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Got half my Valentines Gift. / freezer stash

February 15th, 2011 at 06:49 am

Yesterday I got flowers from BF. They were delivered to the house at 5:30pm which is the time I always tell people if they need to come to the house that we will be there. So BF has picked up on that. Embarrassment)

The flowers were nice, they were actually much prettier this morning. Last night I was looking at the roses and thinking they seemed a bit bruised. But this morning once they opened more they were very pretty.

I am picky about my plants and flowers because I used to work in the lawn and garden portion Wal-Mart.

Anyway, it was the card that I loved. Last night I pulled out the card and message made me laugh out loud. He makes me smile. Later that night he asked if I like the flowers and I said yes even though I had already told him thanks for the flowers three times, but I think he wanted to know if I REALLY liked them. He then asked if I like the bear..... Bear, What bear?

See BF jokes that he is going to send me a singing telegram by a teddy bear. He will not because he is the same as I and not into that big production singing stuff. So I was wondering if it was a joke in reference to that. Well he said you were suppose to get the flowers, a stuffed bear and a card. Now I don't know IF flower places just call the stick thing they stick in the flowers with the printed message a card or if there was suppose to be another card. But he is going to look online again because of the MIA teddy bear.

I gave BF a thermal shirt (a need as he is from warmer climates and needs to increase the amount and warmth level of the cold weather gear he has). And the big box of Whitman Sampler Chocolates (My favorite). He ate half the box last night. :0) So I did well. He mentioned that he was thinking of stopping on the way home from work to get me chocolates but he would have probubly eaten them all before he got home.

I got my son a gift package, it came with a tiny box of hard candies, a box that you can put a photo in the front and a stuffed leopord. He really liked his stuff. I knew he would.

Last night I made Easy Chicken Parmisean. I had 7 servings left for lunches since I made a double batch. I took 4 of the containers to work for lunch. They went into the breakroom freezer. Tonight I am making Pork Chops with Mushroom Rice.

Right now I have 2 brown bag berritos, 2 easy chicken parmisean, and two lemon pepper chicken with rice and veggies for BF for Lunches.

I also have 3 lemon pepper chicken and about 8 brown bag berritos in the freezer for lunches. I want to slowly build up the lunch leftover stash in the freezer so that there is food for lunch even if I make something that does not produce leftovers (like tonights small meal), or we are just not hungry so we just graze all night instead of sitting down to a meal.

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