makes excuses to not control his anger, a guy that is lazy and does not want to work but would rather milk the system. Lately my son has been saying little things. He is only 7 years old but I think he is realizing that parents are suppose to have jobs to pay bills and if someone chooses to not work when they are physically and mentally able that is wrong.

I wish I could leave my son with my cousin or my boyfriend, but my ex-husband has rights. I really need to talk to my lawyer about this. I am getting the vibe from my Ex-Husband that he would rather stay out of state and just be free of any responsiblity. I am to the point of checking into if I can legally offer my Ex-Husband no more child support EVER if he does not have contact with my son. I just think it is best for my child if he does not have to be exposed to my ex-husbands bad behavior. I would be more than willing to give up $319.90 a month for 11 years just to offer my son a more healthy living environment.

3 Responses to “Winter Clothing, Ex-Husband ranting, and ?????”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    It's completely legal. Not that I agree, but a neighbor of ours bragged how she had paid off her husband and didn't need his child support, and in exchange he could never see his kids again.

    Just not something I would see the point to brag about - Rolleyes - but people do make those agreements. Seemed to work for them.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    All this is so hard, I'm sure. I know of two men who legally terminated parental rights --the same process by which one can give up a child for adoption, I think. They did it at the request of their ex-wives after only occasionally paying child support and creating all kinds of obstructions and problems. They did it willingly, not by having their arms twisted.

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