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So tired of house business....

May 10th, 2010 at 07:50 am

I took three days off last week so I could clean the house. I cleaned quite a bit but of course there is still more to do. I am wondering IF we should just move out so the house can be completely clean, and all I would have to do is once a week go over and touch up clean and mow the grass. The problem would be that it would be empty looking.

We need to get the following done ASAP.
#1. Paint the upper level.
#2. Clean the rocks in the driveway and move them to the rock border.
#3. Clean/Clear out garage.
#4. Fill Nail holes in the trim in basement.
#5. Clean clutter off entertainment center.

I was extremely frustrated because STBX was home the whole time last week that I took off from work and did not do anything to assist me. He was on facebook playing bejeweled blitz or watching movies. Sadly on Wednesday I thought we got our divorce papers BUT it was just the copies of everything that was prepared and a copy of the letter they sent to the court requesting it be filed and a copy of the final papers be returned to the lawyers office.

STBX did not go to work Friday because he was SO worked up about everything going on in his life and that the house is taking so long to sell he had to go see a pyschotrist. Then of course he got done with seeing her and instead of going to work he went to the BAR to relax. So I spent all night cleaning for the showing the next morning.

The next morning he woke me up at 745 am in a rage because I throw away his netflick envelope (Because I thought it was trash). That day he was driving 105 miles out of town to help a old friend move. So instead of making progress on the things that need to be addressed to sell our house he is just doing nothing and complaining.

Our realtor said people were saying our house was overpriced for not having a deck, and after doing some listing searches I think we are going to have to come down AND add an allowance for the deck. I think we are going to have to come down to the price I originally had in my mind to list it at.

I want the house sold so I can stop spending HOURS cleaning and keeping it clean. Every weekend I spend more time trying to get to look more clean, more organized. I am ready to relax.

My only complaint is that STBX is not paying anything towards any of the house bills, or repairs. So if I and my little boy move out so that the house stays cleaner then I am paying rent AND a house payment.

Even though STBX said he would watch DS this summer he is talking of moving in with a friend and staying on his couch (after house sells but before school starts). So not sure how that is going to work for daycare, I am going to need to work that out. Plus part of me is thinking maybe if STBX moved out now the house would stay cleaner as it is his stuff in the livingroom that is a cluttered mess.

Hopefully things will improve soon.

1 Responses to “So tired of house business....”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    i don't see why you need to add an allowance for not having a deck... is a deck a mandatory requirement for houses in your area?

    isn't that like adding an allowance for our house because it doesn't have a pool or a boatshed???

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