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Good news, Bad news, Taxes Drama & craziness PS a little rant

March 12th, 2010 at 07:03 am

Last night I finished my Taxes! Yea for me, It took hours and finally after all we went for marriage filing jointly one last time. I ran through everything for itemization then at the end it said standard was better so then I figured I would run the information again as if we both were planning to file seperately. Well because of the child credits I desided to just go ahead one last time filing jointly. Next year hopefully I should be filing Single-Head of Household!

The deposit should be in our joint checking account before the end of the month. The good news is this means I should be able to close the joint checking account faster.

I decided to close the account before the house sells and worst case then we will open a joint checking/savings account just for that, deposit the money, withdraw the money, then close the account.

The tax return is close to $5,000 when you combine both federal and state. State we will get 100% of what we paid in back. Federal we got 16% more than we paid in back, never did understate Turbo Taxes tax liability calculations.

We also ended up using the standard deductions, so all the $ and clothing/household goods donations were for nothing except for KARMA points. Oh well at least I got some stuff out of my house AND now I know for this year to just try to sell the extra stuff I dont want to move to an apartment.

Good News: the handiman is coming on Sunday to finish the work, he should finish Monday at the Lastest. The Bad news is this has Pissed off my husband because he thinks this has ruined his long weekend because now instead of (spending qualitiy time - HA) playing computer games with our son he has to be working (staining the doors that are going to be installed.

My husband is SUCH a drama Queen also he is so lazy, I cant wait for this to be done!!! He is in a tizzy and told me to tell our handiman that he works for us and not the otherway around and He is going to have to do it later. Yeah right, the handiman knows my husband and knows you have to light a fire under his bottom to get him to move. Also if we reschedule we are putting finishing off the house for another month or so. NO I am not about to piss off the handiman so that he quits then we are up a creak trying to find someone else to come in a finsh these small project and charging us 10X as much.

PS did I mention that the handiman is doing this as a favor to me because he knows I am a hard worker and that we (okay I) am trying to sell the house BEFORE the divorce so that is one less thing to fight over. My husband will not let me have the house free and clear and I will not take on this Mortgage if I have to pay him a share of the escrow. You never really know what a house is worth until it sells so we will sell it and split the profits then that is one less thing to pay the lawyers to iron out. I think the house might be worth 209K he thinks it is worth 259K (large difference in escrow value).

Today I need to transfer the money from the joint savings account to the joint checking so I can pay the handiman come Sunday. So I get to close that account also! Whooot Whooot!!

Transfered the funds (but since I did it online they need to wait 24 hours before they can close the account to Make sure the $ gets to the new account. (Saturday afternoon I could do this but I think I will just wait until Monday)

My husband called he is going to the hardware store and going to buy a set of saw horses like I suggested then get cracking on the staining so it is done in time and QUOTE "Blank can come do the job and then I never have to see him in my house again!" (My husband is all worked up over nothing) He wants to make donuts and play computer games with our Son, it takes maybe 30 minutes to apply the stain then you have to wait to recoat; there will be plenty of time for him to play computer games and cook donuts.

1 Responses to “Good news, Bad news, Taxes Drama & craziness PS a little rant”

  1. momcents Says:

    If you don't want to buy saw horses, you can use old dresser drawers on their sides. Cheaper and just as functional.

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