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Changed his mind

March 9th, 2010 at 06:39 am

Last night the hubster got a call at the house. He had requested an email for information from a college and was not expecting a call from them.

Seems the hubster has been looking at attending a couple of colleges out of state. It is a 12 hour drive from where we live and I work (as long as there is not an accident which can cause hour delays, or it being peak driving hours). Once the can of worms was opened while talking about the college he also mentioned looking into housing.

My husband KNOW I will not move to the city these colleges are located in as it is a HUGE city and I hate driving in cities where if you break down on the highway you have to get out of your car ASAP and get to the shoulder or your are going to get creamed by the next car. I have a 6 year old still in a booster seat, that is not an easy task.

I did not hear the whole story; I was upstairs and my husband is hard of hearing so he tends to talk LOUD but I did catch him asking since he would have to put in some time to the part time job in our town that would pay part of the cost he asked if it would be a problem him coming home every four weeks or so.

My husband had been going to college for computers, well he was first going for a certificate BUT after two semesters of classes that will not transfer he realized it would be better to go the degree route and started over, well now 3 and a half years from a degree he wants to be a cheif and intern in Spain or France. All I can say is I saw this coming and he never sees anything through so I am not sure if I can support him in this dream.

Well if he thinks I am going to do all the household stuff and pay for him to try for a third time to go to school he has another thing coming. I have to work the job I have in order for him to be able to attend school without working and he knows it so I know he had no intention of asking us to go with. It is not possible when you look at the fact it would take me a full day to drive from there to work and back and that includes no work time.

It is time to start tracking down a lawyer. Why is it so scary to make the first step? I am tired of supporting him and I think he is tired of my high expectation of him that he cant meet. It is just not in his nature to work a full time job, he gets the most pleasure out of life working just enough to get by and then spending all remaining time with Friends or on computers or video games.

1 Responses to “Changed his mind”

  1. momcents Says:

    I am sorry you are in the present situation. Only you know if it time to get a lawyer or not. As with any change, the first step is unsettling - though it may lead to a better outcome. I wish you the best.

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