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Paid the Contractor

March 15th, 2010 at 10:54 am


My transfer from Savings went through today. Okay it is in a pending status but online it shows it available for useage.

Paid the contractor, came in under budget $400 because he gave us a quote then said he would take off some if we helped with some things. Well we did then he bought some supplies Out of Pocket and we had some supplies left over that we cant return that he is taking off our hands so in the end we came in under budget AND dont have to figure out what to do with all the left over sheetrock and mud which he bought from us.

The best part was that because of it coming under budget that much the savings transfer amount was almost perfect. I can actually use the money from todays paycheck that was going to be the difference between the transfer and the cost to apply to the new countertops.

Was talking to the contractor and he said some things to me that got me thinking and so I relaid those things to my husband (without saying they came from contractor) that will result in much LESS work for him and a much faster finish. Did this to prevent the whole bruised ego thing whenever the contractor suggests stuff, so contractor tells me; then I tell my husband I googled it or someone ELSE said something and then he goes for it with no hurt ego.

The contractors opinion matched mine but I was just going to let my husband do his thing but the contractor saying the doors really did not need another cost of poly is going to save days of work for the hubster.

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