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Need to Vamp up Savings!!!

February 25th, 2011 at 04:41 pm

Well I got my Tax Refund today. I originally was planning to include my regular $165 cost of daycare into my savings plan BUT I changed my mind.

Now I want to just save the money I am short for daycare costs so that I can apply the $165 to my mortgage.

See with my Ex-Husband basically saying if I don't let him stay in the house while I am gone that he will NEED to come after me for child support, I am going to need to make sure I have a fully funded Mortgage and Escrow account prior to Him graduating.

That way If my paychecks are garnished for Child Support while I am deployed then I have the money there in savings to pay my mortgage while I am gone and will just need to figure out how to pay my mortgage once I get home until the garnishment from my check ends.

I talked to my BF about the situation, He now knows that the Ex Moving in is basically something that has to happen. I just have to make sure to cover my bases, if My Ex moves into my home rent free and then still trys to go after CS from me trust me, my EX will have royally screwed up because I will not bend over backwards to be nice.

I also addresses the cost thing and BF said he was planning to pay me the amount of rent he was paying for rent starting on March 15th. If that is the case that is another $525 per month I will have to save up into the emergency fund. I don't know IF BF will move out right before EX moves in or if he will be able to get over his uncomfortable-ness of having the EX in the house. But I hope he does.

See I know this sounds bad BUT I would like him here, He is such a good role model for my son and he is such a calming influance on both me and my son, so IF the two adult males can just get along then it would be good for my son.

I guess that sounds wierd, but my EX and I managed to live like roommates for 8 years, so I hope that my Ex and my BF can live like Roommates while I am gone. My Ex taking care of our son, and My BF taking care of the house such as house repairs and upkeep, mowing grass and shoveling snow.

4 Responses to “Need to Vamp up Savings!!!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I do hope it all works out for you.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    I hope it works out, too. But, boys are weird. They have a hard time making nice with someone who's had a relationship with their lady!

  3. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Sorry if I'm coming across as overly negative, but here's my two cents:

    Don't plan on it working out with BF and EX. It will be very unusual if it does. I would make plans that they don't live together - for example, BF moves out when EX moves in.

    It might sound nice to have BF there doing maintainence and shovelling show, but if they don't get on, then you could be leaving your Son in the middle of World War 3 on his own. Not worth the risk in my mind. Us men are NOT as advanced socially as ye women. Fact.

    Also - your EX, knowing your situation, would seek Child Support from you while you are on Deployment (with all the stress that might bring)... just because, well, he is a Grown Man who can't support himself. Wow - he sounds like a very bad role-model for your son in the Self-Sufficiency stakes anyway.

    Quote: "I guess that sounds wierd, but my EX and I managed to live like roommates for 8 years, so I hope that my Ex and my BF can live like Roommates while I am gone."

    I would put money on your BF and your EX NOT living like room-mates the way YOU and your EX did. You are female who was once EX's lover. BF is a rival Male. Just doesn't make any sense. They would need to be Buddhist masters to rise above 10000s of years of psychological conditioning to live like asexual beings. They also don't know each other. Just not a good idea.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I agree with Thrift. I would not push that scenario at all. Too much can go wrong -- with your son in the middle of it -- and you wouldn't be there. I just don't think it would work, and your BF is already telling you that.

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