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Slooooooow Day

March 7th, 2010 at 10:39 am

I had to work today, was suppose to work at 8am which I was really excited but that got changed to 7am at 10pm last night.

Today was slow, not boring slow a I am so beat cramming in extra stuff chicken cut off head crazy busy, that you look at your watch and want to cry because it is only 9:30am and it feels like it should be 5pm already.

So tired, I will be taking a nap which is going to turn into a went to bed early evening.

I best go as lunch is almost over, and more crazy business to do!

Yesterday was a No Spend Day even though I was SOOOO tempted to pick up Subway for dinner while at work last night, but I did not. SO there is my $ piece of the post.

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