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The morning gets BETTER.

April 28th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

I got the first draft of my divorce documents.

I say first draft because I needed to make a few changes, I am having the STBX look them over to make sure there is nothing in them he wants changed.

One big point was they messed up the Child Support Amount. I was like WOW when I saw the amount, but then I turned the page and was like WTF when I saw what they had as his per month net pay.

I went to the states website and ran the correct numbers. The amount is the exact same as what StepDaughter#2 Mother gets. The original number was almost double that amount. I told STBX the amount correct amount and of course he flipped out.

I told him we have options, I could either pay him for watching our son this summmer like I originally said I would, and since it is basically double dipping having him pay for Child Support AND half the household bills until he moves we could make an arrangement of one applying to the other. Also I said I am not sure that the CS is automatic or if we have to contact them, and They are always so slow anyway...If we dont do anything it might not happen until School starts (his income jumps once school starts). That calmed him down.

I want the paperwork done, I have no problem letting him mooch off me until School starts because it is best for Our little boy to get to spend time with his daddy and it does help me. Basically I look at it like hiring a nanny.

Man that would be AWESOME if we could get this all ironed out today and emailed back to the lawyer.

I am reading the documents and I think in our state since it is uncontested all that has to be done after it is signed is for it to be entered into record. That would be FREAKEN awesome if this could be done FAST!

2 Responses to “The morning gets BETTER.”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    I'm really impressed on how you are handling the divorce. Mine was major trauma. It sounds like you are very organized and know what you want. Congrats.

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    I am really lucky in the fact that we both realize that we BOTH just are happier when we are apart.

    His only consern is the Child Support because I am now "Baby Mama #3". Having 3 children with 3 Baby Mama's is expensive. I feel bad for him because yes for 8 years I was in the situation with him. Until his children are 19 his income is going to be tapped.

    After 8+ years of supporting both him and our child I am looking forward to only supporting myself and my child. So even if I have to return the CS to him until August (So he can afford to eat) I have no problem with that since $314 is NOT worth him being UPSET while living with US. I would pay more than that in Daycare anyway.

    I guess really it boils down to the fact I LOVE my son with my whole heart and soal and until I had him I never knew what UNCONDITIONAL love was. My son is the greatest gift my STBX ever gave me and I would not have him if it was not for my marraige. I dont forget that fact...There was ONE very positive thing that came out of the Marriage.

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