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I have my fingers crossed----Cheap daycare.

March 3rd, 2011 at 01:32 pm

I was reading my cousins facebook post where she was talking about paying $900 per month for daycare this summer.

Well she responded to my request for more information. Her three girls are enrolled in her cities park and rec program for the summer. It is $300 per month per child. Which is $200 per month less per person than what I am paying.

I live 7 miles aways from the city she lives in so I checked it out. They are booked, I grew up in that city, I graduated from high school from that city and my grandmother still lives there, so I was thinking maybe I if need be I could get an exception and enroll my son, BUT they are full.

I then looked into my cities park and rec program. It is only $300 also BUT it is $300 for the 9 week program, yes that is right I believe it is $300 for the summer instead of $900 like the other program. The only thing is the program will not take reservations until "Early April" according to the website. I will have to find out the exact date and time of openning then I am going to take off work and stand in line. I might be camped overnight in there parking lot for that kind of savings.

Even if the $300/student is a typo and it is suppose to be $300/student/month. That is a $200 per month savings.

This is alot like the afterschool parks and rec program except the afterschool program gives first dibbs to prior year applicants. Well it says first come first serve. With the afterschool program through the park and rec there are only 20 openings at the school my son goes to, so I am hoping there are more slots for the summer session BUT incase I plan on camping out for a slot as soon as I can.

I bookmarked the park and rec programs website on facebook and as soon as I know when they will allow applications I will take vacation days and grab my sleeping bag.

Sadly I have NEVER camped out for concert tickets or movie tickets BUT I will be camping out for Summer Daycare for my child. The afterschool park and rec program used to be the same way, people would camp out days before but they changed it and gave prior applicants priority and then the leftover slots would go to a random draw by an outside party. Well I know the crazy required camp out to get a slot and am waiting to findout when I will need to camp out.

The thing that will be tricky is figuring out what to do with my child while I am camping out hoping for a slot. April he is still in school and BF works at 7am so he cant drop my son at school. He could pick him up from afterschool daycare anyday but Wednesday (5:30pm pickup which is when he gets done with work). I hope the registration day is Friday. That way I can take Thursday and Friday off, I could start camping out for my slot on Thursday as soon as I drop my son off at school and BF could pick him up Thursday and drop off and pick up Friday.

Wish me Luck!

5 Responses to “I have my fingers crossed----Cheap daycare.”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Sounds great! Make sure you ask if they close on rainy days, or if they schedule indoor activities. If they close, it'll be last minute and you'll need alternate arrangements.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I also couldn't believe the price of our parks and recs program. Was something like $3 per day for 4 hours care every day + lunch?? Around here you would pay $1k+ per month, just for that.

    I presumed it was a typo until started talking to some neighbors who participated.

    I don't like ours because it is outside during the summer and not a lot of shade. That said, tried to sign up last year after hearing rave reviews - it got moved farther away due to budget cuts (versus down the street), so we let it go. Wasn't worth the drive since we didn't need the care. If I needed care, I'd drive a few miles out!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck! That sounds like a great deal for all day all summer. And probably lots of fun, too.

  4. ThriftoRama Says:

    Hmmm... Looks like I need to start looking at parks and rec!

  5. LittleMsMom Says:

    The program is held at the different schools in the town. I guess worst case I might see IF I can enroll him at the school closest to my work IF I cant get him into the one at his school.

    They get to do a lot of things but it is indoors for the most part so that is good.

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