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The never ending to do list $$$$

May 18th, 2010 at 07:31 am

Talked to the realtor yesterday about the results of the open house this weekend.

The result - the realtor is sending her cleaning lady over to clean our floors. Everyone keeps saying the floors are dirty. Well I clean them it is just when the sun hits the floors they look streaky and dusty. Whatever, the cleaning lady is going to clean them and if they are unstreaky XH is suppose to ask what product she used on the floor and where she purchased it so we can start using that product.

Guess my swiffer wetjet is going to have to go away for now since it leaves streaks that bother others. Truthfully the streaks used to bug XH too but I have enough to deal with keeping the house going without worring about streaky floors that are just going to be walked over when DS and XH walk through with their shoes on to get a drink of water.

They also complained that the carpet on the stairs is dirty. We have desided just to replace it and then to carpet the basment hallway. We have lamentent in the hallway BUT due to code the basement floor slopes for drainage and of course the low spot is down the center of the hallway so unless we put a subfloor down the lament in the hall tends to give as you walk down it (since the middle of the hall is lower than the sides). People were starting to think structural issues when it is a code thing and well we should have put a subfloor down in the hall but at this point since people are complaining about the streaky lament we are going to carpet the hallway. Better to just put carpet down and fix the issue then pay for an inspector $$ to come in say oh they need a subfloor and it is good. Then still have to either put a subfloor down $$ or put an allowance for them hire someone to do it $$.

So this weekend we have to go look at carpet and arrange for a installation date. We also have to find out IF they put the floor molding back on after they are done or if we have to put it back on and just put it the correct height from the floor. Then we have to remove the carpet from the stairs and remove the lament from the hallway.

XH said to me that if the house does not sell in two weeks that he wants to go down in price and gave me a price....I hope he realizes what the list price he stated would actually bring in after the realtor fee and the deck allowance.

The funny thing is I am sure we will not have a offer in the next two weeks as we still need to finish the rock border, Mow the grass and weed and feed, stain the front porch, paint the upstairs walls, fill trim wood holes, and order and have the carpet installed, and XH is not doing any of that at this time....He is currently out Fishing with his buddy.

Another BIG issue we are having is that there is one house in the cul-de-sac that looks bad. The house is PAINTED a faded baby blue color and the rest of the cul-de-sac is nautrals in either vinyl or steal siding. They also have a ton of vehicles in there driveway, and they have at least two trailers (horse or motorcycle like transport type) parked on the grass to the side of the house and in the back yard. They have a blazer parked on the grass in the front yard. They do daycare so there are alot of cars coming and going to that house and because they are super busy their yard looks kind of Wild, they have a flower bed upfront of there house near the front sidewalk that is laid out like a vegtable garden.

Their yard just looks trashy and tacky....Sadly I think it is going to cost us some money to entice someone to overlook the eyesore.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with everything!

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