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Still Sick but back at work and school

March 2nd, 2011 at 09:06 am

On Monday My son and I were sick. He had a ear ache that started hurting right at bedtime on Sunday.

He woke up twice during the night to tell me his ear hurt so I knew it was not just a normal ache and pain. I gave him children's pain killer and on Monday I took him to the clinic. I called to make an appointment BUT since his doctor was the walk in doctor they just told he to go anytime before noon. I took him in at 10:30am (I needed the sleep once I made phone calls and my son actually fell asleep once he climbed into my king size bed). We were the first person to be seen by the replacement doctor at 12:02.

So after seeing the doctor I took my son to get his prescription which cost $6 because he was prescribed antibotics for the ear infection and a prescription for ear drops to numb the ear while the antibotic work. Well Last night (I would guess about an houror so after an ear drop dose) about 23.5 hours after first dose of antibotic, .5 hours before dose two his eyes puffed up. He came to me saying he was having a hard time breathing and when I looked at him I was like OMG because he looked like one of those goldfish with the bubble eyes. I ended up running to Wal-Mart and buying him some Childrens Cleariton. $6 spent but he is now almost back to normal. I will not be giving him anymore of those ear drops. I will give him another cleariton right before bed and if he is not better tomorrow morning I will be taking him into the doctor again.

He had a allergic reaction once before (contact something or other and by the time we got in to see the doctor he was fine). So that is why I went the over-the counter route first. Had he not started to show improvement by the time we got in the car (gave him the drugs at the checkout) I would have taken him to the Doctor.


On Monday (before reaction). I was also sick, but after spending an hour and a half waiting at the clinic to see a doctor for my son we went home. I waited for BF to come home then I went to the after hour clinic for myself. Well an hour and 50 minutes later, I was told I do not have strep, my swollen gland is causing my ear ache and there is nothing to do since it is just a cold.


Blahhhhh, I still feel like I am not 100% but I am back to work and so far the school has not called for me to pick up my son. I wrote a note telling them about his reaction so that they dont think that he has pink eye. (Note his eyes are clear, they are not pink his eye lid area is just puffy like a black more fish).

I need to balance my checkbook. I have been spending money for prescriptions and for gateraid (while waiting for prescription to fill) and then the cleariton and gas for the car this weekend. But I have not been of any mind to balance the checkbook. All I can say is thank goodness for overdraft protection because at this point I am still tooo out of it to bother.

3 Responses to “Still Sick but back at work and school”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry your son is allergic to those drops. They are a life saver for my kids.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Scary! How can you tell which med it was? I would suspect the anti-biotics over the numbing drops. Is he breathing okay now?

  3. LittleMsMom Says:


    The reason I guess it is the drops is because his last dose of antibotic which was the first dose was nearly 24 hours before. The last dose of the drops was much much more recent then the antibotic (The drops were two drops every 6 hours as needed).

    I stripped his bed, and am washing all the throw blankets incase it was something external. I asked if he ate anything and he said he had a popsicle a few hours earlier. So the only thing I can think is that it was the drops. Either he is allergic and it caused a severe reaction as listed on the medicines paperwork OR he itched his ear and then touched his eye with the finger.

    It is super scary, I will be watching him like a hawk tonight when I give him the antibotics though just to be sure.

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