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My Ex-Husband wants my tools

February 10th, 2011 at 11:20 am

I just got a phone call from my Ex-Husband. He was calling, not really sure why.

Anyway his starter was going out and his friend was going to replace it for him. So he purchased a new starter, instead of finally making his credit card payment. He delivers pizza for employment so a working car is a need.

Well he said his starter went totally out and now he can't get it to his friends house. He stated at one time I offered to split the tools with him. Hummm don't remember that as I have been selling the extras in my rummage sales as I find duplicates and triplicates. (Divorce decree states he gets the orange colored tools I get everything else). He said IF he had the tools now he might be able to replace the start himself IF he could find it.

He stated he had to get to drill this weekend and was suppose to get promoted this weekend. I suggested he maybe call his car insurance and see if he might have the roadside service added on because then he could tow the car to his friends house and then the car insurance would cover the charge.

The good news of this call is I found out he got promoted....YES this is good news. His pay will go up. I was kinda stressing about if he was going to try to get me to pay child support to him for the 12 months he will have our son while I was deployed. Not because I cared about the money. I was not wanting to have to have to deal with a child support review to figure out how much I would have to pay him each month for 12 months, just to have a child support review a year later when I get back and have my child fulltime and figure out how much Child Support should be payed to me.

See if he leaves all alone the rate will stay the same and yes he will have to pay me $319.90 per month while our son is in his care while I am deployed.....BUT if he makes a fuss, then I might have to pay him a little child support while I am deployed but once I get back his Child Support would triple. Not worth stirring the hornets nest if you ask me. I think it is one of those cases of think of the long term instead of the short term.

Why would his Child support triple? Because when we divorced he was working 2 part time minimum wage jobs but he will be gainfully employed when I get back also he has that promotion and finally his oldest daughter will have graduated high school. Oh and I forgot the child support calculator has been modified to try to keep up with cost of living increases or something like that.

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