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Gettting New CC #

February 9th, 2011 at 08:10 am

I went online to see how much I needed to pay on my CC. I have not been using my CC. I have been using my debit card. BUT I had a refund that I used my CC to purchase and so I used my CC so that I could get my money off the card.

I ended up using my card for $19.82 more than I had on the card. So when I get paid on the 15th I will schedule a payment for the future. I noticed when looking online that they cancelled my current CC # and within 20 days I should get my new card and will need to activate it.

Normally I hate non-company data comprimises that cause me to need a NEW cc number. The last time was when I was out of town on flood duty and I was using that card for food and necessities and it was a pain in the butt to worry if I was going to get home before the CC sat in the mail box for days or before I ran out of time on my CC. I was on night shift and so getting to the bank and pulling out a bunch of cash out of checking to pay for meals was not ideal.

But today THIS New number makes me happy. Why??? Well it makes me happy because I was divorced 9 months ago, Part of me has wondered.... Is my credit card number "Remembered" somewhere in one of the many online websites my Ex-Husband visits? Well now it is no longer an issue. I also cancelled my netflix account about 9 days ago so I have no more revolving payments on that card. I suppose I could have just asked for a new cc number a while back. But that seems like such a pain in the you know where just incase the number MIGHT be stored somewhere.

I was not afraid my EX would intentionally use my number if it had been stored somewhere, I was more afraid that he might forget to review the payment section and charge it to my card without realizing it.

But now it is no longer an Issue. I wonder what my new CC is going to look like? I know that seems silly BUT I like my CC and my Debit card to look as different as possible. Have you ever used a card and then was like....OH Crud I used the wrong card. I did that with my Work Card once, I don't even know why my Work card was in with the rest of the Cards cause I normally keep that in a different area. But having them look nothing alike is NICE.

2 Responses to “Gettting New CC #”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That is great that the new card leads to some additional security for you, and you will have some insurance of knowing that there can't be any accidental charges and the like. Good luck from here on out, and I hope that it goes smoothly for you!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    We have two Chase cards that we use as our primary cards - one is light blue, the other is light grey. DH kept destroying his blue one and one time they sent him a dark grey card as a replacement. I LOVED it since that's my favorite color, but he no longer could keep the accounts straight. I'm a numbers person and I know which one is which, but he needs the color. That card renewed in October and we are back to blue again. He's much happier. So yes, different colors on the cards is a very helpful thing!

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