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Big jobs done now just the little stuff

March 15th, 2010 at 06:44 am

Last night the handiman finished the projects, we had hired him for. Oh man does the kitchen look so much nicer, now with the filler in between the stove and the cabinets and the trim back up against the cabinent bases.

I cant wait to order the NEW countertop. Maybe that will happen tonight or this week. Since my husband needs to be with to schedule the home measurements I cant go without him.

The bad thing is I think I am going to have to ask about countertop removal prices. We asked before but decided to do it ourselves, but now that I think about it, it would be better to just have the people installing do the removal as we then would be without a kitchen counter for less days. (Thinking what if they reschedule). Also what if we damage the counters in the process of removing the countertops. My husband is so not handy, I do a better job, BUT he cant stand me doing it while he is around because it hurts his pride.

Last night as the handy man was fixing some of the jobs my husband had done, I realized it is sometimes so not worth saving $100 or $200 when spending that extra saves alot of work, stress and the finished product is BETTER.

We need to take measurements to get all the heat vent covers. We need to buy a light switch cover or a solid switch cover or possibly both. My Cousin the electrician moved a light switch for us (big happy smile).

We need to caulk the ceilings and do painting upstairs. We can call the RE Agent as soon as the countertop is installed and hopefully the vent covers will be in place. I dont care about the painting and the caulking as I am SURE as she walks around she will come up with other TO DO things but I just want to get started.

Of course the closet doors all need to be sanded and have another coat of poly applied. The hallway door for upstairs NEED everything including sanding to get some flaws out of it before staining. The list of little things is long BUT I am not going to wait on those to get in touch with a RE Agent.

Tonight I need to return some unneeded supplies to the store and then I am going to do 15 minutes of cleaning (washing/folding laundry) and hopefully sweeping and mopping the floors downstairs so we can start cleaning and organizing!

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