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SO the EX-Husband and the NEW Boyfriend are going to meet

February 11th, 2011 at 11:12 am

My Ex-Husband is going to be in town for drill. He fixed his starter problem. I am not sure if he took my advice and towed the car or what. Anyway he wants to come over to see our son tonight and do some laundry.

When I told BF about this he asked "Does he not have a laundry machine at his place?" I told him he is probubly trying to save quarters since he is low on money. A extra load or two is not going to increase my water bill since they charge by the 1,000 gallon of water.

I can tell BF is uncomfortable with having EX over at the house, not sure how to get that to not be an issue. I guess his concern is my EX snooping through stuff. My EX is not like that, I think they will hopefully get along.

I need them to get along because if I am not around and BF is helping me by watching my son and my EX wants to see our son then they are going to have to interact. I know both will act like adults BUT it is going to be ackward.

On a financial note, I was going to use the time that my EX was spending with our son and doing laundry at the house to be out of the house ALONE with BF. I was thinking we could go out to eat and I could call it part of my BF's Valentine Gift, But I think he just wants to hang out at home because of spending all day flying home and then having to work tomorrow. He has Drill Just like my EX. So if BF and I go out to eat that is money spent, but if we stay home then that is money saved. Wonder if it will be a NSD or a Spend Day.

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