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Tax Return Headaches and Getting on the same page.

February 2nd, 2011 at 02:24 pm

Tax Return Headaches and Getting on the same page.
February 2nd, 2011 at 08:40 am
Not sure what has gotten into BF, but I think he is starting to feel more financially secure and thus less stressed.

On the 31st he started his taxes in turbotax, not sure where he linked from because when he was done (two hours later) it wanted to charge him $39.95 for tax prep fees for each of the two state returns. (Luckily I was looking over his shoulder at that point- okay I was kissing his cheek).

I convinced him that he should not have to pay for tax prep and last night he reentered all his data into the link in I suggested ( not the one I use but this one claimed to handle up to three state returns). It was free and should have been easy but the glitch was that he moved last year and this H&R Block basic at home version could not process a part-time resident state return for this state.

So this means he desided to efile his federal return and efile his other state return last night and will paper file this state return soon. He will do the paper part of this state return at a later date. This state return should be $165 if I remember correctly. I should say also that paper tax returns are handled very promptly in my state. So not such a big deal.

It will be nice because next year he can just go to the state gov site and file both returns using the link I always use and efile both right away for free.

BFs tax return is $1991 when all three returns are factored in. The blessing is this is $9 short of the amount that BF had in his mind for the expense of returning his parents Van to them, Renting a Uhaul and bringing the rest of his belongings and his dog here.


Last night I asked BF what the story was because his answer for everything is lets save for it. So he basically told me he likes to have an Emergency Fund without using those words. He also told me that his Emergency Fund would ideally have $3,000 in it.

See my BF just starting working again about 4 months ago, so he is playing catch up. He was getting workers comp/unemployment for a few months (Long Story but he was hurt badly at work when he was dragged down the road by a Drunk Driver).

I knew BF had about $500 dollars left on his student loans, what I did not realize is that he is making huge payments. BF makes the last loan payment with the paycheck on the 15th of this month then he should have about $460 per month to use to restock his emergency fund.


I think from small chats with BF his financial goals are as such.
_Done as of Feb 15th_ Pay off Student Loan
$2000 - Return Parents Van, Rent Uhaul (Tax Return)
$3000 - Emergency Fund (Starting March 1st paycheck)
$ Save for Fence, and Deck/Porch and Shed
$ Payoff Truck Loan (only other debt)

Yesterday, I had the day off. I went grocery shopping and came in right at budget. I added thing in my head as I put them in the cart. I bought all generic as I have little coupons in my coupon organizer it seems. I ended up having to leave without about 15 items from the list (they were wants not needs).

I got Valentines stuff, I bought a box of my favorite Chocloates for BF and a winter long sleeve undershirt total cost $12 plus tax. I bought my son a $5 prepackaged gift with a box that you put a picture in the front, small box of hard candy and stuffed tiger. This $17 came out of the grocery/household spending budget.

I cancelled My netflix account. (Save $10.59 per month)

I also washed laundry and sorted it, that night all three of us folded and put away our own laundry. My son misses the days when I used to fold his laundry and put it away, but I sure dont.

Have a great February!

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