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Yesterday Sucked, but hopefully a turn around soon..

May 4th, 2010 at 07:47 am

Yesterday STBX went to look for the siding and he was unable to just go in and order it or buy it (stock on hand) as it is no longer being made.

The siding guy suggested another place to locate the siding. So the search continues for either someone who has stock on hand or a really close match by a different company.

If that does not work out they are starting to do two tone siding here. Basically one color on the bottom 3 or 4 feet then one row of white or a accent color then a different color above. We could do this and I think this would be some very nice curb appeal. I would like to do a slightly darker color to the bottom and the white accent color leaving the current color on the top and the extra siding removed from the bottom could be stored for future repairs. BUT for now we are going to look for 2 pieces that are what we have or VERY VERY close or just leave it and if the buyer wants to negotiate that into the offer so be it.


I was super busy yesterday and did not get my papers turned in, actually after all the bad things that happened I did not want to. Sometimes when bad things keep happening it is best not to add to it.


I called the realtor yesterday to bring up the fact she listed our house as having a 3/4 bath in the basement instead of a full. We then talked about the outcome of the open house.

Basically the big things were that people thought it needed to be cleaned. The house was really clean for the open house (except the painting supplies in the laundry room, the garage and the totes of STBX clothes in the Master that are ozzing all over.)So not sure unless they are talking scuffs on the walls that need to be painted. So we may end up painting. I also NEED to take more things to the storage unit, basically things from the garage. Need to have it sparkle.

Also they said that they thought it was overpriced for not having a deck so we are doing a little research into deck prices and going to do a allowance. We are not going to pay the cost of a deck then have them complain it is too small or the wrong material etc...Just doing an allowance.

Wednesday the countertops are being installed and that might have been an issue also that they just could not visiualize the new counters.

Anyway on Friday the realtor is going to do another walk through and hopefully a little staging and LOOK for issues to address, we will discuss and deside on the allowance for the deck. We are also at that time going to take NEW pictures for the website NEW curb appeal and more rooms.

Hopefully we can plan another open house for NEXT weekend.


Shopping, since the countertops are going in tomorrow today STBX is disconnecting the sink. So dinner tonight is Subway and I will be buying some new shower curtains and rugs trying to get a more upscale image for the pictures on Friday. I will also be buying the planters for the front porch and in front of the garage.


Okay going to post the listing phots in a follow up post so I can get suggestions?

1 Responses to “Yesterday Sucked, but hopefully a turn around soon..”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    If there are scuff marks on the wall, I highly suggest painting. Or try the magic erasers.

    Yes, put the totes of clothes stacked up in a closet, the garage or the basement. Put away the painting supplies. You want to look like you are about to have guests over. You can hide things in your dryer, washer, under beds when you have showings. The less piles of anything the better.

    I sure wouldn't put a deck on either, but offer an allowance in order to make a deal or get it sold.

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