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No Spend Day!

February 9th, 2011 at 07:20 am

On Monday I took a return to Wal-Mart.

I had purchased a birthday gift for my Cousin's son. I then forgot to take my son to the Birthday Party because I had to work that weekend and we ended up being released from work early because the weather was BAD.

I totally forgot about the party until it was over for like 3 hours and my son looked at the calendar and said "____'s Birthday Party is tomorrow right?" I was planning on still giving the present to him BUT then I got to thinking. You know the saying the gift for someone who has everything. Well this child has EVERYTHING so not getting this one little gift from us is not going to matter to him. But it will buy my family groceries.

On Monday I was planning on going to the Grocery store and using a store coupon to get two jars of pasta sauce for 99 cents each. I ran out of time before I had to pick my son up for daycare and figured I would plan for it the next day. (It is between work and the daycare location). IF I dont take my son along the trip is much faster and I have to tell him No we can't have that so many less times.

We are doing okay but lately I had been going crazy with the grocery shopping spending more in one week than I used to spend in a month. So I have been sticking to my budget closely since I made that Retirement Allotment mistake and I feel bad saying no when my son asks for food at the grocery store. It is just so much easier not to take him.

So Tuesday I decided that I was just going to wait until my BF gets home and then I would go to the store. But if I make a trip to the store just to buy 2 jars of sauce on sale am I really saving money? The gas I use would possibly bring it to the same price as it normally is. So I am going to skip it unless a situation happens that I am in the area.

I should go online and check if my paycheck stub for the 15th is posted yet. Then I can figure out how much money I have to apply to my savings goals.

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