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Need to have a rummage sale NEXT weekend

March 29th, 2010 at 10:52 am

Well My husband had a fit again this morning wondering when I was going to call a realtor. So I told him not until the countertop is installed.

His answer was I had Thursday off last week why didnt I do it then. I did not say a word. Last Thursday for one the Tax rebate had not been deposited yet, Plus he was donating plasma and with friends. He is the one home during the day so he needs to be with to make sure I dont make an appointment that will not work for him. I also really dont want to list the house before all the odds and end little touch ups are done but he is getting mad because the to do list keeps getting longer. Actually it is not getting longer it is just that he is not making any progress on them. I would do them but then he gets mad.

Oh did I say I spent thursday cleaning the house and getting things ready for the rummage sale. So I was working on things that need to be done to sell the house but no good girl points for me.

I was planning a Rummage Sale the 28-29 of May but with him wanting the Realtor here already I am going to need to try to hold one earlier which leaves me with three options. Yes over the next 3 Months or 12 weeks I only have 3 weekends were I dont work or have some commitment. I am thinking of holding one on Saturday next weekend and then depending on how that goes the next free weekend I have which is a month later.

I need to sell some of the things we have cluttering up the house before we try to list the house. Also the door in the hallway is still not up because We just ordered it.

I started putting together my online ad, I will post it later I just wanted to get it started. I also printed off some papers I want to use to make some Sale Signs to post on our street and on the house.

I will need to get Cash, I will need to find the grocery bags I have hidden all around the house and find some boxes for stuff that would be better boxed. I also should remind myself to keep the newspaper for packing glass items.

My little boy sounds like a frog, he does not have a fever and only started having a cough this morning so we need to take him into the dr tonight after school. This evening I think we will be knocking out ordering the countertop.

My husband went to job service today and hopefully will figure out what he wants to do soon. I was hoping he would go in and talk to his old employer about getting his part time job back at least until something else comes along but so far other things have come up of course.

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