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Cell Phone - ??

July 9th, 2010 at 06:52 am

Okay here is the situation. 6 months ago my now XH had to have a NEW phone so he could text. So after researching new phone prices I desided to extend my cell phone contract to get new phones at a reduced cost.

The cancel early fee is $200 per line but the discount on the phones was $220 each so the lesser of two evils was to extend the contract. My XH now has his own plan but he still has the phone I purchased for him. He has basically given me the $200 cancelation fee in FREE daycare services. But there was a mess up with the Internet bill; I pay the bill but the bill was in his name so when the bill was transfered to my name; he is going to get a refund of MY $$ for about $100. If I get that money returned to me I am good for the phone but if not then really he only gave my $100 for the contract cancelation.

Yeah a complicated mess. Here is the deal. I can cancel the phone now, and pay $200 and save $28 per month which times 5 months is $140 or a total cost of $60.

Or I can just keep the second line and it will cost me $140 more over the next 6 months BUT if I only get the $100 it will only cost me $40. But if for some CRAZY reason he desided to refund me the Internet refund then It would save me $60 to wait out the contract.

What would you do? Would you pay the extra $60 and just be done with the mess and the ties to your XH. Or would you wait out the 5 months then cancel the line to save the $60? At this point I have to wait until the 9th to make any changes. The way my provider works is any change made mid cycle will be prorated and if I make the change before the start of the new cycle I am afraid of overage charged because of the prorate.

Another thing is he said he would give me the phone, if I do not get the other phone back I will cancel the line ASAP. But if I have the phone in hand and know no calls will be going OUT from it I am more willing to keep the line. What to do?

Oh one more thing, I HAVE ALLTEL yep, Alltel. We were suppose to be in the process of being switched to AT&T like 3 years ago. At this point I am wondering if that switch happens before the contract would end would I really have a contract cancel fee as the contract is with Alltel NOT AT&T? The swap is causing me many questions because I am not sure my phone will work with them and If I cant upgrade am I going to have to pay FULL price for a phone to work on the AT&T plan?

6 Responses to “Cell Phone - ??”

  1. momcents Says:

    Oh dear, this is sort of like a logic question on the LSAT test (see me shudder at the thought of reliving that test!)

    I'd be inclined to pay the $60 just to be over and done. I'm usually not patient enough to see things over through ... but if there is a plan and it is $60, you might want to wait.

  2. north georgia gal Says:

    I would be tempted to just cancel the phone and be done with the X for good.

  3. justericka Says:

    im in with the cancle the phone..get rid of the ex..and let it go. altho..when i had this happen to me..i kept the phone and gave it to my girls for a phone when i wasnt home..it worked out...i had the phone...i had the bill..he had...well..he had nothing..so it was ok.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    I would try to get the phone back. Then you can wait out the contract and sell the phone on Craigslist. If he makes a fuss about giving it back I'd cancel it right away. It would be worth the money to me.

  5. Jan Says:

    I would cancel it, then it's over and done with and there is no chance of another problem cropping up with it in the future, it would be worth the extra money for the peace of mind.

  6. LittleMsMom Says:

    Thanks for your input. I will probubly just cancel the line once the 9th rolls around. I have a feeling that once I cancel his line and look into plans I might actually be able to save even more by going to a even smaller plan than I was thinking of going to.

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