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Payday is tomorrow ....Good Thing too.

February 14th, 2011 at 01:38 pm

I went grocery shopping. I need to stop!!! See if I buy all the groceries really there is nothing left to leave to BF to buy.

I used the last of the ground beef last night, I made these brown bag burritos. It called for two pounds of ground beef, I only had one so it had to be half beef half turkey. I could not tell the difference at all.

I told BF we were out of ground beef so we are going to have to use start to use turkey for a while and then he said well tell me what else we need that is left on the grocery list (I have been lining through stuff as I buy it) and he would pick it up on the way home. Well we will see if he does.

I think I am going to start double batching stuff and using half beef and half turkey. I think it will stretch the beef out longer.

I am planning on making Easy Chicken Parmesan. I really like this recipe and it reheats really well for lunches. I plan on using two pounds of italian seasoned ground turkey, so I can double the recipe.

Today on the way home from work I need to deposit my rebate from some free shampoo and my telephone refund. The telephone refund is only good for 30 days so I need to get that cashed fast.

Today is Feb 14th....Yes it is Valentines Day BUT it is also the day that the IRS is suppose to start taking itemized tax return. I need to get into my yahoo email and see if TurboTax released My tax return. I can't wait to get my return!!!

Today is Valentines Day, I love Roses. I love getting Roses at work especially on Monday so I can enjoy them all week long before taking them home for the weekend. The problem is Valentines Day is the EXPENSIVE holiday for flower delivery. So deep down I want roses and I want them today so I can enjoy them all week long BUT then the frugle side of me does not want my BF to get overcharged, next week he could get double the flowers for the same price. So even though the day is now coming to a quick end and I am thinking BF is not getting me anything I want to be positive because I know he has that final Student loan payment tomorrow.

Truthfully I want something for Valentines day. I do. BF told me yesterday he does not like Valentines day, he is more a Christmas and Birthday gift guy, he thinks Valentines day is just another day for stores to try to get you to spend money. So we will wait and see....If nothing else I can enjoy the box of chocolates I got him. (They are after all my Favorite Chocolates). :0)

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