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Planning a Rummage Sale

March 16th, 2010 at 07:06 am

Well last night the contractor came to get all his tools out of our basement and remove the extra sheetrock and mud (we sold him).

It is so nice to have that done, of course there are still little fixes here and there and clean up. I also came across more stuff that needs to be returned. We bought a bunch of tape and painting paper. I need to return the unopened stuff.

I have learned that we cant save it for use later. What ends up happening is we save it, then cant find it when we are ready for it, then end up buying more; then of course find the stuff we had saved.

Soon I will be able to go through stuff and put it back where it belongs. My plan for what was my sons playroom is to put his boxed up books in the closet in that room and then use the rest of the closet for rummage sale stuff.

I need to vaccum the rug in that room then I will set up half as a playroom and half as Mommys get ready for rummage sale space. This will work because he gets lonely, if I am spending time in the room getting stuff tagged than put into boxes/totes until the sale it is win win. I also plan on trying to list stuff online until the sale in May. Those online item I plan to put in the office closet.

I am planning to hold a sale the first weekend after school lets out. Friday May 28th is the first day of no school, and then Saturday the 29th. This will then give me Sunday and Monday (Memorial day) to clean up/relax.

These days also overlap with the weekend my husband will be out of town for his concert.

I would like to have it earlier but you can NEVER tell with the weather and I would like to do it after school is out for the summer.

Worst case if I have everything ready and we sell the house before that; I can always have a rummage sale at my grandmothers house that weekend. The stuff will just get taken to my grandmothers house and I will put it in her(unfinished) basement.

2 Responses to “Planning a Rummage Sale”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with your sale. Sounds like a great plan for prepping, too!

  2. Jerry Says:

    I agree with you about not saving some things for later... it just leads to clutter, more often than not! There are some things I will save, like a small can of paint for touch-ups, or something like that. Matching colors doesn't always come with insurance of a perfect match, in my experience, so I'd rather have a little can on hand!

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