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House is getting closer. Storage Unit Question.

March 11th, 2010 at 08:11 am

The night before last, our handyman came over and installed the shelving and hanger rods in the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

Today he might be back (waiting on my husband to finish staining) to trim out the closets.

It is getting closer. Once he is done with the things we hired him to do we need to.
#1 Caulk the ceilings
#2 Paint over the caulking
#3 Paint the walls
#4 Have the countertop installed
#5 Fill nail holes in the trim downstairs
Then I think we are ready to clean and list the house.

I do not want to rent an apartment until the house is sold (we can move in temporarily with family if need be). I also have found three apartments that sound like I would be happy with, I have bookmarked the listings but have not seen them as it seems pointless to see them until we atleast list the house.

Now since I do not want to pay rent on an apartment until the house sells. Should I rent a storage unit, so I can go through things and sort into his/mine and start trying to sell stuff we no longer need (three TVs when DH wants a NEW flatscreen HGTV).

Right now the house is way too messy to list and I feel a rental would be a way to go but then I feel it is such a waste since we are downsizing maybe we should be able to get everything packed up nicely and stored in our house. Once the two bedroom closets are done downstairs we could put stuff in those closets. Would it sell better empty of stored things or would storing them in a storeage unit besides costing money make it look too empty? We do have a Storage room (Without shelving).

2 Responses to “House is getting closer. Storage Unit Question.”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think you need to find the balance of making the home looked lived in, but without too much clutter. For example, don't stuff any closet full of boxes. It makes it hard for the buyer to get an idea of the space.

    I would avoid storage personally, unless you really have way too much stuff. Pack up things that don't need to be out such as picture albums, and holiday items, last seasons clothes. Stack boxes here and there around the house. Some in the closets, some in the basement, some in the garage...my point is spread it around.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    House buyers DO look in closets, so I wouldn't try to stuff things in there. You want even the closets to look "roomy."

    I would avoid storage units becus so many people end up "temporarily" storing stuff there and it ends up being years, costing you a lot of money. It's easy to forget becus it's "out of sight, out of mind."

    The ideal thing would be to declutter now, before you move.

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