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Home > Being Sick cost me $1.50 today, and facebook mussings

Being Sick cost me $1.50 today, and facebook mussings

March 3rd, 2011 at 07:43 am

Yesterday I wrote my son a check for school lunch. This is for those mornings when nothing is going right and I end up needing him to eat lunch at school.

I just needed to ask my son his code to write on the check since I could not locate the code to write on it. Anyway it was then when I was writting the code on the check that I realized in my still ill mental fog that I forgot to pack my son his lunch. So one lunch taken off the check.

Last night my cousin posted on her facebook about her daycare costs. It was short but sweet but basically it boiled down to daycare this summer is going to cost her $900 per month. I followed up and asked what was the first child cost and where was she going because I have not lined up daycare yet.

I pay $125 a week which is $500 per month. She has 3 children, usually you get a discount for additional children but either way she is still paying less than I would be paying. I think it is a bit funny that just last week she was talking about finding her dream home and hoping she can talk her husband into it. They live in a modular home now, so the dream home is I guess an upgrade? Not really sure why it is the dream home.

I am thinking this summer I might end up paying more for daycare. I would really like to get my son into the YMCA. It would be much more expensive but the hours would be more flexible and I could get my son those swimming lessons during his daycare hours since I never seem to find time to do.

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