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Spending Money.

October 4th, 2010 at 09:03 am

Well this weekend went QUICK! Yep Capital letters. My son woke up this morning went to get a drink of water and offered to turn off my bedroom light on his way back to his bed. I was just laying in my bed having a hard time getting out of it. So I said thanks sweety but I need to get up and get ready for work and to pack your lunch for school.

His Answer "BUT IT IS SUNDAY!!!!" Yeah poor boy is not the only one who thought the weekend went by too fast.

Saturday I went to Wal-Mart to buy a birthday present for a party my son was attending, when we got there the greeter was handing out coupons for an additional 50% off all clearance items priced $50 or less. I was able to purchase 3 pairs of jeans for my son at $5 each, a t-shirt for $2.50, and swim trunks with a swim shirt for $1.25. I bought flip flops AKA shower shoes for $.25 and a set of organizers for $2. I also bought some grocerys and of course the birthday presents.

I bought the jeans for next fall. I want to stock up on clothes for my son. That way if my son stays with my cousin or my ex while I am out of country then the clothes are there and less for them to deal with/buy. I do not want my cousin to have to purchase stuff, and I do not want to hear my ex complain about having to buy stuff either so I made a list and between now and leaving I want to complete the list (hopefully as cheaply as possible). I have big plans for Black Friday.

After the party I went to Kmart and purchased a picture frame and camera batteries. I need non-rechargable batteries because I put fully charged rechargables into the camera and it is not enough juice...I guess I have recharged the batteries a few too many times for use in the camera. I want two frames but they only had one so I will need to go back. I wanted frames for the two photos I got mailed to me of my mother. One is a copy of her high school graduation picture and one is of her 1st communion.

Sunday I finished pricing the clutter I had around the house and boxed it up for next summers rummage sale. I have more clutter to gather up and price but for now I am slowly making progress. Yeah me!

1 Responses to “Spending Money.”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Haha, very funny from son. I stopped checking books on CD out of the library because my CD player goes through batteries so quickly it is ridiculous. I should invest in the recharging setup.

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